WordCamp Tokyo 2019 – Keep, Burn & Add exercise

At WordCamp Tokyo 2019 we followed last year’s exercise from WCUS and ran a Keep / Burn / Add workshop interactive activity. The idea is to explore from a high-level perspective where WordPress is going for that part of the community and how it could be improved.

Note: these are individual opinions, and as such, it should be considered as first-level research to be read and interpreted, not as an absolute list.


❤️ Keep

  • Gutenberg: drag & drop blocks
  • Appearance ⇒ Customize: Live preview
  • Automated SEO
  • CMS allows posting articles without deep knowledge.
  • Autosave feature (version-revision and auto-save functionality)
  • Handy posting from WordPress mobile app
  • Preview on HTML on the editor
  • General Setting allows changing Site Address (URL)

🔥 Burn

  • Customizing themes (4 opinions): difficult to customize, hard to manage, and so on.
  • Too many configuration settings
  • Too many navigation menus
  • Tend to add too many customizations
  • Too many admin notices
  • Installation settings are difficult
  • Plugin management requires manual work on WP dashboard instead of https://wordpress.com/ page: auto-update is not working, version compatibility issues, risks, …

➕ Add

  • Multi-Language support with Multisite (2 opinions)
  • Collaboration with live editing
  • Pre-set essential plug-ins (light-weight)
  • Customizable user interface
  • More Graphical User Interface than text-based UI
  • Easier use on mobile
  • Easier to operate visually (like Adobe Illustrator)
  • Hard to understand the difference between “.com” and “.org” for newbies. While “.org” seem to have more information than “.com”, it will be nice to have in-between information page to fill the gap between “.com” and “.org”.
  • Have thumbnails column with titles on “All pages” and/or “All Posts”.
  • Enhance automated SEO settings
  • A better learning experience for Gutenberg

Thanks to @miekoyo for writing this recap.

Add yours

This is the perspective of the participants at WordCamp Tokyo 2019 Contributor Day Design Table. What’s your perspective?

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