Devhub update 16th December

Apologies for my lack of updates of late. Meetings have been going on in SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at, but I’ve not been good at writing up the notes.-

This week we discussed:

  • parser@coffee2code will be running the parser after 4.1 lands tomorrow. Re-parsing will reveal some new goodies, such as the Used by/Uses information
  • explanations@drew has a patch to scott to review. Once explanations land we’ll start testing them.
  • design – jan, who’s on the dot org team at automattic will be redesigning devhub in the new year
  • related content – we discussed #174 – link to generally related functions/classes. We’ll return to it next week after the Used by/Uses information lands.
  • plan for 4.1 parsing@coffee2code will run the parser tomorrow shortly after release. Please be available in the devhub room in case we have issues (especially you @Rarst 🙂 )

Committed this past week:

  • Introduced get_summary() and used it. Abstracted the fact the summary (aka short description) is stored in post_excerpt, primarily to force display of special characters.
  • Displayed function/method return types in the same style as parameter types (parenthesized, italicized)
  • Italicized parameter types in the display of the method signature
  • Enabled display of inline source code for classes
  • Moved formatting-related code into dedicated include file