WPTV Team Chat Notes: 6/16/2016

We met today to discuss the state of WPTV for another week. Here is what we talked about:

  • 1. Incoming WordCamp videos – WordCamp Hamilton had some uploader issues but is sorted out. Videos starting to trickle into our AWS account. Waiting on several recent camps to submit as well
  • 2. Post Production/Publishing – We are also all caught up on videos pending publication.
  • 3. Outreach – @roseapplemedia has been trying this, but there has not been a ton of response so far. We discussed the difficulty in finding out who the AV coordinator is, and how we can easily find out that contact so we can ping them
  • 4. WPTV Blog – second “featured on wptv” post is live, and traffic to the WPTV blog is much improved. We also took a look at @jwparky‘s recent interviews with community members, and looks like we are a go to start publishing those bi-monthly

We also took a bit of time to discuss @oleg‘s proposal to bring more vodcast and interview content onto our site, from existing YT channels. Full post is here if you’d like to comment.

Full transcript of the meeting here: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/wptv/p1466096511000123

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WPTV Team Chat Notes – 6/9/2016

This week’s modchat was a short one that turned into a long one! Here are the agenda items we discussed:

  • 1. Incoming WordCamp videos – We have nothing incoming at the moment, but many recent camps that have not submitted, as well as upcoming camps (4 this weekend!) so this is bound to change soon
  • 2. Post Production/Publishing – We are also all caught up on videos pending publication.
  • 3. Outreach – Nothing to report this week
  • 4. WPTV Blog – We published our first “Featured on WordPress.tv” post on the wptv blog, which you can see here. This post is also shared on the Planet WordPress feed, and that helped us to generate a good bit of traffic. There is a post here asking for suggestions for next week’s post, which is featuring dev-focused video. If you have a suggestion be sure to leave a comment there!

Open floor – after clearing the agenda items, we also discussed the following:

  • @tashan has been having a bit of trouble in loading WordCamp Miami videos to our YT channel. If you are a manager on that channel, you can help out by grabbing a video off the list here and uploading it to YT.
  • @xtraboy shared @marbio‘s script for downloading media files from WordPress RSS feeds. May be an interesting way to get videos uploaded to YT automatically, if we opt to go that route still: https://github.com/cobyan/wordpress-feed-attachment-download
  • We had a good discussion around our plans for putting video interviews on the wptv blog, and using some existing content that @xtraboy pointed out on YT. @brashrebel also volunteered video from his vodcast as well, which meets our video guidelines and is also ready to share.

Full transcript of the meeting: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/wptv/p1465491683000022

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Programming note: Meeting time is NOT changing

For all our US based volunteers, we just changed our clocks ahead one hour in observance of Daylight Saving Time on Sunday.

However, our meeting time is in UTC, which never changes, so if you are in the US, plan on joining us an hour later than you are used to (10am PT/1pm ET) but for everyone else, our time is still the same time:

Thursday at 17:00 UTC in the #wptv channel on Slack

See you there!

WPTV Team Meeting Recap 2/4

We met in Slack today in the #wptv channel to discuss the following:

  • Our YouTube Channel now has enough followers to get a private URL. We just need to be active for 30 days and we qualify.
  • For videos we upload there, we decided on using the same “Speaker Name: Title of Talk” format for video titles that we currently use on WPTV. This will also make automating easier in the future, as we can pull the title from published posts
  • Captioning/subtitling – we decided that this activity really “belongs” under the WPTV umbrella, and with that in mind we will work to include it in our upcoming contributor drive at the end of the month.
  • We had some discussion about how YT might help with those efforts, as it provides some auto-captioning. Not perfect but may be a good head start nonetheless. Needs some testing to see if it will actually help yet or not.
  • Badges – at the moment we don’t have contributor badges for WPTV on dotorg profile pages. But we do have the ability to add them manually. @jerrysarcastic will round up a list of current contributors, and in the future we will need to be more mindful of adding new contributors.

Full transcript here in the Archives. Please join us next week in the #wptv Slack channel (Thursdays at 17:00 UTC) if you want to help out!


