July 18th Support Team Meeting Summary

Due to unexpected complications elsewhere, this wound up being more of an informal office hours session than a strict meeting, but we still discussed a few things.

Helper Scripts

The Topic Original Poster and Also Viewing scripts have been moved to the official WordPress.org Support Team repo, which means that all of our helper scripts are now hosted there. The relevant Handbook page has now been updated accordingly.

Breakfix Lessons

We are aware that the Breakfix Lessons are broken, and that folks have found them helpful in the past. The plan is to reach out to their original developer next week, or see if we can get another plugin developer to donate their time.

Please keep in mind that this is all done on a volunteer basis, so while we intend to restore the lessons, we can’t promise that it will be done quickly.

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July 11th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

As you may know, we’ve got a couple tools we use here in support, which are linked to from the handbook, and have been sitting neatly in my GitHub account, which felt… a little bit wrong, so https://github.com/wporg-support has been set up, and the various tools will be migrated over there one by one as they receive changes. If you’re already using existing versions, do not worry, they will automatically update to the new location (you may be prompted to accept the update, but that’s it)

The first tool to be ported is the simple Topic Highlighter, as it needed some bugfixes, and accessibility improvements in the first place, anyone using that userscript will likely have received the update notification about 2 weeks ago, but I thought I should mention it any way to make sure everyone is in the loop

WordPress Core status

There’s no immediate plan for a WordPress 5.2.3 release, although we may see one depending on when the 5.3 release gets scheduled for (there’s no direct plan for that either at this time, but will keep you all posted as soon as there’s any information on either of these).

The most prominent thing for 5.2.3 would be a backport of a fix to the plugin details, which require a bit of scrolling to read if you are using 5.2.2, as they got pushed down about 1-2 viewport heights

PHP Version requirements and recommendations in core

Of interest to the support crew is our PHP version progression roadmap, well I say roadmap but it’s out on a call for input right now at https://make.wordpress.org/hosting/2019/07/01/what-should-the-next-php-version-recommendation-be/

This is for the widget in the dashboard recommending users upgrade, and not the hard minimum requirement to use WordPress, just so that’s mentioned, and it’ll be up for comment until at least this coming Monday, where we’ll look to make a call on what version we will recommend next. Once that call is made it’ll be put up and signal boosted so everyone is aware for a bit before we do the recommendation bump, but currently it looks like we’ll be aiming for PHP 7.1

Open floor

HelpHub i18n: The docs team will be picking two new locales to enable it on, judging by how those two progress, it’ll get enabled for the rest. They will announce what locales and such on make.wordpress.org/docs when things are ready

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June 6th Support Team Meeting Summary

First up, our weekly call to see if there’s anyone new around who’d like to help lead the support group at WordCamp Europe during their Contributor Day (https://2019.europe.wordcamp.org/contributor-day/).

It’s a great way to start getting more involved, the tasks are mainly helping get new folks situated and familiarized with the tools we use and how to navigate the places we help users. Feel free to send @clorith a DM if this sounds like it might be interesting, or you just want more details.

On the note of leadership, if that’s something you’re interested in, we’re looking to do some leadership training within the WordPress community, we’re currently taking input on the documentation and processes, and judging interest, you can find more about that at https://make.wordpress.org/updates/2019/06/03/team-lead-interest-post/

Checking in with international liaisons

Members from our Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Indian, Spanish and Greek communities were present for this weeks chats.

Open floor

Awhile back there was talk of a support appreciation day or something of the sort. Did that ever go anywhere outside of the idea phase?

Just an idea phase for now, although it’s been mentioned a few times since and if anyone wants to help put together a plan here, the support team is looking for volunteers. A Google Docs has been made public to help with collaboration on this.

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May 23rd Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

WordPress 5.2.1 is out, so keep an eye out for any recurring issues that may pop up, if any.

Notable fixes are the cryptography library now working better on 32bit systems.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of the Italian, Serbian, Dutch, Russian, Indian,. Swedish and Greek communities had representatives present for our weekly chats. If there’s anyone from other non-English communities that would like to take part, feel free to join in and let us know, we love to hear from other parts of our community to build bridges!

