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Licenses – Bundled Resources Licenses – Bundled Resources

GPL-Compatible Image Licenses GPL-Compatible Image Licenses

There are two licenses for images that are GPL compatible. The images being used in the themes are required to be licenced under either one of these licenses.

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GPL-Compatible Font Licenses GPL-Compatible Font Licenses

The GNU Foundation and the Fedora Project maintain lists of acceptable licenses for use with GPL.

Fonts bundled with Themes submitted to the WordPress Theme directory are required to be licensed under one of the following font licenses:

  • Arphic Public License (Arphic)
  • Baekmuk License (Baekmuk)
  • Bitstream Vera License (Bitstream Vera)
  • GNU GPL (with font exception) (GPL)
  • GUST e-Foundry Font License/LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)
  • IPA Font License (IPA)
  • Liberation Font License (Liberation)
  • LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)
  • mplus Font License (mplus)
  • ParaType Font License (PTFL)
  • SIL Open Font License (OFL)
  • STIX Fonts User License (STIX)
  • Ubuntu Font License (UFL)
  • Wadalab Fonts License (Wadalab)
  • XANO Mincho Font License (XANO)

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GPL-Compatible Icon Sets GPL-Compatible Icon Sets

Some compatible icon sets include the following: