Editing Articles

If you want to join the HelpHub editing tasks (Thank you!), there are some ways:

  • Proof Reading [good first contributor]
  • Version pages (=Release Notes) migration [good first contributor]
  • Codex contents Migration
  • Gutenberg document modification

Proof Reading [good first contribution] Proof Reading [good first contribution]

Any comments are welcome!

  1. Read any pages under the https://wordpress.org/support -or- links of Column E “WordPress.org” of “Phase-1 Contents’ tab in the spreadsheet:
  2. If you find refinement points, technical errors, and even typo, leave comment at the bottom of the page or ping @Kenshino or @atachibana in Slack in the #docs channel. For example:
  • Unclear or wrong description
  • Missing steps, URL links
  • Ancient screenshots
  • Ancient description (ex. WordPress 2.x, MySQL 4.1, etc.)
  • Using of out of date Plugins or Themes

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Version pages migration [good first contribution] Version pages migration [good first contribution]

Please migrate Version pages or Release Notes such as “Version X.Y.Z” page in Codex to HelpHub site.

  1. Open the “Release Notes” tab of Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PeHj7pSFLcdMbIC41JJdzEkl12TJT3mwWyzQv2mi01U/edit#gid=1995801274
  2. Put your name in ‘Migrator’ column and change the Status to ‘In Process’.
  3. Login to https://wordpress.org/support (if you can’t, refer below ‘Getting Account’)
  4. From Toolbar, select New > WordPress Version. Or, From Dashboard, select WordPress Versions > Add New.
  5. Cut & Paste the contents from Codex page into the new page.
  6. Fix the links to Codex page to WordPress.org/support. Refer other migrated page such as https://wordpress.org/support/wordpress-version/version-4-9-9/.
  7. Save as Draft (Do not Publish, yet)
  8. Change the Status of Spreadsheet to ‘Done’.

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Codex contents Migration Codex contents Migration

Please migrate Codex pages of user documents to wordpress.org/support

  1. Open the “Phase-2 Contents” tab of Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PeHj7pSFLcdMbIC41JJdzEkl12TJT3mwWyzQv2mi01U/edit#gid=554277336
  2. Reserve a target page. Type your name in ‘Migrator’ and change Status to ‘In Process’.
  3. Go to https://wordpress.org/support and click New > Article from Toolbar.
  4. Cut & Paste the contents from Codex page into the new article page.
    • Except development information such as function usages. HelpHub is general user guide. Those information should be moved to Theme/Plugin Developer Handbook.
  5. Modify the contents.
    1. Replace link of Codex page by HelpHub Page.
      Ref. Phase-1 Contents and Phase-2 Contents for its pair
    2. Download images via the Codex page, and add to Media Library of HelpHub site and replace the old contents.
    3. See also below “Editing Hints”
  6. Preview it and compare with Codex Page.
  7. Save as Draft (Do not Publish, yet)
  8. Change the Status of Spreadsheet to ‘Done’.

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Gutenberg document modification Gutenberg document modification

WordPress Version 5.0 introduced new Block editor (code name: Gutenberg) insted of Classic editor. Please rewrite the description assuming Classic editor by Block editor

  1. Open the “Gutenberg Docs” tab of Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PeHj7pSFLcdMbIC41JJdzEkl12TJT3mwWyzQv2mi01U/edit#gid=2125284625
  2. Reserve a target page. Type your name in ‘Writer/Editor’ and change Status to ‘In Process’.
  3. Click the link in ‘Block Editor Page’ column.
  4. Follow the instruction in ‘Tasks’ column. Or please do you think better 🙂
  5. Save as Draft (Do not Publish, yet)
  6. Change the Status of Spreadsheet to ‘Done’.

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Getting Account Getting Account

To write/modify the pages under the https://wordpress.org/support, you have to get permission of write access. Send your WordPress.org account and e-mail address to @atachibana on Slack via direct message.

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Editing Hints Editing Hints

If you find more inconsistencies or discovered something else we should inform the other migrators; do let us know!

  • Default editor is Block Editor (Gutenberg). Some articles were made via the Classic Editor and so will present itself as one single Classic Block. You should use the Copy all Content function on the Staging site and paste it into the Production site. You should then convert the article into actual blocks using the ‘Convert into Blocks’ function on the Production site.
  • When you copy and paste from the Codex, images remain linked to the Codex site. You should manually download images via the Codex site, and add to Media Library of the production site and replace the old contents.
    Note: Check Link Settings of the image. It might point original Codex image as “<a href=” tag. Change it to “Media File”
  • Use simple language – understanding is key! For instructional text: delete long narratives and change them to bullet or numbered list.
  • Use semantic headings: No <H1> in the article content – start sections with H2s and work down from there where appropriate.
  • Add screenshots where appropriate – if the article is describing any user interface element then it must include a screenshot.
  • Do not include https://wordpress.org when you make the link to other pages in HelpHub, Start from the next “/”. For example,
    • /support/article/administration-screens/
    • /support/article/glossary#absolute-path
    • #roles (jump in the same page)
  • If you find that you are unable to automatically link to articles; it’s because they are in draft mode and not published. You’ll have to do some manual copy and pasting.

If you need the help, Please ping @Kenshino or @atachibana in Slack in the #docs channel.

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