WordCamp Tokyo 2019 – Keep, Burn & Add exercise

At WordCamp Tokyo 2019 we followed last year’s exercise from WCUS and ran a Keep / Burn / Add workshop interactive activity. The idea is to explore from a high-level perspective where WordPress is going for that part of the community and how it could be improved.

Note: these are individual opinions, and as such, it should be considered as first-level research to be read and interpreted, not as an absolute list.


❤️ Keep

  • Gutenberg: drag & drop blocks
  • Appearance ⇒ Customize: Live preview
  • Automated SEO
  • CMS allows posting articles without deep knowledge.
  • Autosave feature (version-revision and auto-save functionality)
  • Handy posting from WordPress mobile app
  • Preview on HTML on the editor
  • General Setting allows changing Site Address (URL)

🔥 Burn

  • Customizing themes (4 opinions): difficult to customize, hard to manage, and so on.
  • Too many configuration settings
  • Too many navigation menus
  • Tend to add too many customizations
  • Too many admin notices
  • Installation settings are difficult
  • Plugin management requires manual work on WP dashboard instead of https://wordpress.com/ page: auto-update is not working, version compatibility issues, risks, …

➕ Add

  • Multi-Language support with Multisite (2 opinions)
  • Collaboration with live editing
  • Pre-set essential plug-ins (light-weight)
  • Customizable user interface
  • More Graphical User Interface than text-based UI
  • Easier use on mobile
  • Easier to operate visually (like Adobe Illustrator)
  • Hard to understand the difference between “.com” and “.org” for newbies. While “.org” seem to have more information than “.com”, it will be nice to have in-between information page to fill the gap between “.com” and “.org”.
  • Have thumbnails column with titles on “All pages” and/or “All Posts”.
  • Enhance automated SEO settings
  • A better learning experience for Gutenberg

Thanks to @miekoyo for writing this recap.

Add yours

This is the perspective of the participants at WordCamp Tokyo 2019 Contributor Day Design Table. What’s your perspective?

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WordCamp US 2019 fire, forage and treasure exercise

During WordCamp US there was a fire, forage and treasure exercise for WordPress. During this, we decided things to:

  • 🔥Fire: That we wanted to get rid of.
  • 🍄Forage: Wanted to borrow from somewhere else.
  • 👑Treasure: What we wanted to keep.

🔥 Fire

  • Images: replacing, organising
  • Media library
  • WP Admin menu page
  • Non-Gutenberg baked building blocks
  • Notification (alert UI spam)
  • Badly formed notifications
  • Page edit button going to the wrong page
  • Changing color on the backend and it not showing up on the front
  • !working
  • Importer UI and experience
  • Hidden settings
  • Gutenberg gradient panel
  • Menu inflexibility and mobile issues
  • Mobile fonts whacky
  • Structure
  • Bloated (unorganised) admin menu
  • Finding stuff in admin issues
  • Access to dashboard issues
  • Plugins that don’t play well
  • Messy dashboard
  • WP way
  • Customizer > WP Admin > Gutenberg journey
  • Themes being everything
  • Inconsistency with CSS classes

🍄 Forage

  • Spotify buttons
  • Shopify dashboard consistency
  • Super cool proudly made with WordPress badges
  • Elementor type theme building in Gutenberg
  • Design system – Bootstrap, Polaris
  • Design creative ambassador program
  • Role manager
  • Mailchimp media image styles
  • Shopify ease of payment
  • Forms and lists of entries
  • Newsletter signup
  • Mobile layout visual editor
  • Image sorts
  • Easily organized files
  • Easier file management
  • Bear markdown
  • Development version control built in

👑 Treasure

  • Flexibility
  • Open to customization
  • Plugin updating experience
  • WP-CLI
  • API
  • Blocks
  • Cover block
  • Block templates
  • Writing drafts in Gutenberg
  • Social aspect of post
  • Meta boxes
  • Page buttons
  • One-click install
  • Gutenberg
  • Child themes

What would you fire, forage or treasure?

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WCUS contribution day exercise: keep, set on fire, add

At WCUS contributors to the design team got together for a short interactive session of things within WordPress they wanted to keep, set on fire or add. Some interesting points came up so worth taking out of the workshop setting and writing up for everyone.

Note: these are not one opinion, they are the thoughts of everyone at the workshop.

❤️ Keep

  • Menus.
  • Customizer.
  • The installation process.
  • Multiple ways of getting to different parameters.
  • New wordpress.com logo.
  • Themes.
  • Block plugins.
  • Gutenberg * 2 votes.
  • Blocks * 3 votes.
  • Divi.
  • Add pages in navigation.
  • Amazing people.

🔥Set on fire

  • Page on front.
  • The current user-facing menu builder.
  • 10, 000, 000 meta boxes
  • Interface inconsistency.
  • When WordPress breaks.
  • Static list tables.
  • Split UI/ Blocks vs dash.
  • The automatic blogger style.
  • 2 color WordPress logo.
  • Widgets and Widget Areas (in their current form).
  • Clutter on dashboard.
  • Widgets.
  • Comments (native).
  • Vulnerable themes/plugins.
  • Older packaged themes.

➕ Add

  • WordPress.com home page. Add real people.
  • Domain search.
  • Designed for mobile.
  • Ease of creating unique layout transitions.
  • WordPress first context collaboration.
  • Blocks everywhere!
  • Cleaner media organization.
  • Design system for admin / plugins.
  • Direct manipulation.
  • Context editing.
  • Other shapes.
  • Static output and disconnect from database.
  • Better onboarding.
  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps).
  • An actual media manager with file replacement and better media managing.
  • Color palette.
  • Visual page template creation / selection.

So, what would you keep, set on fire or add?

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