We’re seeing increased reports in readme txt files…

We’re seeing increased reports in readme.txt files not updating for plugins. Likely related to the migration to nginx from earlier this week, as in the process a number of configurations were updated (also PHP 5.2 to 5.3), and now signs point to memcached caching algorithms (riveting). @bazza is looking into the problem; @otto42 and I are also looking into some wider issues.

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The plugins directory should now update in near real-time

The plugins directory should now update in near real-time. Previously updates only ran every 15 minutes and some other things (namely adding committers) fired less often.

If you notice any problems, please comment here.

Thanks @bazza for doing this!


Matt just announced at the 2011 State of…

Matt announced today at the 2011 State of the Word that plugins and themes are now hidden from the search results (on both WordPress.org and in the plugin/theme install screens) if they have not been updated in two years.

For plugins only: Older plugins that are still compatible and secure only need to have their “requires” and “tested up to” version numbers bumped. If you do this, actually releasing a new version of the plugin is not necessary, so leave the version number the same.

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A few weeks ago a change was deployed…

A few weeks ago a change was deployed to the plugins directory. If you click “Other Versions” on the sidebar when viewing a plugin, there’s a new section called “Browse the Code” with three links to:

  • the development log on Plugins Trac
  • the plugin’s directory in Subversion
  • the stable tag in Subversion (or trunk)

Hopefully this makes it easier to find the right URL for plugin checkouts, and to browse the code.

Check it out here.

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