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506 open tickets in the Media component

506 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
5.0.3 9 5 0
5.1 17 12 1
Awaiting Review 198 108 19
Future Release 75 56 5
0 1 0

506 open tickets. Last 7 days: +3 tickets

75 tickets that have no replies

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  • #39521  media_handle_sideload does not initialize the caption/excerpt value
  • #39532  Media library's delete permanently does not work correctly from Trash in bulk mode
  • #39821  Please make image extensions array filterable in wp_attachment_is()
  • #39968  Media Library: deleting all items on the last page loses the pagination/navigation buttons and shows message ui
  • #40026  Image Uploading and Resizing
  • #40076  Add Filter option Attached ui administration
  • #40087  Add ability to filter Imagemagick processing options
  • #40124  Media on uploading only gives me edit options
  • #40127  On mobile media deleting message formatting issues
  • #40133  Adding nonce for additional fields when hooking to attachment_fields_to_edit causes media library grid view not to work
  • #40140  upload_url_path doesn't seem to make any effect multisite
  • #40155  Pass $attr through to wp_get_attachment_link filter
  • #40269  Feature request: uploading image media from pasted clipboard
  • #40299  Removing width attribute on an image with a caption removes entire caption
  • #40373  Conditionally initialize Playlist Media Element javascript
  • #40634  Media handling: No fil shows when press filter in list view moduls
  • #40883  update getid3 to 1.9.14
  • #41127  Extending the featured image to be able to use a video
  • #41409  No point in storing empty EXIF/IPTC data on post meta table performance
  • #41462  Promote media details admin page to full post page
  • #41465  Drag-and-drop image placement is confusing
  • #41466  Allow cropping of images from inside the content editor
  • #41474  Feature Request: Download Media button from Attachment Details Page ui administration
  • #41574  Add filter: wp_get_attachment_link_attributes
  • #41648  Alignment issue on media-new.php when browse uploader screen is active ui administration
  • #41753  _wp_get_attachment_relative_path uses hardcoded uploads directory path
  • #41816  attachment_url_to_postid() should find post_id for URLs of intermediate size images
  • #41922  Gallery hard to open for edit – rtl (hebrew) version rtl
  • #42063  Media: Indicate if image is used as a site option ui administration
  • #42487  Avoid redundant crops for all Customizer media controls. ui javascript
  • #42751  Can we please enqueue media-views independently ? administration performance
  • #42829  Debugging image uploads with wp_generate_attachment_metadata administration
  • #42929  Indicate when a media file is selected as the video header ui administration
  • #42978  Automatically clear file upload error messages ui administration
  • #43023  Make Core Image Handling More Extensible
  • #43070  srcset attribute can be overridden but not prevented
  • #43152  Image remains in page after deleting from Media Library
  • #43173  Site Icon 512×512 doesn't work, other sizes do
  • #43196  wp-admin/upload.php media thumbnails are loaded in http despite all site runs https
  • #43202  Attachment Details: with cursor in URL box, left/right arrows switch between attachments
  • #43227  Media uploaded to post should remove underscores and hyphens from text inserted into title attribute
  • #43332  Better Basic Support for CDN Integration performance
  • #43413  wp_prepare_attachment_for_js missing image size medium_large
  • #43518  MP4 Video Upload – No Image – Only Sounds in Media Upload
  • #43531  $content_width and Add Media (+ twentyseverteen?)
  • #43579  Optional post_id param in media_sideload_image and media_handle_sideload function
  • #43608  Display missing module error for GD when on Media Settings administration
  • #43616  Incorrect display settings when inserting images to posts administration
  • #43640  Add an audio and video player to the media manager modal
  • #43660  Problem uploading images
  • #43668  Image cropping fails for many PHP locales, if set javascript
  • #43720  Image Resize Bug (Media settings)
  • #43730  Option to delete image when deleting post.
  • #43782  Images not cropping properly on ipad mini 4
  • #43808  Photos do not keep rotation when uploaded from iPad
  • #43816  Editing Image Can Lead to Mixed Metadata
  • #43839  Video Player Mobile
  • #44189  Missing Exif Data
  • #44316  Pass original file path to image_resize_dimensions() so it can be accessed in the filter
  • #44484  Mediaelement scripts forced loaded in header
  • #44493  WordPress audio player has become corrupt after recent WP update
  • #44609  Different metadata and sizes coming when uploaded via media library and wp_insert_attachment()
  • #44641  Customizing Button Text in Custom Media Manager Frame Doesn't Work Anymore
  • #44675  Media Trash action verbiage inconsistent and causes confusion
  • #44754  Error saving data from 'custom fields' of type select / checkbox (multiple) in Attachment Modal javascript
  • #44790  Attachment Overlay does not trigger spinner for compat fields ui javascript administration
  • #44801  `image_constrain_size_for_editor()` forcing the `$content_width` messes up dimensions
  • #44830  Media modal close icon is not aligned in center in 480px screen size in media modal ui
  • #44900  add post lock display to Media Library ui administration
  • #45021  Media: Gallery modal has wrong focus and image detail
  • #45075  wp_delete_attachment() has unreliable return and wrong process order
  • #45363  Allow Thumbnail generation for other filetypes such as ODT
  • #45598  Prevent unnecessary whitespace around thumbnails when processing cropped PDFs
  • #45694  Undefined Index: caption_id
  • #45699  Could not upload psd file on 4.9.9 and above

30 tickets slated for 5.1

View list in Trac

  • #17262  wp_get_attachment_thumb_file should check new 'thumbnail' image size
  • #23983  Add filter to get_post_thumbnail_id to override default thumbnail use
  • #30155  Fix crop image functionality within edit flow ui accessibility javascript
  • #34595  Add aria-describedby to improve image/caption relationship accessibility
  • #36661  Improve `wp_get_attachment_image()` and `wp_get_attachment_image_attributes` docs. docs
  • #36925  Media views: introduce a "Heading" view for better accessibility ui accessibility javascript
  • #37750  Cropping custom logo should preserve attachment properties accessibility
  • #39667  Improve showing metadata in media view accessibility
  • #40175  Upload Validation / MIME Handling administration
  • #40415  Imagick resize filter hook
  • #40439  Save progress of intermediate image creation after upload ui
  • #40590  wp_video_shortcode always adds controls="controls"
  • #40921  Inconsistent Handling of mp4 by Audio Widget
  • #41801  add wp_get_image_extensions() and wp_image_extensions filter
  • #42017  Parse the creation date out of uploaded audio files
  • #42139  Incorrect use of plural in script-loader.php
  • #42239  Delete Selected button stays active even all selected images in media library are deselected javascript administration
  • #42463  Poor Description of add_image_size Params docs
  • #42942  Provide a post_date_column_time hook for media files
  • #43046  `has_image_size()` returns false for Core image sizes
  • #43178  Rethinking what “captions” means for video accessibility javascript administration
  • #43281  Capitalize "Set featured image" media button on Media Modal ui
  • #43524  Add another default image size
  • #43525  Add a method to generate the image subsizes with multiple requests
  • #43658  Media attachment filter drop-down mime types in grid mode is not properly filtered by available mime types
  • #44441  Remove the settings for "medium" and "large" image sizes from Settings => Media
  • #44760  Media library module dates filter doesn't fully display ui
  • #45208  Parameter Coding standard docs
  • #45406  Add additional default image sizes for srcset to accommodate wider viewports
  • #45694  Undefined Index: caption_id

506 open tickets

Open bugs: 299. View list on Trac

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