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A weekly meeting for the Privacy component is held every Wednesday @ 19:00 UTC.

A bug scrub for the component is held every Monday at 15:00 UTC.

Both meetings are held in the #core-privacy room on Slack.

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99 open tickets in the Privacy component

99 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement
5.3 5 5
Awaiting Review 12 32
Future Release 9 36

99 open tickets. Last 7 days: -1 ticket

7 tickets that have no replies

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  • #46536  wp_create_user_request should sanitize the action_name using _wp_privacy_action_request_types
  • #46560  Personal Data Export email unit tests found in erasure fulfillment
  • #46619  Introduce 'Mark as Completed' action and bulk action to the privacy export requests ui administration
  • #46687  Make Privacy Policy Guide easier for users ui administration privacy
  • #46884  Add option to allow individual child-site Privacy Policy pages on multisite administration multisite privacy
  • #47495  WP_Privacy_Request_Table should not show views that have a count of 0.
  • #47940  Introduce privacy tools (Export/Erasure) to the Network Admin for network-wide handling administration multisite privacy

10 tickets slated for 5.3

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  • #43890  Allow Admin to Skip e-mail confirmation for Export/Anonymization
  • #43974  Both personal data request processes should follow the same convention administration
  • #44038  Change personal data export path stored in request meta to relative paths administration
  • #44133  Should the Data Export indicate when we have no information on the user administration
  • #44135  Have Erasure button workflow follow Export button workflow replacing with static link administration
  • #44314  `user_confirmed_action_email_content` filter run on two different strings
  • #44588  Denote the Copy action is complete by updating the Copy button to state 'Copied' administration
  • #44669  Privacy Notification doesn't clear after dismissing notification
  • #46303  Update wp_privacy_send_personal_data_export_email to provide the same filters as _wp_privacy_send_erasure_fulfillment_notification
  • #47366  Privacy Policy page dropdown needs a max-width ui administration

99 open tickets

Open bugs: 26. View list on Trac

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