There’s a community summit next week after WordCamp…

There’s a community summit next week after WordCamp SF for those who don’t know. During this day we break into small meetings to discuss big picture items. These topics touch the entire community. In this case I’m specifically looking at adding more core development topics to the list, because it’s pretty barren right now.

Here’s some thoughts we covered two years ago at the last official summit. The timing of this, for reference, was about three months after 3.4 came out, and two months before 3.5 came out. I pulled this off the schedule:

I think most of these could benefit from a revisit in some way. A lot of specific and big improvements have been made in a number of areas (e.g. bug tracker, updates, i18n, JavaScript, multisite), but even then there’s a lot to cover and a lot has changed in two years.

Here’s some potential topics that have been proposed:

Some other ones that I’m now proposing:

  • After PHP 5.2
  • i18n/multilingual roadmap
  • multisite roadmap, 2.0
  • next steps for updates (or: how can we auto update everything)

And now I toss it to you: what else should be on this list? Quick, you have a few hours before the initial schedule is built.

I’m reading through all of the relevant documents from the summit in 2012, and attendees for this year’s summit, you should too. I linked all of them above in the first set of bullets.

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WCSF Final Planning

If you are not attending WCSF this year, you can ignore this post. If you are coming and planning to participate as part of the core team, please click through and read it all. 🙂

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WCSF 2014: Are You Coming?

Heads up, core team! We’re getting ready to publish details about the plans for WordCamp this October (which includes a mini team meetup), so if you’re thinking of attending, please read the post at and take the short survey linked at the end of it so I’ll know how many team members to plan for (don’t worry, this isn’t a commitment or anything, I just need to get some rough numbers for budgeting purposes). Thanks!

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Matt just announced at the 2011 State of…

Matt announced today at the 2011 State of the Word that plugins and themes are now hidden from the search results (on both and in the plugin/theme install screens) if they have not been updated in two years.

For plugins only: Older plugins that are still compatible and secure only need to have their “requires” and “tested up to” version numbers bumped. If you do this, actually releasing a new version of the plugin is not necessary, so leave the version number the same.

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Yo yo Call for speakers for WCSF Note…

Yo yo. Call for speakers for WCSF. Note that this year devs are the main attraction (Saturday at conference center is all dev, plus hack days before/after).

Who should we put on stage (and subsequently on to inspire developers?