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February Contributor Drive Planning Chat – Recap

Last week we met in Slack (#wptv) to chat about the current state of our handbooks, so we can get them ready for a contributor drive that is happening at the end of the month. You can see the things we discussed in the Slack Archive, but here is a brief recap:

  • The focus of this drive will be to find more contributors interested in post-processing raw WordCamp videos and uploading finished (edited) videos to wptv
  • if you go to our handbook now, Much of the info seems to be there, but it’s not obvious what step one is; for a new contributor it’s kinda hard to know where to start: https://make.wordpress.org/tv/handbook/
  • We also have some resources for WordCamp planners here: https://plan.wordcamp.org/video/video-post-production/
  • One goal is to encourage a new contributor to 1) get a video from the spreadsheet 2) download it to their computer and edit in slides and intro/outro if needed and 3) upload to wptv with the correct metadata
  • We discussed a bit about how we will track contributions

At the end of the meeting we all agreed that for “homework” we would all download and process a video, and upload it to WPTV. Some of us are more familiar with the process than others, so we’ll bring our notes on how we can improve the process to the next meeting.

If you are interested in joining us, we are having another meeting this Thursday Feb 4 at 18:00 UTC (1:00 ET) which is after our usual team meeting, at 17:00 UTC. Hope to see you there!

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WPTV Handbooks planning meeting tomorrow!

Howdy WPTV fans. Tomorrow after our usual team chat (17:00 UTC) we will be meeting to discuss our next steps for improving our onboarding documentation, to make it easier for new contributors to get involved in post-processing.

Here are the deets:
Meeting place: WPTV channel in Slack
Date: Thursday Jan 28 @ 18:00 UTC

Convert to your timezone here

If you are in attendance for the regular team meeting, stick around!


Just saw this on the WordPress org Blog…

Just saw this on the WordPress.org Blog.


2015 Contributor Survey

Hi video folks! Thanks for all your hard work and contributions in 2015. Could you contribute few more minutes to fill in the 2015 contributor survey? It will help us establish some baselines around the contributor experience so that we can see how things change over time.

This is being posted to all the Make teams, so if you subscribe to a bunch of p2s and keep seeing this post, know that you only need to fill the survey in once, not once per team.

The survey is anonymous (so you can be extra honest), all questions are optional (so you can skip any that you don’t want to answer), and we’ll post some aggregate results by the end of January. It took testers 5-10 minutes to complete on average (depends how much you have to say), so I bet you could knock it out right after you read this post! 🙂

There are two sections of the survey. The first has questions about team involvement, recognition, and event involvement, and is pretty much what you’d expect from an annual survey (which teams did you contribute to, how happy are you as a contributor, etc).

The second section is about demographics so we can take a stab at assessing how diverse our contributor base is. All questions are optional, but the more information we have the better we can figure out what we need to improve. If there’s some information you’d rather not identify, that’s okay, but please do not provide false information or use the form to make jokes — just skip those questions.

The survey will be open until January 15, 2016. Whether you have 5 minutes now, or 10 over lunch (or whenever), please take the 2015 contributor survey. Thanks!

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Modchat Recap – 8/13

A little late in posting this, but here is what we discussed in our team meeting last Thursday:

  • @roseapplemedia has all the US camera kits at his home base this month.
  • We are going to use this time to update and improve our camera documentation here: https://plan.wordcamp.org/video/
  • Because Michael will have the actual gear in his possession, he will be doing short setup videos for all our kits and gear
  • WordCamp Outreach – One of the biggest problems we have with docs is not that they are out of date, but that WC organizers almost never see them.
  • How do we let camps know about this awesome resource?
  • @johnparkinson has volunteered to take point in wrangling WordCamp outreach. Posting soon to get some ideas about what we can try. Yay John!

Want to read the scroll? Full meeting transcript here!

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There are some videos to edit from WC Columbus. I’ll be adding more today and tomorrow and will start on WC North Canton after that.


Use caution when editing the start to make sure you get the beginning of the presentation and not the random talk before the presentation.