Devhub Todo List for pre-WCSF

Prior to WCSF we need a few changes on devhub so that y’all can make awesome handbook improvements as your project. I’ve come up with a list of things that seem important prior to WCSF. This list may not be exhaustive, so we’ll add to it as we come up with other things. In general, the following are in list by importance.

  • Fix image uploads on devhub, which is currently preventing us from migrating the theme developer handbook.
  • Add the Mediawiki plugin for external redirects so we can redirect Codex pages to devhub (#meta446)
  • Add voting to examples (#meta551)
  • Create a new user role for handbook editors (#meta621)
  • Add the code TinyMCE plugin to devhub
  • Various handbook design changes (#meta631)
  • Improve the design of the callout shortcodes (#meta630)

#devhub, #handbooks