Call for Testing: Gutenberg 3.9.0 RC 2

Some updates have been made based on previous testing and issues filed since RC 1 was released.

To help test, please install RC 2 by downloading from the releases page or use the button below.

Help is needed testing anything from the list in the Call for Testing: Gutenberg 3.9 Pre-release post or from the following testing list:

  1. Add a classic block, add a latest posts block, save, refresh. (9968)
  2. Add a Vimeo video embed and check for vertical scrollbars. (9920)
  3. Try exporting reusable blocks in IE 11 or Firefox. (10000)
  4. Enable spotlight mode and verify unselected blocks have a lower opacity. (9951)

Please join us in #core-test on WordPress Slack if you have questions or want to bounce ideas around!

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