This page is deprecated. Please refer to the Feature Projects page instead.

Project Name Lead Weekly Chat Documents Stage
WP Auto-updates @audrasjb #feature-shinyupdates GitHub, P2 post development
2FA @georgestephanis #core-passwords GitHub, P2 posts development
Background Image Cropper @celloexpressions     development
Customize Posts @westonruter   GitHub development
Dark Mode @danieltj Continuous chat in #design. GitHub development
Fields API @sc0ttkclark Monday 20:00 UTC 2015 in #core-fields GitHubP2 posts development
Image Flow @wonderboymusic Continuous chat in #feature-imageflow. P2 posts,  Slack Chat Room, Google Folder prototyping
Servehappy @flixos90, @schlessera Monday 16:00 UTC in #core-php GitHubP2 posts development
Shiny Updates @obenland Tuesday 19:00 UTC 2015 in #feature-shinyupdates GitHubP2 posts, Trac development
Shortcake (Shortcode UI) @danielbachhuber, @mattheu Monday 17:00 UTC 2015, in #feature-shortcode P2 posts, GitHub development
Toolbar @helenhousandi   GitHub#32678 development
WP REST API @rmccue, @rachelbaker Monday 23:00 UTC 2015 in #core-restapi GitHubP2 posts, O2 group development
Notifications API @johnbillion TBD P2 posts planning
Preferred Languages @swissspidy Continuous chat in #core-i18n. P2 posts development

For more information about Feature Plugins, including a checklist of requirements for Feature Plugins to be considered core-ready, please see their documentation in the Core Handbook.

Landed Features

These features have graduated from a feature plugin to being in core. The list is maintained to provide a better overview of the process for new and upcoming feature plugins.

Project Name Lead Documents Release
Customize Preview Responsiveness @celloexpressions #31195, Flow posts 4.5
Customize Partial Refresh @westonruter #27355, P2 posts 4.5
oEmbed @swissspidy Final Proposal, Plugin, P2 posts, GitHub#32522 4.4
RICG Responsive Images @mike Final Proposal, PluginP2 posts 4.4
Menu Customizer @celloexpressions Final ProposalPlugin, P2 posts 4.3
Customizer Theme Switcher @celloexpressions Final ProposalEarly plugin 4.2
Press This @michael-arestad Final ProposalPlugin, P2 posts, Github 4.2
x1f4a9 @pento Plugin, P2 posts, Github 4.2
User Session Manager @johnbillion Early plugin 4.1
Focus v2 @iseulde Final ProposalP2 posts 4.1
Media Grid @ericlewis O2 postsP2 posts 4.0
Focus @iseulde Final Proposal 4.0
Widgets Customizer @westonruter Final ProposalP2 posts 3.9
DASH @lessbloat, @joen Final ProposalP2 posts 3.8
MP6 @iammattthomas Final ProposalP2 posts 3.8
THX38 @matveb Final Proposaloverview, P2 posts 3.8
Widgets Area Chooser @shaunandrews Final Proposal, make/ui posts, make core posts 3.8

Inactive Feature Plugins

These plugins are no longer being worked on as a feature for core.

Project Name Lead Weekly Chat Documents
CEUX @melchoyce   P2 posts
Pages & Menus Merge     discussion
The Search Initiative @georgestephanis   overview, P2 posts
Featured Content @wonderboymusic   overview, P2 posts
Admin Help @trishasala, @Clorith   overview, P2 posts
Front-end Editor @iseulde   P2 posts