WCUS contribution day exercise: keep, set on fire, add

At WCUS contributors to the design team got together for a short interactive session of things within WordPress they wanted to keep, set on fire or add. Some interesting points came up so worth taking out of the workshop setting and writing up for everyone.

Note: these are not one opinion, they are the thoughts of everyone at the workshop.

❤️ Keep

  • Menus.
  • Customizer.
  • The installation process.
  • Multiple ways of getting to different parameters.
  • New wordpress.com logo.
  • Themes.
  • Block plugins.
  • Gutenberg * 2 votes.
  • Blocks * 3 votes.
  • Divi.
  • Add pages in navigation.
  • Amazing people.

🔥Set on fire

  • Page on front.
  • The current user-facing menu builder.
  • 10, 000, 000 meta boxes
  • Interface inconsistency.
  • When WordPress breaks.
  • Static list tables.
  • Split UI/ Blocks vs dash.
  • The automatic blogger style.
  • 2 color WordPress logo.
  • Widgets and Widget Areas (in their current form).
  • Clutter on dashboard.
  • Widgets.
  • Comments (native).
  • Vulnerable themes/plugins.
  • Older packaged themes.

➕ Add

  • WordPress.com home page. Add real people.
  • Domain search.
  • Designed for mobile.
  • Ease of creating unique layout transitions.
  • WordPress first context collaboration.
  • Blocks everywhere!
  • Cleaner media organization.
  • Design system for admin / plugins.
  • Direct manipulation.
  • Context editing.
  • Other shapes.
  • Static output and disconnect from database.
  • Better onboarding.
  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps).
  • An actual media manager with file replacement and better media managing.
  • Color palette.
  • Visual page template creation / selection.

So, what would you keep, set on fire or add?

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WordCamp US 2018 design contribution day summary

Last weekend at WCUS the design team ran a workshop based session. The focus was around blocks. @joshuawold was co-lead with myself leading and @melchoyce, @kjellr, @lessbloat also took groups to work with.

The day was loosely planned out as:

  • Introduction
  • Sketch yourself on post-it and share.
  • Get everyone on Slack.
  • Interactive session: ‘Keep, set on Fire and Add’. Pick up to 3 things for each section within WordPress.
  • Information about what the design team does shared in Slack.
  • “Thinking in blocks”: pick up to 3 existing sites and break into blocks. Add to InVision.
  • “Block focus”: pick a block to begin designing from ones identified before.
  • Choose your own adventure: after lunch we had a few options that people could do. Votes ended up falling on 2 options:
    • Triage: run in Slack for an hour to show how it happens, thank you to those that joined remote.
    • Continue designing blocks and thinking about them.

Follow along

During the day everyone’s work was put into various InVision boards and Figma:

You can also follow along the Slack archive of the day as lots of great discussion took place.

@joshuawold has a post coming up about the navigation block work done and there will also be one on the ‘Keep, set on Fire and Add’ session.

#contribution-day #wcus