Meeting notes for 2018 February 13

Meeting [ link ]. A Slack account is needed to view the archives.

Items discussed:

  • Update for child handbook page
    • Forum team are planning to update the child themes page in the handbook.
    • Those interested in helping can leave comments in a gdoc here:
  • Preventing users removing footer copyright messages
    • Authors should not make it excessively difficult for users to remove footer messages.
    • Please see comment:
  • Admin pointers
    • Use of admin pointers was originally disallowed as it was expected that stable Admin Pointer API would be in core.
    • As there’s no clear indication of whether this feature will soon be in core, we discussed allowing the use of admin pointers in themes.
    • The main objections to allowing these was their use in upselling, and also excessive use therefore cluttering the admin area.
    • Discussed allowing the use of admin pointers, initially with no rules. A vote during the meeting showed 10 in favour of this, and 1 against. Vote results.
    • Additional guidelines governing the use of admin pointers would be made at a later date once authors begin adopting this feature.
    • Team leads have decided to allow admin pointers. The situation will be monitored and new rules added in future if needed.
  • Gutenberg
    • A separate post will soon be published to allow everyone to share their opinions.
    • This will give an opportunity for other teams and the wider WP theme dev community to also share in the conversation.
    • The topic will be discussed at a later meeting.
  • Dealing with theme breaking guidelines
    • Themes that violate the most serious guidelines (e.g. security) are subject to suspension. This has always been the case.
    • If a theme is breaking the guidelines, first comment in-ticket requesting the author address the issues quickly.
    • If an author fails, or refuses, to fix issues in a timely manner they may be warned to fix issues within 7 days or the theme may be suspended.

#meeting-notes, #themereview

Agenda for 2017 December 19

This meeting will focus on the recent discussions regarding custom blocks in themes.

This topic has been discussed in the #core-editor and #themereview channels on Slack. Those interested in attending the meeting may want to read up on the chat history so far [ link ], [ link ].

  • Content creation in blocks, -a quick recap of how blocks work and what happens when you switch themes.
  • What type of blocks are suitable in themes?
  • What type of blocks should be plugin only?

Preparing for changes:

  • Possible changes to guidelines and tags.
    • Addition of a custom-block tag?
  • Example code on TRT github




Meeting notes for 2017 December 12

Meeting [ link ]. A Slack account is needed to view the archives.

Items discussed:

  • Christmas priority queue
    • Deadline for submitting seasonal themes is December 20th.
    • This gives a fair chance for all tickets to be reviewed prior to Christmas.
  • 1 theme / month limit
    • It was clarified that this limit applies to all themes submitted by an author.
      Seasonal themes are exempt from this rule.
  • No longer allow ticket swapping
    • Ticket swapping is no longer allowed.
    • Ticket swapping is where an author requests for a different theme to be reviewed instead of the theme that was picked up for review.
    • In these cases the original ticket was closed and the review continued in the new ticket.
  • Improving message to authors when a ticket is closed as not-approved
    • A template response can be found here:
  • Tide
    • We are continuing to monitor progress with Tide to get a better understanding of how it will impact the future review process.
    • It was proposed that we continue to maintain Theme Review plugin till the point we know how tide works.


Agenda for 2017 November 28

The Theme Review Team holds a fortnightly meeting and we encourage all members to attend.

Channel: #themereview | Time: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 17:00 UTC 17:00 UTC

The following will be discussed during the meeting:

The meetings typically last 30 minutes, however may last up to 60 minutes. If time permits, additional topics may be discussed.

If you would like to discuss additional topics to those mentioned above, then please reply to this post and include the topic, along with a brief description of what you would like to discuss.


Meeting notes for 2017 November 14

Meeting [ link ]. A Slack account is needed to view the archives.
This weeks meeting would usually be open floor however there were several announcement to be made at this meeting as well. Changes detailed in the announcements are effective immediately.


  • New team lead hand-off has officially happened with @rabmalin and @thinkupthemes taking the position as the new team leads. Official handover date as November 1 2017.
  • Planned review weekend 18-19th November 2017
  • As a test run seasonal themes can be given priority in the queue as they require reviews in a timely fashion.

Following changes have been made to the review process:

  • Tickets can now be closed when 3+ distinct issues are identified.
  • Reviewers can now select themes to review from the top 5 positions of either queue 2 (parent themes) or queue 7 (child themes). Child themes will no longer appear in queue 2.
  • Authors are permitted to submit a maximum of 1 theme per month. This doesn’t change the 1 theme rule limit, authors are still only allowed to have 1 theme in the queue at any given time (i.e. child or parent). This is to prevent child theme authors from taking advantage of the likely future short wait times in queue 7.


  • At the end of the meeting some quick discussions took place about a few topics.
    Incentive reviewing – @acosmin provided a proposal on how this could be handled along with several suggested rules. At the moment no move is being taken regarding incentive reviewing.
  • Escaping – Attempts will be made to improve documentation surrounding escaping, why it’s necessary and what functions to use where.
  • Changes to featured themes tab in the directory – No changes were decided on but some people expressed that a better algorithm would be preferable on this tab.

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