Asking for design help

Making sure you go to the right place can help you get the design help you need.

Preparing Preparing

It’s a good idea to make sure you have a few things ready before getting help:

  • Know what type of help you want: do you want a review or do you want someone to work on a design?
  • Have the contacts of people already involved to loop them into the discussion.
  • If something has a timeline, be sure to also mention that when getting any help.
  • Have an idea of the type of designers you need help from. Do you need ones with interface knowledge? Experience designers or perhaps someone with an IA background?

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Getting help Getting help

Where you go will depend on what type of help you are looking for:

  • Reporting a bug or enhancement: Ideally anything to be worked on has a relevant trac ticket or GitHub issue:
  • Quick feedback: If you just want casual feedback you can do this a few ways:
    •  #design.
    • Add as a comment to the weekly meeting agenda.
  • Project proposal: For larger, longer-term work, creating a ‘Scope post‘ is a great step.
  • Discussion: If you would like to raise as a discussion topic please add to the weekly meeting agenda.
  • Create a Trello card: Currently, you can also add a Trello card to the inbox. This usually is for specific tasks that aren’t an issue or ticket.