Open floor

First a reminder that support volunteering shouldn’t be a chore. Please don’t be afraid to take breaks, we’ll all be here when you return, stay healthy.

A question on how to find the support guidelines was brought forth, they’re currently linked to from the Forum Welcome page, which you can find at the top of the form for submitting new topics on all forums. If we find this to need better surfacing a meta ticket will be opened.

It was also brought up that sites with lower activity often forget to check for false-positives in their spam queues, this is an understandable scenario, and will hopefully be remedied by #meta-3954.

A quick note, not mentioned in the meeting, but we would still love to hear from any volunteers attending contributor day at WordCamp Europe 2019, that would be interested in helping lead the support group. No prior experience is required, and it is a nice way of getting experience with both the team in general, and also taking part in a smaller introductory leadership position. If this is you, let @clorith know.

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May 16th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

WordPress 5.2.1 is likely looking at a release early next week (the week of May 20th), to address some of the more time critical items (and any other items that are already done and patched) for 5.2.0

WordPress 5.2.0

We’re not seeing any new trending issues that haven’t already been tracked this past week, smooth sailing is the best sailing!

Checking in with international liaisons

Representatives from the Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Indian, Urdu and Spanish communities took part in this weeks discussions, and we had some exciting input on the reception of 5.2!

Open floor

A custom page is being created to cover the various Site Health elements (WSOD protection, the health checker and such), which will ive under wordpress.org/support.

The site will feature custom design elements for user consumption, and be made available for rosetta site translations.

The Italian community have started a collaboration with the local polyglots team to translate the handbooks.

WordCamp Bristol will be having their Contributor Day tomorrow (May 17th), remember to he kind and helpful as new users with little experience may show up throughout the day!

We’re also still hoping to plan a Support (Appreciation) Day, if you’re interested in taking the reins on this, please let us know in the comment section below, as we would love help with this.

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I don’t judge people by their worst mistakes.

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May 9th Support Team Meeting Summary

WordPress 5.2 was released, and so far a few recurring issues have popped up, but a relatively quiet release so far. The recurring issues have all been added to the core Trac, and will be tackled in an upcoming release of WordPress.

The Master List has also been updated with any relevant steps for users to follow.

As we like numbers, we can tell that it’s been fairly quiet on the forums in terms of new topics, despite the new release, the graph below shows the progression of topics created since March 1st until March 16th.

Graphs can be hard to interpret though, although a visible but vague jump, so here’s the number values:

The week before release we saw 5,178 new topics, with 10,699 replies.
The week following the release, we saw 7,884 new topics, with 17,235 replies.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of the Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Urdu communities were taking part in the post-update chatting.

Some are also translating the master list into the various languages, which is a huge benefit, and we thank them for their efforts!

Open floor

@tobifjellner had a trick for any translators working on the health check plugin

If anyone wants to catch up with translations of Health-Check, note that you get a lot of strings for free if you export WP/dev/admin as mo-file and then import into the Health Check plugin.


May 2nd Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

The WordPress 5.0 release retrospective has been published, and is available for all to read and comment on.

With WordPress 5.2 nearing completion, the Master List draft has been put up in a Google Docs where anyone can provide comments on modifications to improve the look of the initial post. Of course it will be a living post and will be updated as we negotiate the input from users throughout the weeks following the release.

Moderator rulings

If a moderator makes a ruling on the forums, others should not overturning those rulings. It makes it seem like an unorganized mess, and doesn’t leave much trust in moderator decisions when this happens.

If there are disagreements in how a ruling should be made in a particular case, an open discussion about it so we can provide a unified reaction to them in the future is the best way forward.

Checking in with international liaisons

We had members from the Italian, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Indian and Greek communities take part in our weekly chat and give input on the various discussions at hand.

Open floor

If there’s anyone representing a support group at a local WordCamp, please feel free to reach out to @clorith on Slack in a DM with participants and what camp you are at and we will sort out custom titles for your forum profiles. This is something we’ve been doing for a while now, and is a tiny way of giving a bit of recognition to these wonderful volunteers.

