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80 open tickets in the Rewrite Rules component

80 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
5.0.1 1 0 0 0
5.1 3 1 0 0
Awaiting Review 40 14 2 0
Future Release 10 7 1 1

80 open tickets. Last 7 days: +1 ticket

21 tickets that have no replies

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  • #11931  Day/Month/Year Permalink Structure Fails in Archives
  • #20520  Author Page Pagination Broken When Removing /author/ Slug
  • #30907  Rewrite Rules collision
  • #34385  Missing site_url path results in array to string conversion
  • #37237  rewrite rules for hierarchical custom posts seem wrong
  • #38041  Rewrite rules on custom post types not detected ( url_to_postid() )
  • #38518  Rewrite Rules rebuilding on parse_request
  • #39442  Custom rewrite endpoints and wp_old_slug_redirect
  • #40322  WordPress Network htaccess rewrite causes internal loop multisite
  • #40395  New action: pre_generate_rewrite_rules
  • #41211  When the /category/category-name portion is repeated in the URL, it serves content instead of 404
  • #41680  Added rewrite tags using add_rewrite_tag() not working on static front-page
  • #41891  Bug when changing $(comments_)pagination_base of WP_Rewite instance to string with non-ASCII characters
  • #41946  Option to delete_with_markers
  • #42120  htpasswd protection not working due to .htaccess rewrite rules
  • #42478  Add_permastruct ignores EP_NONE and other args if %post_id% is present in struct
  • #43571  `add_feed` with regex characters breaks rewrite rules
  • #43676  .htaccess rules don't work with Plain
  • #43677  Update doc and return type for save_mod_rewrite_rules
  • #43678  Add indents to default .htaccess rules
  • #45337  Strange pagination issue

4 tickets slated for 5.1

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  • #26829  Use of strpos() in extract_from_markers() and insert_with_markers() can target wrong BEGIN and END markers.
  • #43571  `add_feed` with regex characters breaks rewrite rules
  • #43677  Update doc and return type for save_mod_rewrite_rules
  • #43746  Custom post type single post feed returns a 404 if has_archive is set to false when calling register_post_type()

80 open tickets

Open bugs: 54. View list on Trac

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