FYI, Daisy Olsen is going to head up the…

FYI, Daisy Olsen is going to head up the theme developer handbook. She’s started working on an initial outline/TOC. Anyone want to volunteer in advance to help with it?

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Plugin Developer Handbook Chapter List

Thank you to everyone that commented and help me brainstorm what is needed for a good plugin developer handbook. I’ve synthesized that information and have come up with the following chapter list / section plan behind the jump. Â Please let me know if there is anything you think I missed. Â Remember, this handbook is designed specifically for the task of Plugin development. Â It’s not designed to be the end all, be all guide to WordPress. Â It’s designed to help new plugin developers get to the point that they can build a plugin and assist existing plugin developers with finding the best practices for doing things.

The next step is going to be to find authors for all of these sections. Â I’m going to be reaching out to a number of people to help out, but I’d also love to see some people volunteer. Â Please contact me @aaronjorbin on twitter or jorbin in IRC if you think you might be interested in writing a chapter or section. I’m going to be leaning on many of you, the experienced core developers and plugin developers.

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Plugin Developer Handbook Planning

I’ve started brainstorming ideas for the plugin developer handbook and have come up with a pretty long list of topics that I think should be covered. Some of these will be chapters on their own, some will be combined together and others still need to be thought of. For right now, the best feedback you could give me is to tell me what I missed and what you think might be out of scope.

A couple of notes:

  • I tried to include chapters so that both novice and experienced developers will be able use it. Hence ideas such as knowing the difference between the different languages used in WordPress.
  • Some things, while listed, I think will include warnings and language that discourages it. The two that stand out to me are: Custom database tables and Custom Option Pages.

Alright, now for the list:

  • Introduction
  • Languages of WP – Differences between PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
  • WP Coding Standards
  • Organizing plugin files
  • Planning your plugin
  • Name Spacing
  • Adding Styles and Scripts
  • Actions / Filters
    • How to use them
    • How to add them to your theme so other plugins can use them
  • Shortcodes
  • Widgets
  • Front End Forms
  • Ajax
    • Front end ajax
    • Back End ajax
  • Roles and Capabilities and users
    • Custom caps
    • User Meta
  • Comments
    • Comment Meta
    • interacting with comment filters
  • Options
    • Adding options to existing admin pages
    • Adding your own pages
  • transients
  • Translating / Internationalization
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Custom Post Types
  • Scheduled events (pseudo-cron)
  • Activation / Removal hooks
  • Interacting with the database
    • Adding Tables / interacting with them
  • Security
    • Kses
    • Escaping
    • Capabilities check
    • Nonces – Props Eric
  • Interacting with remote URLs
    • atom / rss
  • Interacting with WP_Query
  • Media
    • Media and Post relations (Send to editor)
  • Modifying / Creating URLs
  • MultiSite specific Compatibility
  • General Tips / Tricks / Notes (Ideally a tip or two from many different devs)
  • Adding Admin Notices
  • Giving your plugin the WordPress look (Hopefully the style guide will be finished before then).
  • Pluggable Functions
  • Admin Meta Boxes
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Extending Tiny MCE
  • A Good Development Environment
  • Development Process

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