Common APIs Handbook

Common APIs Handbook serves as a clearinghouse for documentation on all APIs present within the WordPress software as well as APIs available from the ecosystem.

Status is managed by this spreadsheet:

Page migration from Codex to Handbook

  1. Open the Spreadsheet:
  2. Reserve a target API. Type your name in ‘Docs Editor’ and change Status to ‘Migrating’.
  3. Open page (Column C) and click Edit.
  4. Cut & Paste the contents from Codex page into the new article page.
  5. Modify the contents.
    1. Replace link of Codex page by HelpHub Page.
    2. Download images via the Codex page, and add to Media Library of HelpHub site and replace the old contents.
    3. See also Editing Hints
  6. Preview it and compare with Codex Page.
  7. Save.
  8. Change the Status of Spreadsheet to ‘Migration Done’.