Code of Conduct Team Update

On January 23, the Code of Conduct team had our first meeting of the new year.

Update on project status

We have mostly finished the survey that we want to send to the community, but are still hung up on the conversation about whether to ask for demographic information.

Discussion of demographic data

Jenny provided a summary of all conversations about demographics here:

Our conclusions: if we are going to collect demographic data, we need to have a clear reason for doing so. In this case, we need to understand the characteristics of the people who answer the survey, and understand the reach of the survey within the WP community.

To understand who answered the survey, we agreed that it would be easy to collect gender information, but gathering information about race in an international survey is extremely complicated. So we will ask about gender and country. We are also asking where people found out about the survey.

The survey answers will be anonymized. The CoC team (Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Jenny Wong, Morgan Kay, Andrea Middleton) will make sure that all identifying data is removed, and then the survey results will be released to the public.

Action Items

  • Draft a canonical post that describes the goal of the CoC initiative and contextualizes this survey, including information on who will have access to the survey.
  • Provide an email address within the survey in case people want to report an incident.
  • Review the survey to make sure it is ready to send out