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The Customize component covers all aspects of the Customizer, WordPress’ framework for live-previewing any change to your site. Tickets in this component cover issues including bugs in the Customizer (wp-admin/customize.php), PHP and JS API improvements, UI/UX changes, new features, and improvements to the Customizer internals. For more information about the Customizer API, please see its official documentation in the Theme Developer Handbook.

The Customizer is actively developed, with work happening on core Trac, various GitHub repos, and in the #core-customize channel on WordPress Slack. Weekly meetings for the 4.9 cycle are held on 19:00UTC. New contributors are always welcome, whether you bring code, design help, testing, or anything else. Below is a summary of our larger projects past and future projects, which were all accompanied by countless smaller changes.

Projects for Future Releases

  • A new experience for themes in the customizer#37661 – ready for trunk commit
  • Expose UI for drafts, scheduled changes, and revisions of customize changesets
  • Improve loading of the Customizer from the front-end (on hold, see #28602, #28661)
  • Introduce inline editing/inline controls within the preview
  • Explore content-editing/front-end-editing integration (on hold, pending Gutenberg)
  • Improve performance wherever possible (ongoing goal)

For more details, see the proposed roadmap.

Feature Plugins

These plugins container implement features that may be incorporated into core in the future, as was done previously with Widget Customizer and Menu Customizer:

Completed Milestone Highlights

  1. 4.8
  2. 4.7
  3. 4.6
  4. 4.5
  5. 4.4
    • Performance Improvements
  6. 4.3
  7. 4.2
  8. 4.1
  9. 4.0
  10. 3.9
  11. 3.4
    • Customizer Introduced in Core

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223 open tickets in the Customize component

223 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
5.0 1 0 0 0
5.0.2 3 1 0 0
5.1 13 3 1 1
Awaiting Review 55 22 2 0
Future Release 44 70 4 3

223 open tickets. Last 7 days: +2 tickets

20 tickets that have no replies

View list on Trac

  • #38957  Customize Menus: Menu locations should be able to opt-out of menu item types that can be added to associated menus
  • #39913  Customize: Disable auto-trashing of published changesets in anticipation of revisions
  • #40044  A little strange logic in get_header_video_url() function
  • #40831  Customize: Further improve JS inline documentation docs
  • #41992  Multiple items in WP_Customize_Media_Control
  • #42163  Customize: Add support for previewing requests made via the Fetch API javascript
  • #42191  Customize: Selectively merge settings from autosave revisions
  • #42272  Customize: Use client-side templates for rendering base controls
  • #42544  Background Image Cover on iOS not correctly displayed template
  • #42872  Customize: Improve display of theme tag filters on mobile
  • #43168  Customizer: Iris color picker handle above section title ui
  • #43464  Search Options in Customizer
  • #43625  When there are invalid items in a menu, the customizer enters an infinite loop of refreshing when trying to render wp_nav_menu. javascript administration
  • #43858  Website-Icon with filename "favicon.ico.png" causes problems
  • #44511  Widgets generated by wp_register_sidebar_widget can not be add via customizer
  • #44598  Main logo won't update when deleted and reuploaded with the same file name
  • #44665  Add a "Create New Menu" button to the menu widget ui
  • #45147  Responsive – "Publish Settings" Button height on customizer should be equal to "Submit Button" ui
  • #45168  Additional CSS complains of markup inside CSS comments
  • #45500  @global tag is not present in function get_month_choices(). docs

19 tickets slated for 5.1

View list in Trac

  • #36441  Customizer: when setting header image, site icon and logo, do not force the user to crop the image if cropping is not required
  • #38168  custom-background class appear in body class attribute even if theme doesn't support it template
  • #39099  Customize: Defer triggering selective refresh for all settings until after synced
  • #40020  Customizer fails to load in Safari due to X-Origin Header mismatch
  • #40807  Starter content: Allow for setting a "parent" for pages (and other hierarchical CPTs)
  • #40831  Customize: Further improve JS inline documentation docs
  • #41271  Customizer sanitize_callback gets called multiple times on setting change performance
  • #42163  Customize: Add support for previewing requests made via the Fetch API javascript
  • #42272  Customize: Use client-side templates for rendering base controls
  • #42329  Customizer: interacting with text fields in a "wide" widget shifts child panel position in Safari. ui javascript administration
  • #42341  Add sandbox attribute to Customizer preview iframe to prevent top-navigation
  • #42364  Customize: Remove deprecated nav menu classes
  • #42614  Customize: Changesets can still be previewed even after having been published
  • #42644  Customize: Add rich text control for managing tagline and new footer credit theme support
  • #44410  Properties in class missing type definition and description in DOC comments coding-standards
  • #44633  Commented out code in class-wp-customize-nav-menus.php docs
  • #45115  Customize: Future-proof comments referencing 5.0 TODOs docs
  • #45292  wp_targeted_link_rel "corrupts" the customized changeset JSON when inserting the changeset post in database
  • #45500  @global tag is not present in function get_month_choices(). docs

223 open tickets

Open bugs: 116. View list on Trac

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