Post Meta Team Introductory Meeting

Hi folks! I’d like to introduce a new plugin team in its nascent stages: Post Meta (nickname TBD). We’ll be having our introductory meeting Tuesday, November 26, 2013, 22:00 UTC in #wordpress-core-plugins on freenode. Further meetings TBD.

When I talk about Post Meta here, I’m talking about the Post Meta developer’s experience from the back-end – creating input elements for meta fields in a programatic method. There have been a slew of libraries/frameworks/plugins (CMB, SCB, WPAlchemy, ACF, Pods), which have filled this role for the moment. We’ll look to these as spiritual prequels to a new core-worthy plugin.

Improving Post Meta support in this way connects to other parts of the admin area codebase. After all, should there be that much diff in the code for a custom post meta box versus a custom settings page? For more on this topic, here is some suggested reading: #18285: New Settings API and workflow,  #18179: WP_Meta_Box.

For our introductory meeting, let’s plan on talking at a high-level about the issues at hand, and what we might want from a new plugin. See you there!