Devhub Update 23rd September

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting today! Here’s what we discussed:


  • before the content is parsed again we need a hook to allow long descriptions to be stored in meta instead of post_content. @drewapicture has submitted a pull request

Code Reference

  • examples have been turned into User Contributed Notes. @coffee2code will make them live to the world at large
  • work on voting is still in progress
  • rather than using shortcodes for quick reference, we’ll implement auto-linking to do it automatically.
  • @coffee2code will redirect /themes/ and /plugins/ on devhub to /theme/ and /plugin/

After some meta trac tickets about changes to inline docs, we discussed how to approach suggestions for changes to the code reference. This presents a challenge because while the page appears to be a whole on the front page, it actually comprises a number of different elements:

  • parsed content
  • curated content
  • user contributed content

@DrewAPicture is going to open a ticket and create some mockups for a front-end to deal with this type of feedback.



We now have different, clear types of activity that contributors can carry out across I’ve opened a ticket to somehow have this activity integrated with

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