Documentation team profile badge

Like many other Make teams, the Documentation team has two different badges: for Contributors and for Team members. Each team defines their own set of criteria for awarding badges.

Who decides whether a badge is “earned” or not?

The Documentation team has several active projects, led by different people. These people know the effort behind each contribution for their project and, therefore, decide what is the minimum criteria for getting the Contributor badge.

Getting a team member badge is a decision made by all team members.

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Contributor Badge Criteria

Possible contributions for earning a Contributor profile badge (this is a non-exhaustive list):

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Team Badge Criteria

Requirements for earning Team profile badge:

Attending meetings regularly and contributing to the team for at least 6 months is expected.

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I did my contribution. Now what?

We are doing our best to monitor all contributions but there is always a possibility that we miss something. In that case, go to our team document and add all the info except Recommender column. This column will be populated by the person who can verify the contribution.

This document will be regularly reviewed and cleared out; and new badges added to contributors. If you have any questions or suggestions how to make this process more simple, please don’t hesitate to bring it up in Slack

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What is a “rep” and how to become one?

A Rep is a person who takes responsibility for the Documentation team’s projects, in parts or in whole. 

This means that this person is a go-to person for all new contributors on the project. Also, a rep is monitoring progress of the project, or its parts, and reports on it during team meetings. 

One person can be rep for one or more projects but also can be rep for one project and contributor for others. There is no limit to the number of reps per project. The more people take responsibility, the less pressure on one person there is.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a rep can ask the appropriate rep for the project to be included or ask directly @kenshino, @atachibana or @milana_cap (zzap) on Slack.

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Life span for Contributor and Team badges

Contributor badge

Based on criteria set for the project, once earned, the Contributor badge will remain forever. Your contribution is valuable to us and will never be forgotten.

Team member badge

Team member badges will be reviewed every 6 months. Our most recent review happened in the first week of February 2020 and the next one will happen in the first week of August 2020.

In the case of inactivity during this period, the team badge will be removed from a member’s profile unless they inform us about their inability to participate in the team’s activities for a certain period of time. 

We all have lives and jobs, and healthy priorities have to be set. We completely support that and we want all our team members to participate without pressure and not for a price of their and their families’ health and general wellbeing.

However, we do want our team members list to be up to date so that our contributors know who to approach for help, guidance and any questions they might have.

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