March 12th Support Team Meeting Summary

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General announcements

Many countries are starting to experience the Daylight Savings Time (DST) changes these days, and although a lot of teams change their meeting time when this happens, the support team hasn’t done so for many years, and will keep it’s 17:00 UTC time slot.

Adjusting the meeting format a little

Although a pre-existing weekly time slot, we had no published agenda this week, and just winged it. This turned out to be a popular format, as it allowed for more users to get a word in that would normally feel compelled to sit idle by when an agenda existed.

In light of this, we’ll be looking to do an informal agenda-less meeting regularly, likely once a month, to help spur further such good conversations.

Upcoming changes to WordPress 5.4

The newly introduced full screen editing by default that’s slated for WordPress 5.4 was discussed at length, and although it’s inclusion in the release is still up for debate, we will plan for a scenario where it is included.

The primary concern is users feeling lost, how do we help them find their way back to their usual flow, and the desire for a simple solution to users.

It was mentioned, but has since been discovered to be incorrect, that a keyboard shortcut would let you toggle the mode, this is not the case as of this writing.

Pre-defined replies

The support team has a list of pre-defined replies for regularly occurring scenarios (available at which got updated this past week to allow for easy copy-pasting, and also got expanded with a new entry.

Old topic notifications

Discussions about how to handle older topics which may or may not be relevant followed suit, and one of the better ideas that came forth from this discussion was to add a notice, much like plugins does for older plugins, that information in this topic is more than X times old, and may not be accurate any more.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of our broader community from Sweden, Russia, Bangladesh, and India took part in the lively discussions this week, and a thank you for that, as broader views are unimaginably valuable!

One who smiles
rather than rages
is always the stronger.


February 6 2020 Support Meeting Notes

2020-02-06 forum support team meeting

  • quick summary of the forum ticket scrub
  • all OK with the international fora
  • discusson of javascript issues when http/https mismatch occurs on sites. Will Chrome 80 fix this?
  • open floor:
    • macmanx proposes that Otto write guidelines for moderators and publish them on There’s been a lot of pushback on moderation lately.
    • jnash proposes a capability to allow some users to “moderate” the spam queue (or at least, tag items as spam and pending). This led to discussions about whether we just
    • need more moderators. jnash is creating a trac ticket to further the discussion


January 23rd Support Team Meeting Summary

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Additions to the guidelines

Most of this weeks meeting time was taken up by discussions about amendments to the support guidelines, and a very good discussion ensured relating to changes in guidelines relating to the use of links in plugin and theme related support topics.

As the subject can be hard to cover, a separate post will be made outlining the changes, and how they may (or may not) affect the average user.

Checking in with international liaisons

Representatives from our non-English parts of the community in Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Greece, Sweden, Brazil, Bangladesh, and India were present this week, and helped broaden our horizones.

Reminder that if you are from a non-English speaking part of our community, we would love to hear from you, as shared experiences are worth more than we can describe!


January 16th Support Team Meeting Summary

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General announcements

We’ve changed up the agenda post (and summary!) to give it a little bit of color and fun.

That was a side-effect, the primary focus of the new approach is to make the agenda post more accessible to potential new users, by being more detailed about agenda items we remove the veil of mystery.

Goals for 2020

Better recruitment is a recurring theme, even across rosetta sites, how this will happen isn’t fully fleshed out yet, but there are exciting ideas being shared and if anything comes to fruition it will be shared in depth.

Look to onboard more people familiar with the new block editor, this is an area which is lacking as very few individuals have experience with it that go deep enough for support related tasks.

The idea of a support day, much like the already established translators and accessibility days was brought up as a potential goal to achieve for the year.

Many of the rosetta sites have also set translations of the support handbooks or HelpHub as their goals for the year, which should be exciting!

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of the support community from the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Bangladesh and Spain took part and helped us flesh out some goals moving forward.


January 9th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

No particular announcements this week, as we’re coming off the holiday downtime, but a reminder of ongoing discussions relating to the validity of reviews and spam prevention. Watch for relevant meta tickets relating to this.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members from our international community took part this week, and we saw them joining from Russia, Sweden, Spain, Bengali and Greece. And yes, there is a new face in there, I love seeing new attendees, everyone is welcome, and we’re always interested in hearing how things are going outside of the international forums, it helps provide a broader understanding of our users, and encourages us to look at things from other perspectives.

Open floor

The pre-defined replies that are recorded in the support team handbook have gotten an update.

A remark on recurring issues relating to errors when saving posts was brought up, some discussion shows that this primarily happens to sites with WP_DEBUG enabled, as this makes the JSON response from the save-function become invalid when it contains error notices and similar, often caused by plugins or themes.


December 12th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

The bbPress slowdowns have, for the most part, been resolved right now (some moderation tasks may still be slow at times, this is being looked into, but for the average user, it should be fine), and notifications have been re-enabled on the international forums (they were disabled for a period due to incorrect recipients).

