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Subcomponents: Upload, Embeds, and Gallery.

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490 open tickets in the Media component

490 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
5.3 15 11 0 0
Awaiting Review 215 118 17 0
Future Release 62 47 3 1 1 0 0 0

490 open tickets. Last 7 days: -3 tickets

26 tickets slated for 5.3

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  • #17262  wp_get_attachment_thumb_file should check new 'thumbnail' image size
  • #30180  wp_get_attachment_image_src does not return alt or meta accessibility
  • #35725  Add mime-type for Webp
  • #36661  Improve `wp_get_attachment_image()` and `wp_get_attachment_image_attributes` docs. docs
  • #40175  Upload Validation / MIME Handling administration
  • #40439  Save progress of intermediate image creation after upload ui
  • #40921  Detect and Handle MP4 and OGG audio files properly
  • #42463  Poor Description of add_image_size Params docs
  • #43178  Rethinking what “captions” means for video accessibility javascript administration
  • #43524  Add another default image size
  • #43579  Optional post_id param in media_sideload_image and media_handle_sideload function
  • #43836  Update or patch getID3 library
  • #44484  Mediaelement scripts forced loaded in header performance
  • #44641  Customizing Button Text in Custom Media Manager Frame Doesn't Work Anymore
  • #44790  Attachment Overlay does not trigger spinner for compat fields ui javascript administration
  • #44830  Media modal close icon is not aligned in center in 480px screen size in media modal ui
  • #45406  Add additional default image sizes for srcset to accommodate wider viewports
  • #45407  Add block attributes to `wp_calculate_image_sizes` to allow for proper handling of `sizes` attribute
  • #45598  Prevent unnecessary whitespace around thumbnails when processing cropped PDFs
  • #45886  Media modal .edit-attachment link opens in new tab rather than in modal javascript
  • #46124  Allow setting custom image alt text in custom header image accessibility
  • #46209  mediaelement CSS loading at bottom of body coding-standards
  • #46311  Image upload issues in Gutenberg with IIS
  • #46529  CSS line-height values should be unitless – media-views.css ui administration coding-standards
  • #46530  CSS line-height values should be unitless – media.css ui administration coding-standards
  • #46919  i18n: Merge similar translation strings – in media help tab administration

490 open tickets

Open bugs: 293. View list on Trac

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