Editor chat summary: Wednesday, 9 October 2019

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting on Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 14:00 WEST held in Slack.

Weekly Priorities

WordPress 5.3 is planned for next week, there are still some issues we need to fix before then:

Some of the priorities are being worked, but others are not taken yet. If you think you can help with some of these tasks, please leave a comment on the issue!

It is also essential to address some browser issues, namely on IE. People with a windows dev setup could be beneficial here.

We are getting close to the WordPress 5.3 release; testing is essential, namely on the mobile phone you use, given the wide variety of devices that exist.

Task coordination

Note: If you’re reading this summary outside of the meeting, please drop a comment if you can/want to help with something!


  • Working on the Media Upload errors handling.
  • Working on a fix to the navigation mode.
  • Lots of reviews and coordination.
  • Exploring some improvements to Block nesting selection with a new Block Breadcrumb.


  • Continues the work on DimensionControl https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/16791, and ResponsiveBlockControls https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/16790 PRs.
  • Started on the implementation of a potential new Link insert/edit interface as per https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/17557


  • Helped @epiqueras to land the initial version of the Components Storybook.
  • Is focused on some optimizations related to eliminating dead code (mostly for experimental features) from WordPress 5.3 release.


  • Worked on some changes to the custom gradient picker. Now, it is possible to move the control points using arrow keys, and the code was reorganized. It should be ready for a more in-depth review; a11y feedback would also be valuable.
  • Focused on some 5.3 must-haves.
  • Helped (reviewed tested, or suggested commits) in navigation block (related PR’s), DimensionControl, ResponsiveBlockControl, and other smaller PR’s.
  • Will continue the work on must-haves, apply a refactor that makes media&text work on IE, and fix some generic block editor issues.



  • Hoping to revisit displaying a notice of some kind in the inserter when there are disabled blocks (https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/17338).
  • Help out with any 5.3 issues that he can.
  • Will try to help get through some of the new issues, label them, and get additional attention to them if he thinks they are WordPress 5.3 must-haves.

Open floor

@jeffreycarandang asked for an updated to PR https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/17617 and to issue https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/17809.

Regarding PR https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/17617 @youknowriad and @jorgefilipecosta both had some comments on the problem the PR faces. The basic idea is that when a format is applied to a rich text, the focus goes back to the rich text (e.g., when we press a “bold button” it is expected I can continue typing) this behavior was always present. Some time ago, mainly because of accessibility reasons, a change was applied to popovers that automatically closes them when the focus is outside. The two previous behaviors together have some impact on formats that are applied in a popover (the popover may close in an unexpected situation). This is a high priority very complex problem, and a solution is being worked.

Regarding issue https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/17809, @youknowriad pointed $wp_version variable as a possible solution and provided a way to make it available in JavaScript.

@welcher asked more detailed feedback on https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/16384 which adds a priority mechanism to the Slot&Fill pattern.

@mcsf and @youknowriad shared strong reservations.

It seems that priority and order are very visually focused, in stark contrast with how Gutenberg has tried to use SlotFill so far.

In Gutenberg, we talk about advanced settingsinspector, etc., instead of the visual element sidebar. Coming back to priority, what does it mean for SlotFill as far as selective rendering goes? how is a sequence determined semantically? etc.Why does this matter? Well, the bridging of different platforms and environments under Gutenberg is an important factor. If a codebase needs to work transparently across Web and Mobile, for example, its semantics needs to be clear and independent of a particular visual expression (e.g. Web on Desktop)


@mkaz had a docs related question:

How do y’ll feel about ES5 support in documentation? Most of the code and package docs are ESNext, but we show ES5 examples first in docs. I don’t have a proposal together yet, but I feel we should move people quicker to ESNext since it is what they most likely will experience everywhere.

People agreed that the default docs should be ESNext but ES5 examples should still be present.

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WP Notify Meeting Recap – October 7 , 2019

This is a recap of a meeting held October 7 for a Core project related to WordPress Admin Notifications. Meetings on this task are held every Monday at 14:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC respectively.

