Comments Bug Scrub Summary, 2016-05-09

The 90-minute bug scrub took place in #core-comments and ended in a 1 – 1 tie between @boonebgorges and @rachelbaker. You can read an archive of the bug scrub and discussion:

@rachelbaker, @boonebgorges, @aaroncampbell, @ocean90, @samuelsidler, @sidati, @presskopp, and @dshanske

Bug Scrub:
#6342 – moved to “Future Release”
#16365 – moved to “Future Release”
#16576 – moved to “Future Release” and needs testing for backwards compatability
#17913 – needs a refresh and screenshots
#18762 – closed, after testing confirmed this was resolved in 4.4
#26596 – moved to “Future Release” to limit the scope of the JS selector
#20302 – moved to “Future Release”, with suggestion from @boonebgorges
#20977 – moved to “Future Release”, but needs more input to determine how to approach

Open Floor:
#36427 – milestoned for 4.6, needs a refresh for the inline docs
#36564 – needs additional exploration before we can decide how to store the data/time of when a comment was last modified
#36424 – moved to “Future Release”, and requested a patch refresh and screenshots
#36409@sidati is going to attempt writing the unit tests

#4-6, #comments