Docs Update 4th December

Thanks everyone for attending the docs chat today! Here’s what we discussed:

General updates

  • theme developer handbook: slow going at the minute, but progress is happening at the docs meetups
  • Inline docs: most of the 4.1 work has been completed. There are just a few pending tickets to be reviewed and committed
  • devhub: the next big step is to handle explanations and then we can move content from the Codex
  • admin help: has been updated for 4.1
  • 4.1: @kpdesign has nearly completed the Codex page for 4.1. She’ll pull out a list from that of updates that we need to do.

Future Projects

  • helphub: @samuelsidler and I have put together the spec for helphub and will post it once 4.1 is out of the way. We’ll aim to kick the project off in earnest in the new year

We’re aiming to have these meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month but in January that will be new year’s day. The next monthly docs meeting will be Thursday 8th January, 18:00 UTC.

Happy holidays everyone!