Related Links

Google Doc: WP Notify Project Requirements Document

Notes Per Agenda

Proposal to continue merging recap and agenda into one post

@hrmervin: Volunteered to prepare the weekly recap following Eastern US time meeting

We have an open `call for scribes` if anyone is interested in volunteering alongside Mervin to take notes and/or prepare a recap.

Update on requirements gathering document

@hrmervin: Created a visual representation of the present hook workflow. As we continue to write the details of this project, we will create diagrams to illustrate A) The feature’s (feature plugin) hooks, B) the Data being managed and how it will flow, and C) the user(s) views and endpoints (how the notifications will be consumed)

  • We discussed adding names for our target users.
    • Site Admins (non-technical)
    • Site Admins (Technical)
    • Product Authors (Plugin and Theme authors)

Discussion on overlap of TRT Admin Notices package

@aristath: Spoke on an admin notice package developed to help theme authors manage notices.

“The WPTRT package is a simple wrapper for the core functions to make it easier for theme-devs to add admin-notices in a consistent manner, avoiding all the issues we’ve had in the past with theme-reviews. It’s pretty simple if you look at its code, simply sanitizing/escaping, and handling the notices dismissing.”

  • We may incorporate aspects of this package into the front-end parts of our end solution.

Open floor

  • One recommendation for future technical implementation was made by @ediamin “fetch the notifications with REST API and show them with Gutenberg Notice and/or Snackbar components”

Next Steps

We welcome feedback on the project either here in this post, or in the requirements (via Google Doc, comments). 

We invite you to attend our next meeting, held in Slack > #feature-notifications

  • Monday, October 14 2019 at 14:00 UTC 
  • Monday, October 14 2019 at 22:00 UTC


WP Notify Meeting Recap – September 30, 2019 & Weekly Agenda

This post summarises the weekly WP Notify chat meeting from September 30th 2019.

For the sake of efficiency, it also includes the weekly meeting agenda for the meeting to be held later today (October 7th, 2019)

Weekly WP Notify meetings are held every Monday at 14:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC respectively.

Feedback on requirements gathering

Document link

Last week, we built a basic requirements table of content for the requirements. @dinhtungdu started filling it with the data collected from the Trac ticket and proposal document.

We still need to add more content from the conversations took place on the Trac ticket and the Proposal.

What we archived last week is a skeleton which is ready to add more content to. This does however make it easier for new contributors to get up to speed on the focus of the project

@karmatosed raised a concern that on reading the doc, it seems to be going to technical requirements first and asked whether explorations in user flows/experience been thought about yet.

@hrmervin has offered to start to piece something together for the flow of information.

@ediamin inquired about whether there any plan to include any background processor into WP core, to facilitate WP Notify using WP Cron to dispatch the notifications. They also pointed out that WooCommerce uses this and it’s very efficient.

@daniloercoli asked that we take the mobile apps in the consideration. Right now the apps “talk” with the backend via XML-RPC. There is a plan to upgrade the communication layer to the REST API, but it’s still not there due to the “missing” authentication part.

Agenda for next meeting

  • Proposal to continue merging recap and agenda into one post
  • Update on requirements gathering
  • Discussion on overlap of TRT Admin Notices package
  • Open floor

Comments/suggestions are encouraged and welcome. If you want to add any agenda topics, please also comment on this post.

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Dev Chat summary: October 2

The 5.3 Release Coordinator, @francina, led the chat (full transcript). For the record, here was the agenda for the meeting.

Announcements and highlighted posts

@francina made some announcements and pointed out highlighted posts from Make/Core blog:

Feel free to browse through these posts and add comments or thoughts.

@youknowriad mentioned Gutenberg 6.6 recap post. This version focused on stability for the editor and performance for WordPress.

Upcoming Releases

Gutenberg team lead @youknowriad said they welcome any testing to detect bugs and regressions before 5.3 release. You can see what’s happening with the editor on this GitHub board.

Site Health component maintainer @clorith reported that desired changes are on track and should be ready for the Release Candidate, currently scheduled for October 15.

