The Codex is a community-created repository for WordPress documentation. Anyone can edit any of the information on the Codex, and only a user account is required to create a page.

At this moment in time, many of the Codex pages are in need of improvement. Much of this results from the need to keep the Codex current with each version of WordPress. As you may imagine, this is no mean feat!

What needs to be worked on What needs to be worked on

  • Update the Codex after each WordPress release.
  • Codex maintenance (checking for spam, editing, translating and so much more).

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To get involved To get involved

You can get involved in the following ways:

  • Find a page that needs to be updated and edit it. If there is something you’re particularly interested in, like post formats for example, you could look at that page and see how you can improve it!
  • Help during a Codex sprint before a new release. New functions and hooks will need to be documented, as well as changes made to include new features.
  • Check the needs-codex tag in the WordPress Core Trac, and make the necessary changes. Then, please leave a comment on the ticket once you’ve finished editing, including a link to your shiny new, or updated Codex page.