Docs Chat Agenda – July 14, 2016

Here’s the agenda for the Docs team weekly chat, which are held Thursdays at 17:00 UTC in the #docs channel on Slack.

Current Projects Updates:

  1. Theme Developer Handbook – @kenshino
  2. Codex Migration (DevHub) – @drewapicture
  3. DevHub – @drewapicture
  4. HelpHub – @kenshino
  5. Inline Docs – @drewapicture

Other Stuff:

  1. Internationalizing documentation
  2. Version articles (HelpHub)
  3. Hosted about pages
  4. Open Floor

#chat, #codex-migration, #handbooks, #helphub

Docs Update 4th December

Thanks everyone for attending the docs chat today! Here’s what we discussed:

General updates

  • theme developer handbook: slow going at the minute, but progress is happening at the docs meetups
  • Inline docs: most of the 4.1 work has been completed. There are just a few pending tickets to be reviewed and committed
  • devhub: the next big step is to handle explanations and then we can move content from the Codex
  • admin help: has been updated for 4.1
  • 4.1: @kpdesign has nearly completed the Codex page for 4.1. She’ll pull out a list from that of updates that we need to do.

Future Projects

  • helphub: @samuelsidler and I have put together the spec for helphub and will post it once 4.1 is out of the way. We’ll aim to kick the project off in earnest in the new year

We’re aiming to have these meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month but in January that will be new year’s day. The next monthly docs meeting will be Thursday 8th January, 18:00 UTC.

Happy holidays everyone!


Monthly Docs Chat 4th December

At the recent community summit we discussed having a monthly docs chat in order to catch up with one another. It will enable us to all to stay on top of all of the docs projects, and see where we can help one another out. We agreed that this should be the first Thursday of every month, and since tomorrow is the first Thursday, let’s do it 🙂 The meeting will be at 18:00 UTC, Thursday.

1. Review of current projects – each project lead to give a status update and outline their plan for the next month. Also raise any issues or discuss any challenges.
2. Discussion of future projects
3. Any general docs business

If anyone has anything specific to add, please leave a comment so that we can make sure that it’s discussed.

See you there 🙂


No inline-docs chat this week

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week, there will be no inline-docs chat this week. We have some items for an agenda and I’ll post that a day or before our regularly-schedule chat next week.

#chat, #inline-docs

Weekly Chat Times

With the end of Daylight Savings Time in the US this past weekend, we decided to make the UTC times for the weekly meetings one hour later to keep the meeting times the same in each team member’s timezone.

The chat times in the sidebar have been adjusted to reflect this change, as well as the appropriate Slack channel added for each chat.


Monthly Docs Chat Proposal

Yo Docs Team:

Our little weekly office hours/updates experiment seem to be working out quite nicely, but I feel like we’re deliberately disconnecting ourselves a little bit.

So I’d like to propose that we hold at least one actual monthly chat #wordpress-sfd, maybe on the third Thursday of the month or something. I feel like this would be a good opportunity to sync up on our overall progress and perhaps outline some goals for the next month’s efforts. What do you guys/gals think?


Weekly Docs Chat Proposal

During this week’s chat, I proposed changing the format of our weekly Docs team chat on Thursdays.

With each of us working on individual Docs projects, most of the discussion now takes place during the weekly project meetings, with a quick summary being given during the general chat on Thursday. As a result, the general chat has become just a check-in chat, rather than team discussion.

I’d like to propose changing the weekly team chat on Thursday to general office hours from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT (17:00-18:00 UTC), so the team is available in IRC to speak with new contributors, or general discussion.

For the team check-ins, I would make a post here each Thursday morning, asking for the status update for each of the projects. This would allow the teams to add their update in the comments (including a link to their weekly chat recap post), and any discussion of those updates can happen there as well. The updates would need to be posted by end of day Thursday. I can then use those responses, and the chat recap posts, to write the post for Make/Updates.

I’d like us to use this P2 much the same way that the teams at Automattic use their internal P2 blogs – project chat recap posts, requests for feedback for individual projects, docs sprint reminders, etc.

I think most of what we need to discuss during the weekly team chat we can do here, for now. This would also allow us to have one less weekly meeting on our calendars.

If everyone is in agreement, we can start the new format next week.



Tomorrow’s Docs Chat

I will be unavailable to lead/attend the Docs chat tomorrow afternoon. @drewapicture has graciously agreed to step in and take my place.


No inline docs chat this week

We won’t be having an inline docs chat this week since @kpdesign will be unavailable, and I’ll be at a company retreat in Arizona until Friday.

If anyone has suggested agenda items for the May 21 meeting, please leave them in the comments.

#chat, #inline-docs

New Weekly Docs Chat Time

I added this as an update to the original post, but thought I should do a new post as well so everyone sees it.

It appears that 17:00 UTC is the most common choice for everyone for the new time, so that’s what we’ll go with. New chat time starts tomorrow (Thursday, 5/8).

I’ve already made the change in the sidebar and in the blue Welcome box at the top. See everyone tomorrow at the new time. 🙂