Meet your new WPTV team reps!

Howdy all, voting is closed, and the results are in. Your new co-leads for the community team for 2019 are Pascal Casier (@casiepa) and Michael Wiginton (@roseapplemedia) and congratulations to you both!

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.39.00 AM

Please be sure to attend our weekly meeting tomorrow at 17:00 UTC to wish them well, and thanks to everyone that participated!

Now Accepting Team Rep Nominations for the WPTV Team

As is common practice within the WordPress open source project, each community team has one or two representatives who has been nominated by their peers to serve as “team rep” and are responsible for communicating to the other community teams via weekly updates, as well as leading weekly team chats, wrangling new and current contributors, etc.

TL;DR: We are accepting nominations for a new Team Rep for the mod team. If you would like to nominate someone (including yourself) to serve as WPTV team rep for 2019, please comment on this thread.

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WordCamp Europe 2017: The recap

WordCamp Europe (next to WC US) is THE place to be for WordPress fans from all over the world. The yearly event this time happened in Paris on June 15 to 17. It started with a Contributor Day, followed by two days full of great talks.

About 500 people attended Contributor Day and one of the tables was reserved for A team of 8 spent most of the day together: @dartiss @foliovision @sanelakurtek @lesleymolecke1 @mazzomaz @stk_jj @mgelves and myself (@casiepa). After a short introduction on where the WPTV team kicks in, some practical sessions and then also discussions were held.

A summary of the day:

  • Some received videos were reviewed, edited and prepared for upload (add intro, compress)
  • Existing tools for video editing were discussed: Handbrake, iMovie, Sony Vegas and FCPX
  • A discussion was tabled on the reach out for new WordCamps: Reach out to organizers before, explain what WPTV does and can do, make sure they link to the WPTV event from their website afterwards.
  • Another great discussion was held on how to recover ‘orphan’ WordCamps, e.g. existing in YouTube but not in or where no videos were found at all. The team started with Nashik WordCamp and during Contributor Day, the first videos were already uploaded.
  • Some extra thoughts that came up and should be elaborated:
    • Add video links in the handbook to have more visual. For some written texts in the handbook, some videos already exist, so make sure to link them.
    • Get camera kits in Asia and India. To be discussed further if this is feasible.
    • Find a way to add ‘Click here to help’ below any video. How to improve the way of getting videos and contributors? Both on as on YouTube.

Mauricio and myself had a great time talking with the rest of the table and are already checking where to stay in Belgrade for the next WordCamp Europe in June 2018!


Community Interview Series

I wanted to let the team know how everything is going with the WordPress Community Interview Series since we are starting a new year.

There have been 35 interviews published since the first 2 on June 16th, 2016. The first few weeks, I was trying to publish 2 interviews per week but it was recommended that I cut back to 1 per week. I quickly agreed because it was very evident that it was going to be difficult to keep that schedule up.

I have been able to have 2 or 3 interviews scheduled in advance and at least 1 video interview in reserve in case anything unexpected happens. For the most part the selection for people to be interviewed has been random. I take a look at recent WordCamps, speakers or organizers, Twitter comments, etc. It has worked fairly well.

One thing that I want to mention, 2 of the published videos were actually a compilation of short Skype calls that I did during Global WordPress Translation Day 2 on November 12th.

Of the 35 interviews, 18 are non US. The map below shows the locations.

As far as my setup, it is very simple and easy to use. I use a MacBook Air with either a Audio Technica AR 2100 or a Blue Snowball. Also, I use earbuds to reduce speaker noise back into the mic. I use the Ecamm application with Skype to record the calls.

For processing the videos I use Screenflow. This app is not very expensive and fairly easy to use. I had a voiceover done using Fiverr which has worked out great. I can insert text, lower thirds, effects, etc.

The Skype calls ‘usually’ last about 15 minutes or so. We talk for a few minutes before I do an introduction just so I get over some nervousness. I am trying to concentrate on cutting out the ummms and ahhhs. The average length is about 10 minutes, although a few have gone almost 20 minutes.

I try to follow a loose format of an introduction, talk about WordCamps, the WordPress Community, anything special the guest might be involved in and then wrap up. This has worked well so far.

That is pretty much it. If anybody has suggestions, please feel free to comment!

Tags on Youtube

Now that we are starting to move videos onto our official WordPress YouTube channel, how should we handle tags? Tags in YT have much more use as navigation that you see in a WordPress site typically, like WPTV.

Edit: Tags may have more use in YT than on WP

To keep this manageable for mods it would need to be a short list, but we do have a few “big buckets” that our videos fall into, such as:

  • Videos targeted at users
  • Vides targeted at core developers
  • Plugin development
  • Theme development
  • Content Marketing/SEO
  • Website Design

Those are a few off of the top of my head. What say you, if you could set a list of tags for this channel, how would you go about it? What kind of naming conventions would you use for consistency. I have no firm ideas here, so I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments. And to keep the list reasonable, try to limit yourself to 10 or less “big tags” we can use on YouTube.

