Editing Articles

As of Aug/2017, the candidate Codex pages were migrated into the HelpHub staging site.
Below wiki pages lists planned contents and links to the migrated pages:

If you want to join the HelpHub editing tasks, please follow the step:

1. Read HelpHub page depending on your interests and skills.
2. If you find any refinement points in it, please ping @Kenshino or @atachibana in Slack in the #docs channel. For example,

  • Unclear or wrong description
  • Missing steps, URL links or screenshots
  • Using of out of date Plugins or Themes


  1. Ignore page design failures such as
    • No space between paragraphs
    • Wrong bullet position
    • Invalid layout etc.

    HelpHub staging site is under construction. If you want to grab the status, refer development repository or join HelpHub development.

  2. Ignore the link to original Codex pages. They will be replaced by batch operation before its release.

If you need the help, Please ping @Kenshino or @atachibana in Slack in the #docs channel.



Below spreadsheet lists all pages and original Codex pages:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eeYYUObKze2ioF55RoUUiO9UZwPOBRsqm7IyCTp0iPY/edit#gid=0 (Note: You might need the request of access right)