Weekly Gutenberg design triage

How to run a weekly Gutenberg design triage session. The weekly triage sessions are run in Slack every Tuesday 17:00 UTC. The goal is to triage issues in the WordPress/Gutenberg repo on GitHub that have the label Needs Design Feedback.

The Needs Design Feedback label is great for a slack triage session because all these issues require is some solid design reviews including feedback, suggestions, and direction. The slack meeting provides a great opportunity for anyone to contribute.

Preparation Preparation

Now you have a list of all the open issues that are labeled with Needs Design Feedback. Next, it’s important to sort this list.

  • Click on the Sort dropdown and decide how you would like to sort the list.

You have a few options for sorting. Sorting the list by “Oldest,” “Least commented,” or “Least recently updated” ensures you are targeting older issues to help move them forward.

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Running triage Running triage

  • Open the triage session by pinging the channel with /here if possible.
  • Type <triage> so that it is evident this is a triage session happening.
  • Welcome everyone to the session and briefly explain what’s going on. Something like this:

Welcome to the Gutenberg design triage session. The goal is to help any Gutenberg issues with the Needs Design Feedback label. Today we’re looking at this list sorted by [however you sorted].

  • Provide a link to the list you are using so everyone can follow along.
  • Pick the first issue, open in your browser and then copy the link to share with everyone in Slack.
  • Give people a little time to read the issue.
  • Ask if anyone has any ideas. If you have your own mention those.
  • Discussion should happen in Slack but once it seems to reach a point ask:

Would anyone like to update the issue or shall I?

  • The issue should then be updated and ‘moved on’ in a number of ways:
    • Giving feedback.
    • Asking the issue author for more information.
    • If no feedback is needed, or if feedback is given, and you have the permissions in GitHub, please remove the label.
    • If the agreed upon result is to close the issue, and you have permissions in GitHub to do so, please do.
  • Congratulations you’ve triaged that issue! Now onto the next and keep going until you reach 1 hour.
  • Close out triage by thanking everyone and typing </triage>.

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Video example of triage Video example of triage