Devhub Update 11th September 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended the devhub chat! Here’s what we discussed:


I’ve been throughout the issues on github and marked any that are devhub related. There aren’t that many. If I’ve missed any let me know.

Code reference

  • @coffee2code ran the parser for WP 4.0 (thanks!)
  • the workflow has been implemented for editing parsed content in the code reference. If anyone wants to help test let us know.
  • parsed content has been moved to metadata so the main post editing area can be used for curated content
  • lots of the code reference archive pages need some sort of filter to allow users to only pull up the information they need. Opened ticket 601
  • @siobhan to write user contributed notes content
  • @coffee2code is working on implementing voting

The Great Migration
We’re approaching the point at which we can migrate content from the Codex to the code reference. Some considerations:

  • all code reference pages in the Codex will need to be redirected to their equivalent page in the code reference.
  • we’ll need to develop a style guide for formatting explanations. I’ve opened a ticket for discussion of it 602
  • we’ll need to develop a workflow for moving content over from the Codex


No outstanding technical issues. @samuelsidler is working on migrating the content.

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