Docs coordinator @justinahinon said 5.3 dev notes include some for major changes/enhancements, plus many others. Check out all the dev notes here.

@earnjam reminded the group that each published dev note on Make/Core sends an email to ~4000 newsletter subscribers. He suggested authors limit each dev note to a single topic so people can find things in the index.

@francina shared WordPress 5.3: Accessibility focus progress report.

WordPress project Executive Director @chanthaboune brought up changes that are coming to the admin interface. She stated that the focus leads have been discussing whether to keep the changes or allow extra exploration time for them, as suggested in this post.

Here are the key stances she noted from the various discussions so far:

  • There are some concerns about how quickly the changes were decided on and then implemented from design.
  • There are some concerns raised about the process overall, and whether there’s enough time for testing. Josepha and a few core committers share this concern.
  • There are concerns that further delays will result in loss of momentum from accessibility as well as confidence in an iterative process.

Josepha said she’s doing her best to balance progress with caution, and that she has gotten a lot of feedback from the release focus leads.

Here are the different opinions that have been shared by people regarding this:

  • @garrett-eclipse said that when the changes landed in trunk with several bugs popping up all over, he was leaning towards the pull, but now that the team seems to have addressed and crushed the majority of them, he’s more in favor in keeping the changes.
  • @clorith reminded that while they are worth doing, he agrees on the fact that the changes may have come a bit late in the cycle with limited time for testing and exposure.
  • @mapk asked if the a11y improvements at the cost of design worth immediate and rapid merging, or if we can take the time we need to fully test and address issues?
  • @samuelsidler asked about the items of concerns/tasks that can not or will not be fixed before 5.3 Release Candidate.
  • @melchoyce answered @samuelsidler about tasks that can’t/won’t be fixed before 5.3 RC:
    • Wider design changes to account for the shift in the hierarchy; because the new form fields are so much darker than the list tables, any page where both exist is thrown off a little.
  • @mapk answered @samuelsidler saying that he believes there are other design explorations to address and a committed testing cycle for a large release.
  • @karmatosed shared some worries she has about this:
    • Documentation: those that write tutorials and might find their screenshots out of date.
    • Testing: A longer testing phase for her would be better just like during mp6 project. She thinks that 5.4 should be a focused release, with testing, time and iteration feel safer.
  • @joemcgill said that since he has not been part of the discussions, he would be more concerned by process problems keeping a11y improvements from shipping rather than shipping changes that improve a11y and then iterating on the design.
  • @afercia clarified that most of the design changes come from design and were implemented on top of the a11y improvements. He also mentioned that from an a11y perspective all the matters are:
    • Removing the fixed heights from the input fields etc.
    • Improving contrast
  • He also said that all the other changes are unrelated to a11y and came from design feedback.
  • @samuelsidler asked @melchoyce if there is a plan in place to fix/iterate on those visual issues for the future? If yes, when in the future? He also asked if those improvements happen in 5.3.x or they would need to be in 5.4 or later?
  • @melchoyce replied to @samuelsidler and said that he thinks they would be wide-reaching enough that the design team would need to ship them in 5.4.
  • @earnjam expressed that he would personally lean toward a more cautious approach and allowing further iterating as a feature plugin with an earlier merge in a release cycle to allow more time to catch/fix the bugs. He also feels like we’re trading one set of bugs/issues for a different set and doing it during the beta period.

This discussion has continued with different arguments from design and a11y team members and with other contributors as well. You can read the discussion in its entirety here.

Calls for components maintainers have been skipped for this chat.

Open Floor

@azaozz noted that he’s started to get concerned by the 100+ tickets that are still open for 5.3. He invited maintainers and committers to review and comment on tickets that must be in the release and move the rest to the Future Release milestone.

@afercia said that while the a11y team is committing a lot of things, they will need urgent feedback on #47069 and #43037. @ryokuhi gave a brief explanation about the last ticket.

@davidbaumwald said he’s planning a last-minute scrub due to the high number of tickets that are remaining for 5.3. The schedule for 5.3 scrubs can be found here. Again, everyone is welcomed to attend scrubs and also to organize them.

