Editing Articles

As of Jun/2017, the candidate Codex pages were migrated into the HelpHub. All pages were listed in this spreadsheet:

If you notice an article on wp-helphub.com that you would like to edit, and don’t have edit rights please let us know in Slack in the #docs channel.

Re-writing can happen on the staging site or at the production area of WordPress.org (exact subdomain to be determined).

  • Appropriate edits must have also been made such as putting in [code] shortcodes and screenshots
  • Remove missing links and out-of-date plugin or theme information
  • Remove old sections such as WordPress V3.x or older
  • You may leave the link to an original Codex article. It should be replaced immediately before the release because the path structure is subject to change.
  • If possible, take a new screenshot. If it is difficult, please add a Trello card for the documentation team or let us know in Slack. (For example, ‘We should replace the 2nd and 3rd images by the latest one’.)

Please ping @Kenshino or @atachibana on Slack if you need an article reviewed or help.