WPTV Camera Kit Layout

Just so we are all up-to-date on the camera equipment. This is the current layout for the cases.

We have some kits that have cameras and equipment for two setups.

These cases look like this:


These cases have two containers (one with camera equipment and one with audio equipment), two tripods, gaffers tape and a misc equipment bag (red)

We also have single camera cases.


In each case are containers with pictures and names of the equipment inside.


This container has all the camera equipment.


and another container has all the audio equipment with names and pictures of the equipment.


And inside each case is a list with pictures and names of the misc equipment not listed in the other containers.

Each case has each piece of equipment, in that case, colored coded to make it easier to get the correct equipment back in the correct case.


Examples of color coded equipment.

We also have QR codes on the tripods, the handle mounts and the audio transmitter and receivers.

Scanning the QR code will show a short video for setting up and using each piece of equipment.
(Scan one and give it a try).


88W Wireless Mics


Sunpack Tripods


Mount Brackets


Travel Tripod

And we have instruction sheets for each of the cameras (with a link to the mfg manual at the bottom of each sheet).

Canon Vixia HF R600 Camera

Canon Vixia HF M400 Camera

Canon Vixia HF M300 Camera

We also have Livestream camera equipment but that’s for another post.



WPTV blog: Video highlights for devs from WCEU

For this week (Friday July 15th) our video wrap up post will be focused on recent videos that are of interest to new WordPress users.

As with last week, given that WCEU happened recently and is fresh in everyone’s mind, let’s focus on videos from that camp. There are plenty of sessions to choose from and all are great quality, so what is your favorite WCEU session targeted at developers? Let’s feature it on our blog!

WPTV Team Chat Notes 7/7/2016

We met in Community Slack last week to discuss how things are going on and here is what we discussed:

  • Incoming WordCamp videos – Working on WC Asheville which will be ready for post production soon. None in the Pending Review
  • Post Production/Publishing – Videos from WC Antwerp are available for editing (claim one here) and WordCamp Asheville will be uploaded soon 30-40 raw video files that will need full editing
  • Outreach – All camps for July have been contacted
  • WPTV Blog – @jwparky and @jerrysarcastic have switched publishing days. John’s second video interview post was published last Friday but he will be switching to every other Tuesday. Also noted that we get a lot of traffic to the blog from the posts that appear in the WordPress Dashboard (Planet WordPress Feed)
  • Captions/Subtitles – New captions submitted by @rianrietveld and @jessicaestes, and it was pointed out we could use a style guide for captions. @jerrysarscastic will add a page for that to the WPTV Moderator Handbook.

Full transcript of the meeting here:

Want to join our meeting next week? See the blue box at the top of the page to see when our next meeting is!


WPTV Team Chat Notes: 6/30/2016

We met last Thursday to discuss the state of WPTV for another week. Here is what we talked about:

Incoming WordCamp videos – What is our current status, what are we expecting soon

WCEU and WC Antwerp are uploading to AWS.

Post Production/Publishing – What videos do we have that need post production work. Are there pending videos in WPTV that need out help in publishing? How can the team help?

Will have WC Asheville for post soon. WC Antwerp is trimmed but does not have intro/outro

Outreach – Camps we’ve heard from, camps we may want to reach out to

Camps for the month of July have been contacted

WPTV Blog – What have we posted recently, what are we planning to post*

@johnparkinson in publishing another interview post on Friday continuing a twice-monthly schedule

Subtitling/captioning – do we have new captions to approve this week? New videos that can be captioned?

This is a new weekly agenda item. Lots of interest post WCEU, which is great to see. @casiepa mentioned he is willing to work on a script to convert Youtube caption formats to work with, and also @extraboy brought it up with the community team while at WCEU.

Starting out, we will ask captioners (captioneers?) to try and complete captions/subs for two videos this week, and report back about how that went, working toward making this a weekly update on the things we are adding captions to. If you only have time to work on captioning one video a week, even a short one, is fine too. Any help would be great!

Full transcript of the meeting here:

Want to join our meeting next week? See the blue box at the top of the page to see when our next meeting is!


WPTV Blog – Wrap up post suggestions (and a slight schedule change)

After talking with @jwparky, we decided to swap the days we post on, and the weekly video roundup post will be going out on Fridays now, and the John’s interview posts will be going out on Tuesdays (we’re switching) as this fits both our schedules better.

For this week (Friday July 8th) our video wrap up post will be focused on Recent videos that are of interest to new WordPress users.

Given that WCEU happened recently and is fresh in everyone’s mind, I thought it’d be cool to focus on new user WordCamp sessions from that camp, so with that in mind, what is your favorite WCEU session targeted at new users? Let’s feature it on our blog for everyone to see!