@justinahinon shared a “Special interest” he has about developer documentation, dev-notes, and WordPress codebase. You can read about it on the chat agenda comments.

@davidbaumwald reminded that they will be doing a lot of punting at the end of the week, so two things:

  • If you have a ticket you absolutely want in 5.3, get moving.
  • If not, at least leave a comment on feasibility for 5.4, or he’ll be moving everything to Future Release if they haven’t seen any movement in a while.

@desrosj clarified that the tickets owned by committers and maintainers have largely been left in the 5.3 milestone to allow those owners to make the decisions they feel are appropriate. If those tickets are not gardened in the next few days they will be punted.

Finally, @azaozz added that the best would be the component maintainers to decide what is good to be in 5.3 and what is going to be in 5.4 of future releases.

That’s the end for this long, lively and important devchat.

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Editor Chat Summary: October 2nd, 2019

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting on 13:00 UTC, October 2nd, 2019 held in Slack.

The agenda can be found here.

WordPress 5.3

Slack transcript.

Gutenberg 6.6 was released and has been included in WordPress 5.3 beta 2.

Weekly Priorities

Slack Transcript.

The main current focus is still WordPress 5.3. Tasks are being tracked in this Github board. Starting work towards the content-block areas.

Task Coordination

Slack Transcript.

Open Floor

Slack Transcript.

@mikeschroder raised that WordPress 5.3 comes with an update to image uploads: if the server sends a HTTP 500 error (for example, because it couldn’t finish the thumbnail resizing) the process will be retried. This is implemented in the Media Library and Media Modal, but not in the REST API and Gutenberg yet.

@maximeculea mentioned that the mobile team is running an experiment with styled components (CSS in JS) as a way to learn whether styles can be shared between web and mobile.

@paaljoachim brough up that there is a PR that address some of Gutenberg float issues. @youknowriad and @joen noted that, currently, this falls in theme-land. We should make progress on some refactorings to the block list that are a better approach, leaving the current behavior as it is.

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Dev Chat summary: September 25

As our Release Coordinator @francina was not available yesterday, @mapk led this chat. Thanks to all the attendees.

Announcements and highlighted posts

First announcement was Beta 1 of WordPress 5.3 that went out earlier this week. Every one is invited to help test it and report bugs and unexpected behaviors. The Beta includes the first iteration of Twenty Twenty, the new default theme which development is ongoing on GitHub.

Here are some highlighted posts shared by @mapk:

@antpb also shared the Media component weekly report.

Upcoming Release Discussions

@mapk said Gutenberg team started a project board in the editor Github for the issues and pull requests that they’re hoping to get in or at least backport into 5.3.

Twenty Twenty lead @ianbelanger said the team is particularly looking for help on this issue.

@audrasjb made a post-Beta1 Accessibility update focus. 6 important tickets for the focus where committed just before the release. They are still 33 open tickets in the milestone. Everyone is invited to help tackle them and join the focus weekly bug scrub every Friday at 2 PM GMT+3.

@davidbaumwald remembered that there are dedicated bug scrubs for 5.3 with the schedule here which Beta 2 is scheduled for next Monday.

@desrosj noted that 5.3 Release Candidate 1 is scheduled for October 15, and that the list of remaining tickets in the milestone needs to be empty by this date.

Calls from component maintainers

@audrasjb pointed out the 15 ready to be committed tickets in 5.3 milestone and asked for available committers attention on them.

Open Floor was quiet yesterday. And the chat ended up under one hour at 9:40 PM.

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Editor chat summary: 25 September 2019

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting on Wednesday, 25 September 2019 at 1300 UTC held in Slack.

The agenda can be found here.


  • WordPress 5.3 beta 1 is out

Weekly Priorities

  • Weekly Priorities are the remaining important issues and tasks needed for WordPress 5.3: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/projects/34?fullscreen=true
    • still considering the Block content areas related work as a priority for the project

Task coordination

Note: If you’re reading this summary outside of the meeting, please drop a comment if you can/want to help with something!

