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The Comments component covers all aspects of Comments within WordPress. This includes the API and UI of comment display, submission, editing, moderation, spam, and trashing. and deleting.

What’s going on right now?

  • Usable comment error pages (#4332)
  • Improve the Moderate Comment screen (#34133)
  • Send Notification Email When a Comment is Approved From Moderation (#33717)
  • Paged wp_list_comments() should always output something (#11248)
  • and more

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Subcomponents: Pings/Trackbacks.

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128 open tickets in the Comments component

128 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
4.8 4 3 0 0
Awaiting Review 15 17 6 0
Future Release 40 40 2 1

128 open tickets. Last 7 days: +0 tickets

16 tickets that have no replies

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  • #34389  Comment pagination settings should discourage infinite comments-per-page ui performance
  • #35432  `wp_list_comments()` should perform a more modest fallback comment query performance
  • #35650  title_reply_to should work when javascript is enabled
  • #36593  Adminpanel Edit comment then added only space value saved. javascript administration
  • #36854  Fix for comment reply button focus on button elements in js javascript
  • #37398  Decrease the comment number before pagination to 20 performance
  • #37703  Optimise `wp_delete_comment` as called from `wp_delete_post` performance
  • #38009  #reply-title.comment-reply-title not updating when replying to an individual
  • #38074  comments_template needs a filter for $top_level_args
  • #38925  Allow override of depth limits on comment reply link
  • #39028  Comments on private posts or specific edge cases can get a confusting white screen error.
  • #39084  Introduce singular capabilities for managing individual comments
  • #39105  Add target="_blank" to author website output in comment moderation ui accessibility
  • #39505  Add an option to add custom classes to comment_reply_link() template
  • #39958  Comment reply/cancel links work badly when comment form is above the comment list
  • #40143  Comment template functions don't check for comment existence

7 tickets slated for 4.8

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  • #36784  wp_update_comment should work with meta
  • #38314  comment_text filter is passed inconsistent arguments docs
  • #39282  The process for approving and then replying to a comment can be made more visible ui administration
  • #39730  Checking if wp_new_comment() return value is a WP_Error
  • #39732  Allowing wp_update_comment() to return WP_Error
  • #40143  Comment template functions don't check for comment existence
  • #40286  It appears to me that comments_open() is passing the wrong args to apply_filters

128 open tickets

Open bugs: 59. View list on Trac

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