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103 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
31 11 1
5.5 1 0 0
Awaiting Review 29 8 3
Future Release 14 4 1

103 open tickets. Last 7 days: +0 tickets

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  • #34184  IIS with Helicon Ape is not detected for suggesting pretty permalinks
  • #34542  Permalink settings page should offer a filesystem API based way to save .htaccess administration
  • #34822  Post name permalinks problems
  • #35209  Permalinks of published pages get changed when creating new pages as a draft administration
  • #36976  _fix_attachment_links() not called on publishing scheduled post ui administration performance
  • #38599  Allow verbose rewrite rules with custom post types
  • #38709  Unlimited query for invalid post names performance
  • #39258  Move bottom of options-permalink.php into Contextual Help administration
  • #39547  options-permalink.php throws incorrect "You should update…" notice on multisite administration
  • #40032  Automatic redirects with _wp_old_slug won't mantain GET parameters if present
  • #40176  Filter user_trailingslashit called with inconsistent $type_of_string for Post-Tags
  • #42148  url_to_postid plain permalinks for CPTs
  • #42702  Most common issue inside post edit – "Links Live search".
  • #43722  On changing of permalinks ask a confirm before to save ui
  • #44527  Remove /category/ from url if Category base field in permalinks is empty
  • #45819  when {category|tag}_base include spaces their rewrite rules don't get generated correctly, resulting in 404's
  • #46180  get_permalink: Ability to pass required information for better performance template performance
  • #46266  Add auto-draft to list of statuses faked in get_sample_permalink() rest-api
  • #47207  Specific custom permalink 404 on archive page
  • #47878  Permalink issue when using sub categories. Why does it entirely rely on ID?
  • #48786  Wrong URLs to categories, authors etc. to a site in a multisite multisite
  • #48903  Drafts or pending posts overwrites existing published post with same url
  • #49452  Approximately every week permalinks are lost for custom post types in multisite multisite

1 ticket slated for 5.5

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  • #47912  Non-visible chars in title creates some encoded values in permalink ui rtl administration

103 open tickets

Open bugs: 75. View list on Trac

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