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238 open tickets in the Users component

238 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
5.1 11 9 0
Awaiting Review 79 67 11
Future Release 27 24 6
5.0.2 0 4 0

238 open tickets. Last 7 days: +0 tickets

51 tickets that have no replies

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  • #23373  Limiting get_users() results by meta value with LIKE wildcards
  • #28020  get_userdata and wp_get_current_user do not share WP_User instance
  • #28163  function email_exists() check without removing umlauts
  • #31880  Expand wp_dropdown_users $show argument to allow custom user meta field
  • #31946  /wp-admin/user-edit.php fails when using with IDN domain name
  • #35627  Delete user posts not reassigned. ui multisite
  • #36303  edit_user() will give PHP Notices if user_login is unset on add.
  • #36556  has_cap was called with an argument
  • #37200  Add wrappers with IDs to user-edit.php ui administration
  • #37202  the_archive_title() doesn't output the author's display name if that author hasn't posted template
  • #37284  Add indication for required next to Confirm Password ui
  • #37338  add filter in get_data_by
  • #37921  Make "newbloguser" URL segment customizable/filterable multisite
  • #38109  Improvements to user deletion administration
  • #38473  Additional hook for users list table navigation area administration
  • #38897  user_email with & (ampersand) being encoded within the database making notifications fail
  • #39067  wp_insert_user custom validation
  • #39370  wp_insert_user() appends suffix to nicename when updating already existing user
  • #39787  wp_list_authors can be optimize
  • #40060  Define ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH cause unreachable /wp-login.php
  • #40149  WordPress password strength checking is improved, but the hint now doesn't help
  • #40632  Fix undefined index notice in wp-includes/user.php
  • #40835  Password and email change emails should not contain site-specific wording on multisite multisite
  • #40949  wp_dropdown_users($args) is not returning desired list of users
  • #41522  wp_set_password() doesn't trigger a changed password notification
  • #41673  Abstract update capability logic into a meta capability
  • #41719  Malformed User Search results
  • #41837  WP_User_Query can generate negative offset in the LIMIT clause
  • #43013  Confirmation Email workaround
  • #43029  Filter "send_email_change_email" is never called
  • #43318  New filter suggestion for manage_users-network_custom_column multisite
  • #43601  Improve error messaging when activating multisite users multisite
  • #43635  Allow to (only) store users in an external user database/backend
  • #43748  Create new action edit_user_updated_user similar to edit_user_created_user
  • #43886  Chrome autofills password over "new password" field when updating user. administration
  • #44027  "Enable full-height editor" setting only saved on page refresh
  • #44313  /wp-admin/css/forms.css problem when adding a <select> with 'restrict_manage_users' ui
  • #44315  PHPCS: Assignments must be the first block of code on a line coding-standards
  • #44358  Unable to search a user if username is an email address administration
  • #44510  count_user_posts() does not check for empty $userid
  • #44565  Find plural text in description of username on profile page. administration
  • #44634  multisite: WP_User compatibility keys inacessible after switch_to_blog
  • #44857  get_object_subtype uses get_user_by before it's defined
  • #44921  User nicename discovery is slow to return performance
  • #45047  user_registered returned as UTC Time instead of Local Time
  • #45105  wp_list_authors() performance issue. Queries for user data on authors with no posts performance
  • #45120  the wp_list_authors function has bugs between code and document docs
  • #45223  Use login__in in WP_MS_Users_List_Table multisite
  • #45296  Serious side-effects when login in another tab after session expiration in first tab administration
  • #45347  Add extra template lookup by author role template
  • #45618  Request-URI Too Long – when deleting users administration

20 tickets slated for 5.1

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  • #34281  Allow admins to send users a 'Reset Password' link javascript
  • #38741  Introduce the concept of a large site in order to speed up the Users screen when there are many users administration multisite performance
  • #42132  Add filter to emails sent by wp-admin/user-new.php multisite
  • #42183  wp_update_user() conditional compares a plain-text password to the hashed old administration
  • #42315  User with no role on a site on a multisite network sees inaccessible links administration multisite
  • #42749  Accessibility enhancements for change password field accessibility
  • #42852  Add new user: new password not generated when reopening Show Password javascript
  • #42853  Change password UI: Cancel button invisible on small screens ui accessibility
  • #43405  CS: Fix violations for wp-signup.php multisite coding-standards
  • #43496  CS: Fix disabled for user-edit.php coding-standards
  • #43679  Add $this to found_users_query filter
  • #43693  Add pre filter in count user function
  • #44094  Hook for WP_User data hydration to enable strong data security
  • #44293  Discrepancy between documentation and implementation of wp_new_user_notification()
  • #44315  PHPCS: Assignments must be the first block of code on a line coding-standards
  • #44601  Missing vallidations in function get_password_reset_key()
  • #44697  Argument type does not match: user.php coding-standards
  • #45032  Replace incorrect usage of `'who's` with `whose` docs
  • #45105  wp_list_authors() performance issue. Queries for user data on authors with no posts performance
  • #45223  Use login__in in WP_MS_Users_List_Table multisite

238 open tickets

Open bugs: 117. View list on Trac

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