Requirements project March 23

Our next project meeting will be on Thursday at 19:00

Channel: #themereview

We have a few more short term fixes to discuss:

  • Child theme names
  • Theme URI and  footer credit links
  • Admin bar menu items
  • Screenshot

There is also one recommendation that perhaps should be removed:
Themes may optionally unregister core Widgets. This is allowed, but is it recommended?

As a reminder, we also have the Trello board.


Those who have time after the meeting are welcome to continue,  with the purpose of defining what a “Letting users decide” approach would be for the team. We need to define it before we can continue any productive discussion on the topic.


Child themes should not include the name of the parent theme.

Suggestion: Child themes may only use the parent theme name if both themes are made by the same author.

Suggestion 2: Remove it (again).

If the theme adds a footer credit link, there should only be one (link to does not count).

Suggestion: There can only be a single footer credit link, which is either the the Theme URI or Author URI (link to does not count).

Theme URI:

Using as theme URI is reserved for official themes.

This was brought up on slack this weekend:
“The purpose of the Theme URI is to point the user to a page specifically about the theme that we are hosting here on That means that the majority of the info on that page should about the theme that we’re hosting.”
“Theme URI needs to be a) under a domain you control, not “”, and b) unique to the theme. Not unique to the theme and version number or anything else, just unique to the theme. ”

Themes are not allowed to add a menu item to the WordPress admin bar.

I believe this is used in practice but it is not currently listed on the requirement page. Is this something that we want to add or is it something that we would consider allowing?

The screenshot should be of the actual theme as it appears with default options, not a logo or mockup.

Suggestion: The screenshot should be of the theme, not a logo or mockup. The screenshot may optionally show plugins, settings and templates. The user should be able to make the theme look like the screenshot.

New Project: Rewriting the requirements

Project description


Making the requirements clear, easy to follow and easy to check.


This project will not be starting with a blank slate, but make the best of what we have.


In no particular order:

  • Review whether current requirements and recommendations are valid
  • Add new requirements when necessary
  • Reorganize requirements and topics
  • Rewrite requirements to make them easier to understand


Project format, mandate, timeline and meeting times

Suggested format

A smaller project group with a separate meeting time is preferred, that way the Theme Review Team can still hold the regular meetings on Tuesdays to discuss other topics.


The group should have a mandate to change the wording of the requirements and examples with some exceptions:

Project leads/key reviewers should have access to making changes to the actual documents.

Major changes like completely removing a requirement should still be brought up during a Theme Review meeting.

Suggested meeting times

Every other Thursday at 19:00 CET,  alternating with the automation project meeting.

The Theme Review shindigs on the first Saturday of each month could also be used for longer meetings.


The project would need to decide on partial goals, for example monthly or bi monthly milestones to ensure that the project moves forward.


  • March 4 shindig: Requirements that have been voted on but not added,  should be added to the current requirements page.
  • In june, all requirements that are checked by the new Theme Check plugin should be separated from the rest of the requirements.


Our first meeting will be on Thursday, February 23 at 19:00 CET.


  • Introduction
    • Let’s see who are interested in helping out.
  • How can we work on the requirements together?
    • How do we record and share our work in progress? Do we need any external tools?
    • Decide who our target audience is to be able to set a “tone” of our content and level of difficulty for the examples.
    • In what format do we present the requirements, keeping time limits and milestones in mind?
  • Decide priorities for march-april
    • Missing requirements (band-aids)
    • Reordering and regrouping current requirements

March 4 Shindig

Requirements that have been voted on but not added should be added to the current requirements page.

Our second meeting will be on Thursday, March 9 at 19:00 CET.


  • Continue discussing any previous topics that were not finished during the last meeting.
  • Reordering and regrouping requirements
    • Is the requirement under the correct topic or does it need to be moved or placed under a new topic? We also have topics with only a few requirements that perhaps could be combined into one, like Naming and Screenshot.
    • Are there recommendations that should be moved to the required list? For example the Theme and Author URI.


Starting a Frequently Asked Questions page

I see a few of the same questions pop up in the #themereview channel. @thinkupthemes brought up the idea to create a FAQ page where we can point reviewers, theme authors when they have questions that we have already answered in the FAQ.

This will also help us find where our documentation is lacking.

We need your help! What are the common questions that you see? What questions do you have about the process that you are not sure about?

Please post any frequently asked questions in the comments below. If you know the answer then including it would be greatly appreciated.

Mentor Program 2017

In recent years we’ve seen an increasing number of new authors and reviewers join the Theme Review team. In itself this is fantastic, to see the community growing and thriving as it is. However, we must recognize that reviewing a theme is not a simple task and there is a significant learning curve that needs to be overcome by new reviewers. To aid in the development of those new, or otherwise inexperienced reviewers, we can put in place programs to support the needs of such reviewers. A program which may help meet this need is a potential mentoring program.

The purpose of a mentoring program will be to support reviewers with any questions they have in-ticket. Reviewers can of course currently ask questions in the #themereview channel, however the purpose of the mentor is to support with specific issues for that ticket, as opposed to general review questions. The task of a mentor would be very simple and currently the following is being proposed.

  • Answer with specific questions asked by the reviewer.
  • Perform quick read of the reviewer feedback to ensure it’s broadly in line with expectations (e.g. Are the required items genuinely required?).
  • The mentor is not be expected to review the theme, this remains the responsibility of the reviewer. However, where possible they should attempt to scan the theme for any obvious issues.

In the past, as many of you may remember, there was such a mentoring program in place. However, one of the factors which resulted in its discontinuation was the time commitment needed by mentors to support reviewers. Currently the plan for the proposed program is for mentors to only be assigned to tickets if a reviewer specifically requests a mentor. A single mentor will be assigned to the ticket, however the mentor may themselves be supporting a number of tickets.

Such a program has a number of potential benefits such as:

  • More high quality initial reviews.
  • Fewer reopened tickets.
  • More experienced reviewers and authors over time.
  • Faster review times resulting in a shorter queue.

Have an idea for the mentor program? Please do leave a comment below with any ideas / thoughts you have about potential mentoring program.

Are you interested in being a mentor? Great! Please leave a comment below expressing your interest and we’ll reach out to you directly.

Are you a reviewer in need of a mentor? Please leave a comment below with a link to your ticket stating that you’d like a mentor and we’ll do our best to assign a mentor asap.

Agenda for 2017 March 7

The Theme Review Team holds a meeting weekly and we encourage all members to attend.

Channel: #themereview | Time: Tuesday at 18:00 UTC 18:00 UTC


This week we do not have any topics so it will be more of an informal meeting this week.

Community Summit 2017

I have posted a comment the Community Summit post with the list of topics and list of people who could attend. If there is someone who thinks they could attend let me know and I will have a look to see if we can them too.

If you have any topics, then please reply to this post and include the topic, along with a brief description of what you would like to discuss.