  • @andraganescu
    • refactored the MediaFlow component to be a drop in component nstead of a HoC. it looks kind of ready https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/16200
    • the PR implementing a smarter block appender could use a new review https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/16708
  • @youknowriad
    • works on the WP 5.3 board above,
    • also working on dev notes,
    • Trying to help fix bugs
    • Reviewing Block Content areas work as time allows.
  • @mapk
    • I’m watching the project board like a hawk.
    • Testing @getdave’s responsive spacing PR: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/16790
    • Helping with the Inserter Panel Previews. https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/17493
    • Keeping movement on the Block Patterns: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/17335
  • @brentswisher
    • will be back to his PRs
  • @getdave
    • works on the DimensionControl component and needs feedback https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/16791
    • needs feedback on ResponsiveBlockControl too https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/16790
  • @jorgefilipecosta
    • implements the first version of custom Gradient picker
    • needs review on https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/17154
    • also working on compiling WordPress 5.3 Gutenprops. If you have not yet associated your GitHub to your WP.org profile, please do so, to make the props work easier and to make sure props are attributed!
  • @mcsf
    • focusing back on improving remote vs. local autosaves

Open floor

  • @paaljoachim raised some issues for discussion
    • there was a discussion on an option to use text link instead of auto embed ended with needing to clarify more on the issue
    • there was a discussion on the social block features needed for it to make it in WP 5.3 resulted in not having a light version because of the risk that we’d introduce breaking changes in core
  • @desaiuditd and @youknowriad discussed about https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/17311

The next meeting is on 02 October 2019 at 13:00 UTC.

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Dev Chat summary: September 18

@francina was the chat leader. Archives for the chat can be found in #core on Slack.


@francina shared a devnote by Accessibility team. We also had an update from @audrasjb from Accessibility team who said they are working on creating accessibility devnotes for 5.3.

Upcoming Release Discussions

@ianbelanger gave an update of the work on default theme Twenty Twenty. A working version of the theme will be available on Monday for Beta 1 of WordPress 5.3. The development of the theme is happening on GitHub and contributions are more than welcome on the repository or in #core-theme channel on Slack.

@audrasjb make an update for Accessibility focus for 5.3. He remembered that they have 2 dedicated scrubs per week and that the team is currently coordinating with the Design team to determine which changes will be included in 5.3.

@jorbin gave an update for PHP 7.4 in WordPress. All the changes for the version are already landed in trunk. He also highlighted the great work of @desrosj and @jrf to make this possible. He finally announced the target is to fully support PHP 7.4 with WordPress 5.3.

@desrosj made a call for help for tickets in this report on WordPress Trac. People who own tickets in that report are invited to give them a status and to punt them if they feel that the tickets will not be ready for 5.3 release. Also owners who are not anymore available to continue working on their tickets are invited to remove themselves as owner and leave a status so that another contributors can take the relay.

REST API component maintainer @kadamwhite announce that the team is about to land a good set of enhancements before the Beta 1 deadline. Dev-notes for these changes will be published soon of Make/Core blog.

@garrett-eclipse from Privacy team announced that 4 privacy related enhancements have already been included for the release with no issues.

@antpb made an update for Media component, and remembered that the focus for the the release is around image handling and UI improvement and accessibility issues. Tickets for the focus can be found on WordPress Trac here.

5.3 Marketing Lead @mikerbg announced that the marketing team is working to organize content for the about page and other assorted release announcements. Progress on their work is tracked here.

@davidbaumwald remembered that scrubs schedule for 5.3 can be found here and that @marybaum volunteered to lead the one of October 9. Scrubs take place on #core channel on Slack and anyone interested in welcome to participe or to run scrubs.

Calls from component maintainers

@kadamwhite said 5.3 is probably the best release for REST API improvements in a long while, and that the team is grateful for everybody who has contributed to the component.

Open floor

@ianbelanger said Twenty Twenty team have been discussing the idea of having a demo site for the theme asked if this is something that can be done, and what happened for previous default theme. @kraftbj volunteered to help on this.

@kadamwhite asked for another persons eyes on #42094.

@garrett-eclipse asked help for review from available committers on #37782 before Monday.

