Scope post

If you have a feature or proposal for the design and want to get a group of designers working on it, it’s time for a scope post. A scope post is useful as a central point to explain the problem, what is needed and gather volunteers.

Preparing a call Preparing a call

  • Collect all the background information to the design.
  • Ensure you have made or link issues/tickets.
  • Write a clear set of expectations/requirements for the designer(s) you need on this project.
  • Write a clear set of expectations/requirements for the project.

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Writing the scope Writing the scope

  • State the problem: what is trying to be solved?
  • State background and link in any tickets/issues or context. Ideally, you will already have a kickoff post if a feature, be sure to link to that.
  • What is the current status?
    • Ideally, you write a call just before design but sometimes things get written a little further on in the process.
    • State clearly what work has been done and what is to be done.
  • Get involved
    • How can someone get involved?
    • What specific tasks need help and what specific skills are you looking for?
    • Measuring: how is it going to be tested?
    • What time commitment will they need to make?
    • Be clear also about what they will be expected to do and where. For example, give feedback on GitHub or Trac, be present in a particular meeting.

Example: Site Health Check