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546 open tickets in the Media component

546 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
76 57 11 0
5.3.3 2 0 0 0
5.4 30 3 1 0
Awaiting Review 164 70 8 0
Future Release 68 51 3 1 1 0 0 0

546 open tickets. Last 7 days: +4 tickets

4 tickets that have no replies

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  • #48164  media_sideload_image should store original URL and optionally check for dupes
  • #49078  Media Library permission checks in WordPress
  • #49161  Disabling big_image_size_threshold via filters does NOT work
  • #49178  Upload image issue after deleting image from edit image page

34 tickets slated for 5.4

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  • #14148  wp_get_attachment_url() is not url encoding
  • #30155  Fix crop image functionality within edit flow ui accessibility javascript
  • #36477  Responsive images (srcset) can include images larger than the full size performance
  • #36661  Improve `wp_get_attachment_image()` and `wp_get_attachment_image_attributes` docs. docs
  • #42760  Trying to access an attachment directly by URL not working javascript
  • #44427  Introduce lazy-loading API for media and other elements performance
  • #44641  Customizing Button Text in Custom Media Manager Frame Doesn't Work Anymore
  • #45406  Add additional default image sizes for srcset to accommodate wider viewports
  • #45886  Media modal .edit-attachment link opens in new tab rather than in modal javascript
  • #47117  Media modals: Focus is invisible in Windows high contrast views ui accessibility
  • #47120  Media modals: Upload errors and field information are not associated with their control ui accessibility
  • #47136  Image Editor: Reading and focus order do not match visual order ui accessibility
  • #47137  Insufficient form semantics ui accessibility
  • #47142  Disabled fieldset does not convey the disabled state of controls ui accessibility
  • #47144  Text inadvertently rendered by assistive technologies accessibility
  • #47147  Status message not exposed to assistive technologies ui accessibility
  • #47148  Insufficient labelling and inappropriate nesting of form controls accessibility
  • #47456  Improve the user interface to ensure correct usage of the image alt text accessibility
  • #47611  Media views: hide the "file upload button" from assistive technologies accessibility javascript
  • #48028  Media Library 'featured image' dialogue missing link text that describes 'opens in new tab'. accessibility
  • #48111  Update usage of `multi_resize` to utilize new `wp_create_image_subsizes()` function
  • #48164  media_sideload_image should store original URL and optionally check for dupes
  • #48236  Media attachment browser no longer provides id of attachment accessibility administration
  • #48378  Firefox and Internet Explorer 11: Media modal controls section cut off at larger window sizes ui
  • #48403  Media modal: the inline uploader visual order doesn't match the source order ui accessibility javascript
  • #48421  Add $unfiltered param to wp_get_original_image_path() and wp_get_original_image_url() functions
  • #48463  Copy link button in media ui accessibility javascript
  • #48489  Big image size threshold should take into account registered image sizes. performance
  • #48522  Attachment size not generated when large images uploaded
  • #48780  Image Editor screen is scaled incorrectly ui administration
  • #48842  Fix calculation error when resampling images before resizing in class-wp-image-editor-imagick.php
  • #48853  Error generating thumbnails of PDF files
  • #49023  Overlapping controls in Attachment Details modal when editing an image on mobile ui css administration
  • #49073  Edit Media aspectratio-free selection not possible after setting aspect ratio once javascript

546 open tickets

Open bugs: 341. View list on Trac

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