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What is the Theme Review Team? What is the Theme Review Team?

The Theme Review Team is a group of volunteers who review and approve Themes submitted to be included in the official WordPress Theme directory. The Theme Review Team maintains the official Theme Review Guidelines, the Theme Unit Test Data, and the Theme Check Plugin, and attempts to engage and educate the WordPress Theme developer community regarding development best practices.

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How to get involved? How to get involved?

Are you interested in joining the Theme Reviewers team? Great! The team is open to anyone who wants to help out, and the process is simple. If you would like to join the Theme Review Team, please see the How to Join WPTRT page.

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Who are the Theme Review Team? Who are the Theme Review Team?

Active Admins Active Admins

The admins are the people that do all the work behind the scenes. They make sure that the theme team runs like clockwork. Every one of them is here to help the reviewers do their jobs and the theme team function smoothly.

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Team Reps Team Reps

The team reps do not have to be admins and the current two are not. Amongst other things, team reps make sure all the paper work is done and we keep other teams updated with weekly reports.

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Key Reviewers Key Reviewers

People who are key reviewers are allowed to make themes live. These are an important piece to the theme review process, they make sure that the queues are kept low. In addition, you can guarantee they are a great source of reviewing knowledge as long standing reviewers.

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Mentors Mentors

As a team we have a mentorship program for new reviewers. Mentors are experienced reviewers that want to pass on what they have learnt and help new reviewers. We try and ensure every new reviewer gets a mentor. If you are interested in being a mentor please post here:

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How to contact the Theme Review Team How to contact the Theme Review Team

The Theme Review Team leads discussions about the Theme Review Guidelines and general best practices here on the Make/Themes site. Follow this site’s blog to join in the discussion. The Theme Review Team maintains a mail list for discussion, questions, and ideas from the entire Theme development community. If you have a question or need clarification about the Theme Review Guidelines, want to propose an addition or change to the Guidelines, or have a question about Theme development best practices, please ask on the mail-list.

Please note: if you have general questions about Theme development, please use the official support forums, or the WordPress Stack Exchange. If you have general questions about selecting, installing, using, or modifying a Theme, please use the support forums as well.