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Awaiting Review 131 90 14
Future Release 78 50 4

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  • #32999  Provide a way to not attached unattached image when inserting into post.
  • #33054  Better featured image/attachment sanity checks
  • #33950  Media Gallery Modal can reduce complexity and get a more intuitively UI / UX ui administration
  • #33981  Default Captions Should Use max-width ui
  • #34324  Tag picker for attachments ui administration
  • #34539  Image Sizes input fields on Media Settings page is too small ui
  • #35218  Parse the creation date out of uploaded videos
  • #35232  WP Image Editor glitches with constrained dimensions
  • #35602  Fix suggestion for edit Media feature in some multisite installations administration multisite
  • #35771  Setting Size for Native Video Player Doesn't Work
  • #35887  Adding multiple media to post – selecting image size ui javascript administration
  • #35959  Functon 'wp_generate_attachment_metadata(…)' silently swallowing errors from 'wp_get_image_editor(…)'.
  • #36285  Inconsistency between the filters that can be used to override the default shortcode output for images/videos/audio
  • #36308  get_attached_file() destroys file paths on Windows
  • #36418  Custom MIME type icons lost in WP Media List view administration
  • #36437  wp_delete_attachment causes warning
  • #36672  wp_get_attachment_image_src return URL with blog id in network setup
  • #37161  Deleting attachment from media modal doesn't auto-select next in selection ui javascript
  • #37329  Need all the attributes in wp_video_shortcode_class filter ui
  • #37420  Enable TinyMCE for attachment descriptions
  • #37773  Update get_avatar() to support native and registered image sizes.
  • #37847  Image selection is lost after uploading
  • #38117  Compatibilityé with live Photos javascript
  • #38220  Can't edit a pic and applying changes to Thumbnail only isn't working
  • #38221  Incorrect page id/name search blocks future searches javascript
  • #38264  Tests: Uploads aren't deleted after running individual tests
  • #38272  Media Library – Featured image is marked as Unattached
  • #38281  Generating thumbnails matching original image dimensions
  • #38361  Ability to dismiss notifications in the media modal ui
  • #38479  Need to check utf8_encode() is available before use.
  • #38560  media_handle_upload() can't handle arrayed $_FILES
  • #38907  Add `path_is_absolute` filter.
  • #39108  Media: can't leave an image "untitled" from the "Edit Media" menu
  • #39330  WP_Image_Editor_Imagick: get pdf from url
  • #39346  Display Error if GD library ins't installed/enabled
  • #39492  upload_post_params and plupload_init filters are not being executed on wp_print_media_templates()
  • #39521  media_handle_sideload does not initialize the caption/excerpt value
  • #39532  Media library's delete permanently does not work correctly from Trash in bulk mode
  • #39791  sanitize_file_name() optimizations
  • #39821  Please make image extensions array filterable in wp_attachment_is()
  • #39968  Media Library ui
  • #40026  Image Uploading and Resizing
  • #40076  Add Filter option Attached ui administration
  • #40087  Add ability to filter Imagemagick processing options
  • #40123  Improve media uploading flow
  • #40124  Media on uploading only gives me edit options
  • #40127  On mobile media deleting message formatting issues
  • #40133  Adding nonce for additional fields when hooking to attachment_fields_to_edit causes media library grid view not to work
  • #40140  upload_url_path doesn't seem to make any effect multisite
  • #40155  Pass $attr through to wp_get_attachment_link filter
  • #40193  wp_ajax_crop_image capability checks too strict javascript administration
  • #40250  When cropping a image right after scaling, the crop selection will show incorrect dimensions
  • #40269  Feature request: uploading image media from pasted clipboard
  • #40299  Removing width attribute on an image with a caption removes entire caption
  • #40373  Conditionally initialize Playlist Media Element javascript
  • #40415  Imagick resize filter hook
  • #40593  Media library replace image popup not displaying completely below 641px width ui
  • #40634  Media handling: No fil shows when press filter in list view moduls
  • #40883  update getid3 to 1.9.14
  • #40909  Focus in attachment custom fields is lost when updating the value.
  • #41041  YouTube subtitles no longer appear when embedding
  • #41048  `WP_oEmbed_Controller::get_proxy_item()` should remove `_wpnonce` from cached `$args`
  • #41127  Extending the featured image to be able to use a video

374 open tickets

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