Health Check

Our favorite support tool is the Health Check plugin, but it has some drawbacks (or amazing features, depending on how you look at it); It currently supports WordPress 4.0 or higher, that’s a lot of versions to account for when working on the plugin.

There’s a request for input on thoughts relating to splitting things out, keeping a “Legacy Health Check” for those users on older versions of WordPress (for example, many folks actually use it before updates to help check that they can upgrade without major issues).

The details on the proposal can be seen at, and input can be left there, or in the comments below the make/support summary post.

There many be many pros and cons to this, the two major ones brought up so far is that yes, it provides better parity with core in an up to date release, with less restricted by older core versions, but it may be confusing to have two similarly themed plugins/names.

Checking in with international liaisons

We had lovely community members from Sweden, Russia, Netherlands, Urdu, Brazil, India, and Italy (and possibly other spaces who did not get a chance to say hi this time), and some of them stepped up and helped out a new member get situated with the Bengali forums, so thank you @fierevere and @tobifjellner 🐱‍🏍

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

Feeling overwhelmed? Walk away, you are a volunteer, and don’t need permission to take breaks or to walk out on any situation you are no longer happy or comfortable with.


December 5th Support Team Meeting Summary

We had a short and quiet meeting this week, folks are busy preparing for holidays and such, so this isn’t a surprise at all 🙂


WordPress 5.3.1-RC1 is scheduled for this week, on December 11th.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members from some of our international parts of the community, including Russia, Italy, India, Brazil, and Sweden, were available during this weeks meeting.

Open floor

Slowness on the forums

A question about the bbPress update, and current slowness on the forums was brought up.

The current slowdown on the forums is relating to missing caching for certain actions. This is notably the case when moderators perform certain tasks, like approving pending posts, or when users post replies to topics.

The bbPress team are aware of the issues, and will be looking into this.

HelpHub role assignments

There’s currently a limitation in HelpHub, which means it’s not possible to add a HelpHub editor or manager to someone who has not previously participated in the forums in some way.

A ticket, #meta-4890, was made for this and can be watched for future updates on the matter.


November 14th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

bbPress 2.6 was released this week, and has been deployed to the various forums. Please note that an upgrade notice will show up in wp-admin if you have the appropriate access, don’t click this, the meta team will handle the upgrade routines accordingly once they’ve been tested in our large setup scenario.

WordPress 5.3

The new version of WordPress, version 5.3, was released this week.

As is customary after a major release, the WordPress 5.3 Master List has been published, and is a living document being updated with anything we find that breaks WordPress for users.

Discussion on linking to off-site support platforms

A hot topic this past week has been linking to support-topics that are outside of

Some good conversations were covered during the weekly meeting, and a make/support post has been published outlining what we discussed, and allowing for input from those unable to attend the weekly meeting.

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November 7th Support Team Meeting Summary

We had our final call for changes to the WordPress 5.3 Master List, along with a call for testing of WordPress it self, as the next version of WordPress is scheduled for November 12th.

We discovered that there’s a need for a specific page for Twenty Twenty that the feature theme team has already finalized (teamwork makes the dream work!), which will be linked up properly after the upcoming release.

Fair warning as well, that next meeting we will be utilizing the meeting-opener used by many other teams. The support team in general doesn’t use the /here command, as we wish to avoid notification burnout, but we will be using it for the first meeting after a major release to make sure we can gather any important information that surfaces from users after a release.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of our community from Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, India, Russia and Spain were part of this weeks meeting, with some new members from a few of them stopping by!

One of the contributors asked about information on highlighting topics to see which ones need addressing still, which the support team has a tool for at

Open floor

A request for more details for those running a contributor day was put forth. Turns out the existing page had been edited, and left in a state pending review. This has been re-published and is available at

We would like to improve the getting started documentation, so if you’ve ever held a contributor day and done support, input on what worked, what information you felt was missing, and what could be improved upon is very much welcome at any time.

If you would be so kind, please leave a response to the annual WordPress user survey for 2019.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

🎉 With the influx of new users lately, we’ll revitalize the contributor tips, a crowd favorite.

Helping out is awesome, but be selfish now and then, take the time you need to relax and unwind.

Contributor Tips


October 31st Support Team Meeting Summary

First a reminder that we’re still working on the WordPress 5.3 Master List, to cover items that we foresee users being confused about, viewing as potential issues and so forth.

And of course, please help test the new version before it goes live.

Checking in with international liaisons

Representatives from Sweden, Russia, Brazil and the Netherlands took part in this weeks chat, mostly focused on the upcoming release.

Open floor

A question was brought forth on the process when requesting data deletion from Although we don’t know the exact procedure, the privacy policy does make note that historical data such as commit history for plugins, themes and WordPress core are all retained. There’s also a section on forum posts and topics being historical data, and removing them would cause holes that may destroy the overall understanding of information., As such the user profile is scrubbed and anonymized.

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