Editing Articles

As of Apr/2018, the initial contents were prepared in the HelpHub staging site.

If you want to join the HelpHub editing tasks (Thank you!), there are some ways:

Proof Reading Proof Reading

1. Read any HelpHub page depending on your interests and skills.
2. If you find refinement points, errors even typo in it, please ping @Kenshino or @atachibana in Slack in the #docs channel. For example,

  • Unclear or wrong description
  • Missing steps, URL links or screenshots
  • Ancient description (ex. WordPress 2.x, MySQL 4.1, etc.)
  • Using of out of date Plugins or Themes

Note: Ignore page design failures such as

  • No space between paragraphs
  • Wrong bullet position
  • Invalid layout etc.
  • Link to original Codex pages. They will be replaced by batch operation before its release.

HelpHub staging site is under construction. If you want to grab the development status, refer development repository or join HelpHub development.

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Content Migration or Editing Content Migration or Editing

Some pages need to be migrated from current Codex article, or modified. If you would like to assist with migrating or editing articles, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Pick an article that you would like to migrate or edit from
  2. Insert your Slack username to Writer/Migrator/Editor column, and input “[on going]” into the Comment (Column ‘I’).
  3. If you don’t have user account on http://wphelphub.com/, Send 1) your WordPress.org account 2) e-mail address to @atachibana on Slack via direct message.


Migration Steps Migration Steps

  1. Create a new post on HelpHub
  2. Copy the content from the Codex article. You can copy & paste by power of Gutenberg!

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Editing Hint Editing Hint

There are some tips.

  • Default editor is Gutenberg. Unfortunately old articles are one big block. You may switch to Classic Editor, or Work with some cares.
  • Use simple language – understanding is key! Delete narrative sentences and change them to bullet or numbered list.
  • Use semantic headings: No <H1> in the article content – start sections with H2s and work down from there where appropriate.
  • Add screenshots where appropriate – if the article is describing any user interface element then it must include a screenshot.
  • Do not include https://wp-helphub.com when you make the link to other page in HelpHub, Start from the next “/”. For example,
    • /getting-started/administration-screens/
    • /getting-started/glossary/#absolute-path
    • #roles (jump in the same page)

If you need the help, Please ping @Kenshino or @atachibana in Slack in the #docs channel.