Devhub update 16th December

Apologies for my lack of updates of late. Meetings have been going on in Slack, but I’ve not been good at writing up the notes.-

This week we discussed:

  • parser@coffee2code will be running the parser after 4.1 lands tomorrow. Re-parsing will reveal some new goodies, such as the Used by/Uses information
  • explanations@drew has a patch to scott to review. Once explanations land we’ll start testing them.
  • design – jan, who’s on the dot org team at automattic will be redesigning devhub in the new year
  • related content – we discussed #174 – link to generally related functions/classes. We’ll return to it next week after the Used by/Uses information lands.
  • plan for 4.1 parsing@coffee2code will run the parser tomorrow shortly after release. Please be available in the devhub room in case we have issues (especially you @Rarst 🙂 )

Committed this past week:

  • Introduced get_summary() and used it. Abstracted the fact the summary (aka short description) is stored in post_excerpt, primarily to force display of special characters.
  • Displayed function/method return types in the same style as parameter types (parenthesized, italicized)
  • Italicized parameter types in the display of the method signature
  • Enabled display of inline source code for classes
  • Moved formatting-related code into dedicated include file


No Devhub Chat Tomorrow

Per @samuelsidler, there will be no Devhub chat this week.

Next chat will be Tuesday, 11/11/2014 at 20:00 UTC.


Devhub update 10th October

Thanks everyone who attended the chat. The logs are here.


There was quite a lot of work done on the Parser at WCEU

  • Luca and Anton did some test sources
  • @atimmer has done some fixes and will be integrating P2P
  • Julio started on the admin meta box ticket

Other parser stuff:

Code reference

devhub to-do list

@sams has put together a to-do list for WCSF. These are all things that need to be done by WCSF. Most are being kept in hand by @coffee2code. Except for:

  • Some assistance from a designer is required for #630.
  • the MediaWiki plugin is being dealt with by @otto42


No devhub chat today A bunch of us…

No devhub chat today. A bunch of us were at WCEU and are in various states of travel and tiredness. We’ll resume again next week.


Devhub Todo List for pre-WCSF

Prior to WCSF we need a few changes on devhub so that y’all can make awesome handbook improvements as your project. I’ve come up with a list of things that seem important prior to WCSF. This list may not be exhaustive, so we’ll add to it as we come up with other things. In general, the following are in list by importance.

  • Fix image uploads on devhub, which is currently preventing us from migrating the theme developer handbook.
  • Add the Mediawiki plugin for external redirects so we can redirect Codex pages to devhub (#meta446)
  • Add voting to examples (#meta551)
  • Create a new user role for handbook editors (#meta621)
  • Add the code TinyMCE plugin to devhub
  • Various handbook design changes (#meta631)
  • Improve the design of the callout shortcodes (#meta630)

#devhub, #handbooks

Devhub Update 23rd September

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting today! Here’s what we discussed:


  • before the content is parsed again we need a hook to allow long descriptions to be stored in meta instead of post_content. @drewapicture has submitted a pull request

Code Reference

  • examples have been turned into User Contributed Notes. @coffee2code will make them live to the world at large
  • work on voting is still in progress
  • rather than using shortcodes for quick reference, we’ll implement auto-linking to do it automatically.
  • @coffee2code will redirect /themes/ and /plugins/ on devhub to /theme/ and /plugin/

After some meta trac tickets about changes to inline docs, we discussed how to approach suggestions for changes to the code reference. This presents a challenge because while the page appears to be a whole on the front page, it actually comprises a number of different elements:

  • parsed content
  • curated content
  • user contributed content

@DrewAPicture is going to open a ticket and create some mockups for a front-end to deal with this type of feedback.



We now have different, clear types of activity that contributors can carry out across I’ve opened a ticket to somehow have this activity integrated with

IRC Logs


Devhub Update for 16th September 2014

Short meeting this week as only @coffee2code and myself were able to attend. @DrewAPicture sent in his status as well. Logs are here.

  • No news on parser work.
  • Scott landed some things related to better formatting hash parameters.
  • There are image upload problems on devhub that Scott is looking into. I’ve put the theme handbook migration on hold while he investigates.
  • The handbook theme has a few issues that need to be fixed but we weren’t sure if @nicolealleyinteractivecom had work in progress. I’ll file a catch-all ticket with the issues.
  • Upcoming from Scott is also the rename of “examples” to “user contributed notes” and finishing up voting.

That’s about it. Hopefully we get more attendees next week. 😉


Devhub Update 11th September 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended the devhub chat! Here’s what we discussed:


I’ve been throughout the issues on github and marked any that are devhub related. There aren’t that many. If I’ve missed any let me know.

Code reference

  • @coffee2code ran the parser for WP 4.0 (thanks!)
  • the workflow has been implemented for editing parsed content in the code reference. If anyone wants to help test let us know.
  • parsed content has been moved to metadata so the main post editing area can be used for curated content
  • lots of the code reference archive pages need some sort of filter to allow users to only pull up the information they need. Opened ticket 601
  • @siobhan to write user contributed notes content
  • @coffee2code is working on implementing voting

The Great Migration
We’re approaching the point at which we can migrate content from the Codex to the code reference. Some considerations:

  • all code reference pages in the Codex will need to be redirected to their equivalent page in the code reference.
  • we’ll need to develop a style guide for formatting explanations. I’ve opened a ticket for discussion of it 602
  • we’ll need to develop a workflow for moving content over from the Codex


No outstanding technical issues. @samuelsidler is working on migrating the content.

IRC Logs


Devhub Update August 26th

Thanks everyone who came to the meeting! Here’s what we discussed:


  • @Rarst has committed some pull requests. 124, 123, 122, 121
  • @siobhan to go through WP-Parser issues and mark any that need to be worked on for devhub

Code Reference

Handbook Theme

  • @sams to report back on content migration and report any issues with the theme that appear during migration.

Note: if anyone is making any major changes please open a ticket on trac to go with the change.


Devhub Update 21st August

Thanks everyone who came to the meeting on Tuesday. It was an extra-long meeting because we did a bug scrub. Here’s what he discussed:


  • #449 The parser doesn’t yet detect deprecated functions so we can’t move on this. We should have a similar notice for pluggable functions.
  • #197 – closed. Markdown is not being parsed in parameter docs. I’ve opened a ticket on Github for that.
  • #492 – this is an issue with inline docs not being escaped. @DrewAPicture is to figure out what is the best method for escaping markdown, update the handbook, and see that the inline docs are properly escaped.
  • #182 This is wider issue for and should be worked on by the meta team.
  • #252 ryelle created a page template for dashicons. We’ll need a new ticket when we need a fuller resources page.
  • 411, 481, & 180 – changes should be landed this week (per @coffee2code & @DrewAPicture)
  • 542 – blessed. @nicolealleyinteractive is investigating

Anything else

  • Changes to examples/curated content & explanations should be landed this week
  • Handbook theme is progressing. We’ll discuss it in more detail next week.

Parser issues

The bug scrub emphasised how much we need a new maintainer for the parser. @Rarst has done a great job but in his absence we need someone to keep it moving forward. The following tickets are pending work on the parser:

Until there’s some work done on the parser none of these tickets can be worked on. If anyone is interested in volunteering please let me know.

What are you working on?

If you’re actively working on devhub, can you please leave a comment on this post with a list of things that you’re working on in order of priority. I want to make sure that everything has a ticket. It will also help me get a better handle on where we need to get more volunteers.