June 21st Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

Our international support admins (not moderators) are now able to move topics between plugin/theme support forums. This does not mean we can (or should) move reviews though, and is limited to administrators as we do not see it as a frequent need.

If you’ve ever had that feeling of wanting to lead a WordPress release, now might be the time! The core team is looking for volunteers who are interested in helping lead upcoming minor releases, so please join the #core channel if this sounds interesting. You may also reach out to @jeffpaul in a direct message if you aren’t certain and wish to start the process privately.

WordPress 4.9.6

No new issues to report this week either.

To reduce the summary noise, moving forward we’ll only cover the latest WordPress version if there are new issues to report, or if there’s no issues but it’s a short time after a new release of WordPress.

Checking in with international liaisons

We had members from the Swedish, Russian, Italian, Hindi, Greek, Brazilian, Pakistani and German communities during this weeks meeting, a fantastic presence! Things seem to be going well, and hopefully we’re reaching more support related volunteers as time goes on.

Open floor

HelpHub migrations are going well, the underlying code has been merged, and the content it self is scheduled to be migrated in some time this week. Once this is done relevant Codex articles will be redirected, and we will make an announcement about its availability.

Once HelpHub lands, we’ll provide handbook articles its use, and how rosetta sites can take advantage of it as well.


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Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

Contributor tips
Never be afraid to ask for help, no matter the reason, you will always find help in the WordPress community.

Hi make support — could some of you…

Hi make/support — could some of you join us today for a pre-launch meeting in #wordpress-dev? April 15, 2014, 18:00 UTC Would like to discuss launch and support strategies, etc.


Support appreciation

After the last WordSesh, I’ve been working out this idea in my head, and I would love some feedback on it (and maybe we could work it into Thursdays IRC meetup if applicable).

During the interview with @photomatt a question was raised about recognition for the people who help support WordPress, and it’s one I’ve seen a few times now and then in various regards to WordPress, be it translators, or whatnot. He said for community leaders to step forward and get in touch about it, I’ve been considering this for some time, and it would obviously require core and everyone to be in agreement.

Now, polyglots usually gets a mention in the about.php and thus a bit of recognition, but this isn’t viable for the ones doing support, be it on the forums or IRC (although it often shows a bit better on the forums as your post remains, while IRC moves ever forward so to speak).

Of course, there is a huge ecosystem behind WordPress and what makes it such a huge success from a community aspect, and I don’ think singling out a set of users would be fair to the ones that help out all they can, but don’t have the same availability as others either, thus I wish to propose the following;

A future release, in dedication of the supporting users of the community. I’m certain we can find a relevant jazz musician that’s known for his involvement with his or her community (I’m unfortunately not very versed in the world of jazz).

We would then “give something back” in regard to recognition and appreciation to all the men, women, boys and girls of WordPress who put in the time they can to help out. It may not be by name, because there’s just too many of us all over, but the idea is that everyone then would at least get that nice warm feeling of being appreciated for their time and dedication.

#core, #forums, #irc, #recognition