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The Customize component covers all aspects of the Customizer, WordPress’ framework for live-previewing any change to your site. Tickets in this component cover issues including bugs in the Customizer (wp-admin/customize.php), PHP and JS API improvements, UI/UX changes, new features, and improvements to the Customizer internals. For more information about the Customizer API, please see its official documentation in the Theme Developer Handbook.

The Customizer is actively developed, with work happening on core trac, various GitHub repos, and in the #core-customize channel on WordPress Slack. Weekly meetings for the 4.7 cycle are held on Mondays at 17:00UTC.New contributors are always welcome, whether you bring code, design help, testing, or anything else. Below is a summary of our larger projects past and future projects, which were all accompanied by countless smaller changes.

Projects for Future Releases

  • A new experience for themes in the customizer#37661 – ready for trunk commit
  • Expose UI for drafts, scheduled changes, and revisions of customize changesets
  • Improve loading of the Customizer from the front-end (on hold, see #28602, #28661)
  • Introduce inline editing/inline controls within the preview
  • Explore content-editing/front-end-editing integration (on hold, pending live preview feature project)
  • Improve performance wherever possible (ongoing goal)

For more details, see the proposed roadmap.

4.7 4.6 4.5
  • Performance Improvements
4.3 4.2
4.1 4.0 3.9
  • Customizer Introduced in Core

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205 open tickets in the Customize component

205 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
4.7.5 7 2 0 0
4.8 14 28 3 0
Awaiting Review 38 23 3 0
Future Release 33 50 2 2

205 open tickets. Last 7 days: +3 tickets

9 tickets that have no replies

View list on Trac

  • #38957  Customize Menus: Menu locations should be able to opt-out of menu item types that can be added to associated menus
  • #39275  Improve for changesets. javascript
  • #39913  Customize: Disable auto-trashing of published changesets in anticipation of revisions
  • #40044  A little strange logic in get_header_video_url() function
  • #40200  Introduce WP_Customize_Embed_Control javascript
  • #40243  Allow Manual Hue input for the HSL Color Picker ui
  • #40254  Customize: Eliminate customize-loader fullscreen iframe method for opening customizer in core
  • #40451  Customizer: Introduce plugin uploading
  • #40507  Customize: Hide Controls link is itself hidden in IE

45 tickets slated for 4.8

View list in Trac

  • #18584  Nav menus need more hooks for extensibility (on admin page & in customizer) javascript
  • #21492  Theme customizer > Static front page: missing error message when front page and posts pages are similar ui
  • #21627  Filter for custom-background CSS selector
  • #21819  Use an image size for custom headers instead of duplicating an attachment
  • #28536  Add browser history and deep linking for navigation in Customizer preview ui javascript
  • #30277  Split up Customizer JS into separate files and remove self-booting jQuery.ready call javascript
  • #30738  JS content templates for base WP_Customize_Control javascript rest-api
  • #30741  Build-out API for adding Customizer Panels, Sections, and Controls entirely with JS
  • #32816  No or inadequate Custom Link URL validation ui javascript
  • #33085  Customizer: controls description inside labels are not real labels nor descriptions ui accessibility
  • #34843  Customizer: allow themes in the Customizer to be disabled by plugins
  • #35210  Add notification area to Customizer ui javascript
  • #35832  Paste action in text field/area context menu in theme customizer leaves Save&Publish button disabled (Firefox) ui javascript administration
  • #36191  Support responsive images in WP_Customize_Media_Control ui administration
  • #36441  Customizer: when setting header image, site icon and logo, do not force the user to crop the image if cropping is not required
  • #37661  A New Experience for Discovering, Installing, and Previewing Themes in the Customizer ui accessibility javascript
  • #37964  Allow customizer controls to be encapsulated by accepting pre-instantiated settings javascript
  • #38072  Eliminate placeholder nav menu items in favor of auto-drafts in Customizer
  • #38077  Facilitating embedding customizer controls outside of sections
  • #38624  Allow starter content to apply after a site has already been set up and is no longer “fresh”
  • #38666  Reassure users when the customizer is doing a full reload ui
  • #38707  Customizer: Additional CSS highlight, revisions, selection, per-page, pop-out
  • #38794  Customize: Allow panels and sections to have notifications just like controls can
  • #38796  Customize media control button labels should automatically reflect the specified mime type
  • #38845  Implement HTML5 input validity constraints in customizer settings
  • #38900  Customize: Add REST API endpoints for changesets rest-api
  • #38954  Customizer: Increase preview refreshBuffer (perhaps with decay) when making rapid changes such as via text inputs
  • #39099  Customize: Defer triggering selective refresh for all settings until after synced
  • #39218  Customize: Harden validation of CSS syntax validity by utilizing tokenizer
  • #39221  Customize: Prevent setting previewing logic when settings will be saved
  • #39275  Improve for changesets. javascript
  • #39389  Customize: Make sure selective refreshed partial placement is scrolled into view ui
  • #39461  default-preset option for custom background cannot be set by default
  • #39634  Customize: Add REST API endpoints for panels, sections, controls, settings, and partials rest-api
  • #39662  Color picker accessibility improvements accessibility javascript
  • #39681  Add RGBA to Customizer color picker ui
  • #39715  Customize: Keep alive auto-drafts created for page/post stubs, and delete when changeset is garbage-collected
  • #39752  Customize: add a post editing flow ui
  • #39778  Introduce helper function to validate UUID V4
  • #39892  Default value in Additional CSS ui
  • #39896  Customizer: Allow users to Draft changes before Publishing ui
  • #39910  Customizer: Add ability to drag & drop widgets and menu items ui accessibility
  • #39930  Adding documentation for wp.customize properties docs
  • #40104  Customizer: Improve menu creation flow ui administration
  • #40231  Function description is not present in some functions. docs

205 open tickets

Open bugs: 92. View list on Trac

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