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58 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
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5.4 1 0 0 0
Awaiting Review 12 8 5 0
Future Release 5 11 1 1

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  • #28371  Use media post type object capabilities to allow user to see actions administration
  • #36939  Role groups
  • #40214  Some WP instances prematurelly try to do capability tests, before the user object is loaded
  • #40320  Feature idea: Rename roles
  • #41701  Introduce singular capabilities for further management of individual plugins
  • #41703  Introduce singular capabilities for network activation and deactivation of individual plugins multisite
  • #42403  Introduce singular capabilities for network activating plugins multisite
  • #42405  Introduce singular capabilities for enabling individual themes on Multisite administration multisite
  • #45879  WP_User::set_role() does not remove previous roles multisite
  • #47897  Introduce method to introduce new roles and caps independently of db upgrades.

1 ticket slated for 5.4

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  • #45423  Use custom capabilities for the block editor's reusable blocks.

58 open tickets

Open bugs: 26. View list on Trac

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