On the notion of WordCamps and contributor days, a brainstorming session should be planned in the future to properly flesh out tasks and goals that can be used for the support team at these, beyond the normal approach of answering forums questions. There are other support outlets we are represented at, and we may find a wider audience this way.

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April 25th Support Team Meeting Summary

After a much needed vacation, and then a week off for public holidays, the support chats are back to their regular management.

General announcements

We’re seeking volunteers that would like to try their hand at leading the support group during the WordCampe Europe 2019 contributor day. You’ll be in the safe hands of other support volunteers for any questions or concerns that may come up, and there’s no requirements connected to the task. If this sounds like it might be interesting, reach out to @clorith and planning will be handled from there.

Next up, the WordPress 5.2 RC1 will (if nothing explodes) land later today.

As is customary, the Field Guide should also go live around then, and we will start working on the Master List for the forums.

For those unfamiliar with it, the Master List is a topic with questions we expect to come up fro ma new release, where we also track comnmon problems and bugs taht come up from a new release (you can see the 5.1 Master List at https://wordpress.org/support/topic/read-this-first-wordpress-5-1-master-list/)

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of our communities in Italy, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Urdu, India took part in the various discussions.

If you’re part of a non-English community providing support in some capacity, we would love to have you join us during our weekly chats (or outside of them, we’d just love to hear from you and see how we can help each other grow).

Open Floor

We may see more questions relating to the update of PHP with the release of WordPress 5.2 form users unfamiliar with this. Hopefully the Update PHP page will help educate as many as possible on this, this is also translatable.

We may also see questions relating to plugins not being installable related to the new minimum PHP version checks in core.

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March 28th Support Team Meeting Summary

On the subject of badges, we are still collecting names for them, as noted in last weeks summary we will be collecting them throughout the week for t his round of appointments.

WordPress 5.2-beta1 has been released. It includes the Site Health component which users may have questions about. We should aim to provide some common answers to potential questions users may have about this and the tests it runs.

The Health Check plugin will remain, as it still holds various tools which are not an ideal suit for core (at this time, or in general), and also as a way to improve on the site health flow before core patches can be based off plugin experiences.

Checking in with international liaisons

Our representatives from the Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Greek and Urdu communities took part in this weeks chat.

As always, if you are a member of a non-English speaking part of our community, we would love to hear from you in our weekly meetings. It’s a great way to share experiences and to help each other with difficult tasks and complex situations.

Our Spanish friends noticed that a lot of topics suddenly lost their Resolved status, they’ve made a meta ticket for tracking and investigating.

Our Russian community shared some gripes they’ve had with certain hosting partners and how they run things. We had some good discussions on ways to approach this to best benefit the users, which they’ll look at further at their local meetings.

Open floor

The Stack Exchange (a more developer oriented support platform) is about to start their moderator election period, so if you’re a fan of the platform, and would like ot help them out, you can find more details at https://wordpress.meta.stackexchange.com/q/4562/7355.

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March 21st Support Team Meeting Summary

We had a relatively quiet gathering this week, looking towards the next WordPress release.

We will be going through and assigning Support Contributor and Support Team badges this coming week, so if you’re a representative for a part of our wonderful and widespread support community, please feel free to reach out to @clorith and he will help you facilitate things if you’re ready for the various badges (or if you don’t know and would like more details).

This is a recurring process, so don’t worry if you’re not ready, or just missed the time slow, this time around. We’ll be doing this again!

Checking in with international liaisons

We had members of the Portuguese, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Serbian, Greek, Dutch, Indian and Angolan communities present during this weeks chat.

A new community in Angolia was launched recently over at https://pt-ao.wordpress.org/support

It was a wonderfully diverse gathering, and we would love to have more of you join us, so if you are from any non-English speaking communities, please consider joining us for the weekly meeting to let us know how things are going, share your experiences, we’ll share ours. And perhaps there’s something we can help each other with to help grow.

Open floor

@matteospi shared how he is working on a community-driven course/event at his local High School in Italy, which sounds like an exciting project!

If you’re looking to do similar things, the Training Team has a few resources available.

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