Community Code of Conduct Update for May 1, 2018

We had a short meeting on May 1. Jenny has begun the process of compiling all of the data from the survey so that we can anonymize it for public release, and so that we can process it for our own understanding. We haven’t gotten very far in this process yet because there is a lot of data to go through.


Code of Conduct Survey

The Community Code of Conduct project goal is to examine the potential of expanding the community team’s code of conduct for WordPress events, to include other spaces where WordPress contributors collaborate, including forums, websites, and official chat channels.

We have put together a short survey to help us assess what we need to be is where you come in! Please announce this survey to your meetup group, and share it as widely as you can within the WordPress community. The survey will be open until April 13, so please share it soon and don’t forget to take the survey yourself:


Code of Conduct Update – March 20, 2018

We met today to go over feedback on the Code of Conduct survey as the final stage before sending out the survey. Based on the feedback we received, and our discussion in Slack, we made the following changes:

  • Changed the introductory wording based on Andrea Middleton’s suggestions
  • In question #10, we added an option for “At work, when work involves contributing to the WordPress project.”
  • In question #10, we changed the question from “Which of the following do you consider to be places where a general Code of Conduct should be enforced by a member of the WordPress community?” to “Which of the following do you consider to be places where a general Code of Conduct should be enforced?” At this point, the survey is not dealing with questions of who should enforce the CoC, just questions about where it should apply.
  • Changed question #11 to “How much do you agree with the following statement: ‘The WordPress open source project should have one common Code of Conduct that governs the spaces selected in the previous question.'” The previous phrasing asked if the Code of Conduct should apply to official and unofficial spaces, which could lead users to provide an answer contradictory to their answer to #10.
  • Eliminated question #12, because it was redundant with question #10.
  • We spent a long time discussing the confusing formatting of question #17 (about gender identity).
  • We discussed changing the gender options in question #17, and decided to consult with some outside resources to find the best list of gender-identity options that will not alienate anyone.

At this point, the survey is basically ready to send out.


Code of Conduct survey needs your feedback



Code of Conduct update – Feb 20, 2018

Our meeting focused on wrapping up the last details of the Code of Conduct survey.

We wrote an introductory post for it here:

We also reviewed the draft survey one last time to make sure it is ready to go:

If anyone has any feedback about the survey or the introductory post, please leave a comment here. We will meet again on February 27 to respond to feedback, and plan to release the survey on March 6.

Action items:

  • Andrea needs to get an email address where people can report CoC violations
  • Jenny needs to put that email address in the survey
  • Before the survey goes out, the closing date needs to be updated


Code of Conduct Team Update

On January 23, the Code of Conduct team had our first meeting of the new year.

Update on project status

We have mostly finished the survey that we want to send to the community, but are still hung up on the conversation about whether to ask for demographic information.

Discussion of demographic data

Jenny provided a summary of all conversations about demographics here:

Our conclusions: if we are going to collect demographic data, we need to have a clear reason for doing so. In this case, we need to understand the characteristics of the people who answer the survey, and understand the reach of the survey within the WP community.

To understand who answered the survey, we agreed that it would be easy to collect gender information, but gathering information about race in an international survey is extremely complicated. So we will ask about gender and country. We are also asking where people found out about the survey.

The survey answers will be anonymized. The CoC team (Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Jenny Wong, Morgan Kay, Andrea Middleton) will make sure that all identifying data is removed, and then the survey results will be released to the public.

Action Items

  • Draft a canonical post that describes the goal of the CoC initiative and contextualizes this survey, including information on who will have access to the survey.
  • Provide an email address within the survey in case people want to report an incident.
  • Review the survey to make sure it is ready to send out


2018 first #ccoc project meeting

After WCUS and the festive holidays of Decemeber, we’re going to get back on our #CCOC meetings at 23rd January 2018 16:30 UTC, in the #community-team slack channel.

The agenda will include:

  • An update on the project situation
  • Review of all discussions of collection demographic data
  • Outline a road map to getting the survey shipped.

CCOC project meeting notes – 17th & 31st October

17th October Notes:

A quick catch up on the meeting that happened on the 17th October

@mor10 and @morgankay were in attendance and shared the survey they have been working on.

They had it sent to an 3rd party survey expert to get feedback on the language and questions used in the survey.

31st October Meeting Notes:

The group met in the #community-team Slack.

Thanks to the people who participated: @sippis, @andreamiddleton, @morgankay, @mor10

The research CoC has a few more entries. The problem has been finding public articles about CoC situations that have been enforced and also articles against a CoC.

The CCoC survey has been reviewed by the survey expert and comments have been actioned.

The survey is now ready for review. The new questions are found under the Questions – Proposed header. Reasoning and discussion are found in the Questions – Draft header.

Please add comments to the survey document with anything you want to raise relating to the questions of the comments.

Next actions for the survey:

  • Put survey questions into a survey collection method.
  • Roll out the survey.
  • Publicise the survey.
  • Set a hard limit on return date

There was a discussion on how to push the survey. The discussion included a debate on how much pushing did we want to do for the survey and the balance between getting large dataset and not having a skewed dataset based on one portion of the community.

The idea came to do two things:

  1. Email all meet up group organisers with information about the survey and ask them to share it with their meet up groups.
  2. Post on all Make P2s.

Some concerns include ensuring that there is clear communication about the intent of the project and the survey.

There was an idea to bundle some other Community related information in the same blast-out or if it was important to to have the message exclusively CoC-related. It would be good to know what potential information the bundle would include before making a decision.

There was also a lively debate over whether we should ask about any demographics of the survey responders.

Polldaddy records location and IP address by default. in the past the Community team has received a lot of pushback about asking demographic info in surveys. The outcome is that @mor10 is going to ask the survey expert how they do it to ensure it is far.