@audrasjb pointed out #46312, a candidate for an easy commit action.

@hareesh-pillai asked for movements on https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4706 as it is a blocker on #22994.

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Media Meeting Recap – September 19, 2019

The following is a summary of the weekly media component meeting that occurred on Thursday, September 19, 2019. Weekly media meetings are held every Thursday at 13:00 UTC. A full transcript can be found here in the #core-media room in the Make WordPress Slack.

Attendees: @anevins, @joemcgill , @FahimMurshed, @mikeschroder, @antpb, @afercia

Media Focus update: @mikeschroder has been hard at work on a 5.3 intro post. In it will be a focus on calling for testing.  Coming soon!

Add width and height attributes to <img> elements – https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/6652
Discussion is taking place in this Slack thread. Maintainers in attendance all agreed that this would be great to be considered a bug and a potential impactful improvement to the editor experience. @joemcgill said, “Realistically, I think a first step is just adding a proof of concept that modifies the save attribute of the image block so the h/w attributes are always saved and then see what breaks.”

5.3 Ticket Triage

#47120Media modals: Upload errors and field information are not associated with their control : @antpb has taken ownership of the ticket and will investigate how we would best inject the recommended code into the various buttons/views.

#47137Insufficient form semantics : This issue was split into two issues (the other below) to allow the overall problem to improve in pieces. Ownership for this one is needed. It’s a bit of a tough issue that no one has yet to see an immediate solution.

#48028Media Library ‘featured image’ dialogue missing link text that describes ‘opens in new tab’.@afercia said “I think there’s the need to check how editState is implemented in the post frame and what is intended for. That implementation completely lacks in other frames. I think this is for historical reasons because the post frame was the only frame supposed to be used in the “edit post” context.” and @joemcgill responded “The classic editor used the Post frame in most places, rather than the Select frame. Now that most of Gutenberg is using the Select frame, some odd bits aren’t working the same—just like that other featured image bug you (@antpb) just fixed” @antpb assigned the issue to himself given his recent exposure to the featured image frames. A github issue is needed also to track this change in the Gutenberg plugin @antpb is working on that. More to come!

#47144Text inadvertently rendered by assistive technologies – Was mentioned at end of meeting but discussion was not able to be had. This issue is in need of ownership for the 5.3 release.

#47611Media views: hide the “file upload button” from assistive technologies – Was mentioned at end of meeting but discussion was not able to be had. This issue is in need of ownership for the 5.3 release.

Bug Scrubs next week!

@mikeschroder and @antpb have offered to lead two bug scrubs in #core-media next week to find ownership for the remaining accessibility issues planned for the 5.3 milestone:


If you have any feedback on the above, please feel free to leave a comment, join in #core-media for a chat, or attend the next meeting on September 26, 2019 at 1300UTC!

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WP Notify Meeting Recap – September 16, 2019

This post summarises the weekly WP Notify chat meeting from 16 September 2019.

Weekly WP Notify meetings are held every Monday at 14:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC respectively.

Project contributors document

@hrmervin has created a Project contributors document. If you haven’t already, and you’re keen to contribute to this project, please add your details there. Putting in things like areas of interest will help us determine who to ask for specific help. We’d also add that things like email address we consider non-compulsory, so you don’t have to put in your email.

Requirements gathering document

The requirements gathering document has been created, and is currently empty. Our goal is to have the bulk of the info we have so far in this document by the time of the next meeting. We’d like to get two other contributors on board (besides @psykro and @hrmervin) to help collate the information. If you’re keen to help, comment on this post. @dinhtungdu expressed interest in contributing to this document.

Project naming

We will be sticking with WP Notify for now, as it also ties into the namespace @schlessera proposed for the API and should help avoiding confusion when discussing any specific parts of the project later on.

Meeting host availability and contingency plans

Right now this project has a bus factor of 1, in that if @psykro cannot post the agenda or host the first meeting, that weeks set of meetings are usually cancelled. It was suggested that this is acceptable as the nature of open source.

Comments/suggestions are encouraged and welcome.

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