Shortly after the WordPress project was born, Matt Mullenweg designed the original logo; it was simply the word “WordPress” set in the Adobe Dante typeface. The WordPress logotype as we know it today was created in early 2005 by Jason Santa Maria. He used two Emigre typefaces: Mrs. Eaves Small Caps for the “WordPress” text, and Dalliance as influence for the “W” mark. The design was later visually refined by Matt Miklic (formerly known as Matt Thomas, or MT) — the coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. design lead, who helped shape the WordPress brand from early on, and later further adjusted for balance and proportions by Hugo Baeta, during the creation of this Handbook.

WordPress Logotype

WordPress Logotype Alternative

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The Logotype is composed of the W mark, and the “WordPress” wordmark. The proportional relationship between the two are demonstrated below. The W mark dictates the set of proportions for the whole logotype, and the wordmark is half the height of the W mark. There is a set safety margin around the logo, that measures half the size of the W mark. These proportions define the relationship of the logo in the main version as well as the alternate version (the one with the W mark on top of the wordmark).

WordPress Logotype Metrics

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