There was the question of whether we need the demographic information, because we shouldn’t be asking for information we don’t need. The thought behind the demographic data is that if marginalized people say we need a code of conduct and non-marginalized people don’t, then we need a code of conduct.

Group’s TODO:

Next Meeting:

Next meeting is on 14th November 2017 at 15:00UTC


CCOC project meeting notes – 3rd October

The group met in the #community-team Slack at its new time of 15:00 UTC.

There were no objections on the previous meetings workflow and flowchart proposals. We have made PDF format of the workflow and flowchart and uploaded them onto this site so that they are stored for clarity.

We then reviewed the amount of research the group had found so far on COCs inside and outside of technology. We have found there are many examples of COC documents but not so many exampels of published enforcement reports or articles or information on why people find COCs problematic.

We agreed that it would be benefitcal to find more informaion to why and how people find COCs problematic and add them to the spreadsheet. We have also done a public call for examples of such articles on twitter to see if we can find where these articles are. @danieltj has kindly offered to concentrate on the task.

@mor10 and @morgankay have yet to sync up to do a first draft of the COC survey. The survey was originally thought of as a survey for WordCamp and Meetup organisers and attendees, but agreement has been foudn to boarden the target audience of the survey to be all WordPress community members.

@mor10 asked what questions and topics we are hoping to get from the survey.
As a starting point the survey will include the following:

a) whether people know the event CoC at all
b) whether they have experienced a CoC violation
c) whether it was reported
d) whether it was handled
e) whether they think handling was successful

We have agreed before the survey is published and circulated that htere should be a chance for the ccoc group to review the survey and give feedback.

We also discussed how we will be make sure the survey reaches the community. There was the idea of emailing all wordcamp andmeetup organisers via the Community Team. We would have to see if the Community Team felt comfortable emailing everyone about the survey. Other options will include reaching out to WordPress related news outlets.

There was also a post-meeting discussion, about whether the CCOC project is to update the WordCamp Code of Conduct and expand its scope to become a WordPress Community Code of Conduct (CCoC) adhere to.

I would like to take a moment to make it clear, that this project is currently all research driven. Our interest in the COC that in-person events ( such as WordCamps and meetups ) use, is to see if there is anything the whole project could learn from and whether what was written a few moons ago, still holds up in the landscape today.

The outcome of the research may or may not include recommendations to the WordCamp COC but will always be a recommodation that the community as a whole will need to decide to accept or reject.

I would like to thank @andreamiddleton for asking the question and if there is anything that is unclear, please do pipe up.

### Get involved
If you have any questions or topics that you think teh survey should include, please share them in the comments below.

We have a shortage of `anti-coc concerns articles/ posts` or ` COC Issues/ incident reports or stories`. If anyone knows of any links to any published articles or posts on either topic, please add thenm to the relevent tab in the CCOC Research spreadsheet or post links as a comment to this post and i’ll add them in.

### Personal Note:
I will be in transit for the next meeting. If i have timed my flights correctly, I should be in a location with WIFI and therefore can chair the meeting.

If I am not available, I would appreciate it if someone else could chair the meeting. I will be looking for a backup chair over the next week. Any one who would like to do it please just let me know.


CCOC project meeting notes –19th September

The group met in the #community-team Slack to review the following things:

  • nail down a workflow
  • make some decisions about how to move forward
  • how to manage time
  • set some loose deadlines
  • decide on the CCOC meeting time, date and frequency.

The notes will go in order of what happened:

Agendas: Nail down a workflow, make some decisions about how to move forward, & set some loose deadlines

We reviewed the proposed workflow document and flowchart from @mor10. We noted that it was lacking any deadlines, and proceeded to have a discssuon on that. We wanted to reframe from setting any deadlines which were too tight or or unachieveable whilst keeping momentum.

The conclusion was made to set a general benchmark of 4 weeks for each phase, decide on a roadmap for the first 3 or 4 phases today and reevaluate for the next phases later on. This would give us some data in regards to how long things take for the group.

  • Phrase 1 – Discovery : 4 weeks – Note we’re at the start of week 3 currently.
  • Phrase 2 – Research : 4 weeks
  • Phrase 3 – Motivation & Goals : 4 weeks
  • Phrase 4 – Pre-Mortem 1 – 2 weeks


If no one has any objections to the deadlines above being added to the workflow, then we will add them in and save the whole workflow as a PDF and upload them here. This is to ensure that there is a hard copy of the workflow that is not editable.

If there are no objections to this in the comments of this post, by the 26th September, I will assume everyone is in favour and move forward with the proposed.

Agenda : how to manage time & decide on the CCOC meeting time, date and frequency

The group is currently made of people from all over the globe – specifically – Europe, Japan and West Coast America.

We reviewed the time date and frequency of the meetings based on having enough time to slot the project into our busy lives.

The day and frequency were fine for everyone who was at the meeting.

The current meeting time meant that for people joining in Japan, it was 2AM.

We have worked out a better meeting team for the group would be 15:00 UTC .


We want to propose that starting with the next meeting on the 3rd October, that meetings will start at 15:00 UTC with a two week frequency.

If there are no objections to this in the comments of this post, by the 26th September, then we will assume that the new time is suitable for all.

To do for our next meeting

As we’re still in our discovery stage, we are still looking for more links to more articles, research and COCs from inside and outside our community to be added to the research spreadsheet.

We are also looking for comments  from  the community on any fo the links, so it would be great if people can take the time to share any issues they have and any comments they have on the information we have found so far.

If I have missed anything from the meeting please correct me in the comments below and I’ll update them.

Thanks for reading these notes. Any comments, ideas, suggestions , as always, welcomed below.