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117 open tickets in the Login and Registration component

117 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
4.9 4 6 1
Awaiting Review 31 38 8
Future Release 13 16 0

117 open tickets. Last 7 days: +1 ticket

24 tickets that have no replies

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  • #31821  Make interim login URL filterable administration
  • #32401  Multi step authentication – adding hooks to wp-login.php
  • #33785  cannot login when someone got similar login but with polish special chars
  • #34712  New filter: `reset_password_url`
  • #36098  Install: "Repeat Password" is not required when browser js is disabled ui
  • #36317  Introduce a cookie prefix default constant
  • #36476  The login form is not covered by a test administration
  • #36983  To empty the input field in the case of an `invalid_email`.
  • #37857  Strange behaviour for COOKIE_DOMAIN since WordPress 4.6
  • #38088  JavaScript detection missing on wp-login javascript
  • #38336  Login: Add new action hooks to the top of login type forms
  • #38432  Validate user creation and email change by token
  • #39470  Login page redirects back to login page. Cause: wp_users table – ID column is case-sensitive
  • #39927  Add support for CSS class and attributes in wp_login_form input fields template
  • #39929  Improve ability to customize "nav" links below login form. template
  • #40065  Check for invalid user before `lostpassword_post` in `retrieve_password()`
  • #40249  period as last character in username breaks activation link
  • #40302  Reset password field is not auto-focused ui
  • #40595  wp_authenticate_username_password() should respect WP_Error object generated by higher priorities
  • #40768  site.com/login should not redirect to login page when user is already logged in
  • #41367  Add description for wp_login_viewport_meta() docs
  • #41514  Registration links disappear after requesting a password reset link
  • #41566  Function Description : /wp-signup.php docs
  • #41663  Hooks for the back to login link in the footer of wp-login.php

11 tickets slated for 4.9

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  • #34625  wp-login.php site title link points to wordpress.org ui accessibility
  • #37522  reset password and lost password form functions
  • #37551  Remove 512 bytes padding for older IE versions
  • #38079  Add hooks before output for each action in wp-login.php
  • #38328  Lost Password email construction – two links should be one.
  • #40802  Allow filtering of the hard coded pipe character in wp-login.php
  • #40812  Allow wp-login.php page title separator to be filtered
  • #40814  Order of page title parts
  • #40888  PHP Warnings when POSTing keys as arrays to wp-login.php
  • #41514  Registration links disappear after requesting a password reset link
  • #41566  Function Description : /wp-signup.php docs

117 open tickets

Open bugs: 48. View list on Trac

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