December shindig recap


  • Tickets modified: 108
  • Themes made live: 10
  • Tickets closed: 21


Link to video:


The following is a list of people who modified a ticket over the weekend

@Alessandro-Vecchiato, @Bdur604, @DannyCooper, @Diwashc, @Fortisthemes, @Kuuak, @ShinichiN, @Thomas-Vitale, @Vala-bhavesh, @WPDevHQ, @acalfieri, @acosmin, @bplv, @catchthemes, @codexdemon, @cristian-ungureanu, @cristiano.zanca, @djrmom, @eazyee, @einsteinsboi, @emilysparkle, @emy1982, @f46vib, @firdaus666, @gmosso, @greenshady, @hardeepasrani, @ionutn, @jbobich, @juhise, @kafleg, @katmoody, @kharisblank, @lanche86, @lyrathemes, @megane9988, @meissudeep, @melsorrells, @miiitaka, @no1theme, @pallavihb, @parselearn, @poena, @ponvendhan, @pratikshrestha, @pressionate, @pypwalters, @rabmalin, @rinkuyadav999, @rodicaelena, @rohitink, @ryancanhelpyou, @sakinshrestha, @seufelipe, @strangerstudios, @svinqvmraka, @swetashrestha, @thinkupthemes, @wenthemes

WCUS Contributor Day

Contributor day also took place on Sunday during WCUS. @grapplerulrich started the day off with an excellent presentation on the theme review process and the guidelines. About 20 reviewers worked on reviews in person together while another group worked on our automation project.

Meeting Agenda December 6

Hi everyone,

on December 6 we will probably only have a short meeting since some people will still be traveling from WordCamp US.

On the agenda we have:

  • Finalizing the upsell, demo and starter content requirements.
  • Summary of the latest Review Shindig.
  • Report from WordCamp US if possible and time permits.

December Review Shindig

Our next shindig is coming up, are you ready?

The queue push is the weekend of December 3, 2016 and we hope you can make it.

On the first day we will have a livecast, this livecast is scheduled to be with @jcastaneda, @thinkupthemes, @benlumia007, and @cristiano.zanca; the livecast will focus around enqueuing script and style files and is scheduled for December 3, 2016 1400UTC so set a reminder if you want to watch. We encourage you to participate in asking questions by either tweeting with the hashtag #themereviewshindig or on the Slack channel.

Join us! All you need is:

We look forward to those who want to participate on this and welcome all on our #themereview channel.

Meeting notes for November 22, 2016

Topics discussed

  • 3 month review of 1 theme limit
  • Review morale
    • Reviewer burnout
  • Better introductions
  • Reviewer Curated page?

A Slack account is needed to view the archive of the meeting.

Meeting notes for November 15, 2016

Topics discussed

  • Demo content
    • #38615-core – round out and refine demo content
    • #38624-core – allow content after setup
    • use the core-provided content rather than custom content
  • Custom CSS
    • edit_css capability
    • themes won’t be allowed to add a “Custom CSS” box to their themes – falls under core functionality first requirement
    • A core post will also be made
  • Theme Developer Handbook
  • Review Shindig