Porting Widgets to Blocks: Feb 18, 2019

All widgets we plan on porting to blocks have been merged! 🎉



We have a couple of the more advanced widget blocks with v2 designs. These are “nice to haves,” but not necessarily scoped to any particular release.

In Progress

Needs Feedback & Dev


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Porting Widgets to Blocks: Feb 4, 2019

There’s been a ton of work on porting widgets to blocks since my last update! Here’s where we’re at:

✅ Completed

✏️ Work in Progress

  • Classic Widgets [13511]
    • Could use some additional testing, thoughts, and reviews.
  • Search [13583]
    • Needs a final code review and sign-off.
  • Tag Cloud [7875]
    • Getting close! Could use some more code reviews and testing.

⌨️ Needs Dev

The following iterations on existing widget blocks are “would-be-nice-to-tries”:

  • Archives [1464]
  • Recent Comments [1792]
  • Recent Posts [1594]

🗒 Notes

  • There’s an estimated ~4 weeks until this project is finished.
  • The Classic Widget [13511] is going to be moved into the “widget area Gutenberg support” project, since it impacts all of the widget screens.
  • The Meta Widget [13335] issue has been closed in lieu of adding login/logout and RSS subscription support to the navigation menu block.
  • You can track progress on GitHub: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/projects/20

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Status Update: Porting Widgets to Blocks

Per 9 Projects for 2019, all widgets will be ported over to Gutenberg blocks. I went through and audited how close we are to completing this goal:

✅ Completed

  • Audio [2299]
  • Archives [7949]
  • Categories [2102]
  • Custom HTML [1391]
  • Image [379]
  • Latest Comments [7941]
  • Latest Posts [870]
  • Text
  • Video

✏️ Work in Progress

🖼 Has Design

  • Calendar [1462]
  • Classic Widgets [4770]
    • Any existing widget will work by using the Classic Widget block.
  • Navigation Menu [1466]
    • This has a bunch of design ideas, but not a finished design. This block design is still a WIP.
    • Note: This is also its own 2019 project.

Additionally, the following completed widget blocks have v2 designs:

  • Archives [1464]
  • Recent Comments [1792]
  • Recent Posts [1594]

⌨️ Has PR

🙅🏽‍♀️ Deprecate?

There’s a couple widgets that I personally think can be deprecated:

  • Meta: Feels anachronistic and out-of-place in modern WordPress.
  • Pages: Should be replaceable with a navigation menu block.

Next Steps

Given this list, I think our top priorities are:

  1. Reopen, finish up, and merge existing widget block PRs.
  2. Create a PR for Calendar — maybe two: one following the original design, and one following the more complex v2. The original can likely be completed and merged quickly, which would put us in a great place in terms of widget support.
  3. Review the Classic Widget block design to ensure it matches current Gutenberg patterns, and create a PR.
  4. Create v2 PRs for Archives, Calendar, Recent Comments, and Recent Posts. Having a working PR can help us establish whether or not the designs are feasible, and a better experience.

Navigation Menu, as a broader block that extends beyond just widgets, should be tackled separately from this effort.

@karmatosed has created a new GitHub project we can use to track progress: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/projects/20.

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