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  • trishasalas 3:58 am on April 11, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment

    Admin Help Update – 7, April 2014 

    We’ve had a quiet few weeks as I was busy building a resume, interviewing and rounding up code. But yay for new jobs and time to move forward!

    Thanks to @clorith and @jazzs3quence for picking up the slack! I’ve talked to @designsimply and we are going to start user testing asap. In the meantime we can continue to watch the older usertesting.com videos and I would love to see some write ups like @jazzs3quence recommended. :)

    Thanks for the patience everyone, back to weekly updates from here.

  • Sheri Bigelow (designsimply) 11:58 pm on March 26, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
    Tags: editor, , ,   

    WordPress Images/Galleries — Usability Test 1 

    I did a usability test on the recently updated image and gallery features in the editor using WordPress r27502 with a beginner user.


    • Drag and drop to add an image is not discoverable
    • Resizing an image by dragging is not discoverable
    • Extensive inline help needed to figure out cropping
    • Unable to find “medium” size setting
    • Difficulty replacing an image, but only because she didn’t insert one to start with
    • No trouble rotating, deleting, re-adding images
    • No trouble adding, deleting, or changing columns in a gallery

    You can download the full video here: bf80a9a3.mp4 (Length: 19:00)

    Points of Confusion

    Drag and drop to add an image is not discoverable (Length: 3:01)

    Task given was to resize an image (trying to get them to drag the corner), but she scales it instead (Length: 1:05)

    Difficulty cropping, had to use inline help to learn how it works (Length: 1:18)

    Unable to find the setting to change an image to medium size (Length: 1:41)

    Difficulty replacing the image because she never actually inserted it in the first place (Length: 3:22)

    See more highlight reels after the jump.

  • Sheri Bigelow (designsimply) 11:44 pm on March 25, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
    Tags: customizer, customizer headers, customizer widgets,   

    WordPress Theme Install/Customizer — Usability Test 2 

    I did a 2nd usability test on theme installs and customizer headers/widgets using WordPress r27502 with an intermediate/advanced user.


    • Users love the theme install process. Well done!
    • No trouble installing a theme
    • No trouble adding header images
    • Difficulty randomizing headers
    • I’m fascinated about the reasons people give for picking themes. :)

    You can download the full video here: b692a9a3.mp4.


    No trouble installing a theme: “I love love love how easy you make the whole installation process. You guys have really streamlined that. It’s one of the things I really appreciate about WordPress.” (Length: 0:58)

    See more highlight reels after the jump.

  • Sheri Bigelow (designsimply) 1:38 pm on March 23, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
    Tags: customizer, customizer headers, customizer widgets, theme install,   

    WordPress Theme Install/Customizer — Usability Test 1 

    I did a usability test on theme installs and customizer headers/widgets using WordPress r27493 with a beginner.


    • The “Add New Theme” box works wonderfully
    • No trouble adding header images
    • Misses how to install a new theme at first
    • Difficulty randomizing header images
    • Reasons behind picking themes are fascinating :)

    You can download the full video here: a8d3a9a3.mp4.


    Installs a new theme after search fails and she finds the “Add New Theme” box (Length: 1:05)

    No trouble adding header images (Length: 2:06)

    Points of Confusion

    When asked to “install a new theme” with little other direction, she looked at the installed themes first instead of installing a new one—this clip is where she figures out the mistake (Length: 0:24)

    Difficulty randomizing header images (Length: 6:04)

    See more highlight reels after the jump.

  • trishasalas 5:27 pm on March 19, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment

    Admin Help Updates from 3/17/2014 Meeting 

    Thanks so much to everyone who attended this week.  If you were unable to make it to the meeting feel free to read the logs.  This weeks meeting was quite a bit more low-key.  We had fewer in attendance possibly due to the holiday and/or the time change.

    The first few minutes we discussed meeting times and have decided to keep the meeting at 18:30 UTC until Europe changes time April 1.  We will meet at 17:30 UTC beginning with our April 7th meeting.

    I would like to reiterate that this is almost a completely new direction from where this group started.  Our original goal was to make the existing Admin Help content more visible to users.  The goal now is to create a user experience that is more intuitive by discovering what problems users are currently having and addressing those with appropriate solutions.

    Sheri Bigelow (@designsimply) has agreed to help with user testing ♥.  We are going to start with a few simple tests and see what that reveals.  We can use the information from that testing to move forward with additional tests.

    @kpdesign created a Project Page for us, we’ll use that to link to external resources as well as any additional project pages that we need.  You can find that page here http://make.wordpress.org/docs/handbook/projects/admin-help/

    What we need: People who love UX/UI and want to see new users succeed with WordPress.  Practical needs are people to help identify tasks, create storyboards, personas, user testing evaluation and any other tasks that might be relevant at this early stage.

    We also need tasks added to our ‘User Task List’.  You can find the list here and read more about it here.

    We will send out a call for developers when we know what kind of developing we need ;)

    Join us on Mondays at 18:30 UTC in the WordPress-sfd IRC channel.

  • trishasalas 3:27 am on March 14, 2014 Permalink

    Admin Help Updates from 3/10/2014 Meeting 

    There are some big changes and a new direction for the team, new co-leads are myself and @Clorith.  @jazzs3quence will still be involved in a supportive role.

    The first part of the meeting was used to discuss the Feature Plugin Meeting and the helpful comments @jazzs3quence received regarding the current implementation of the plugin. The key takeaways are:

    • This really comes down to storyboarding, not building. Which is great, but it doesn’t really lend itself to a plugin model, at least until later in the process.
    • (but) Before even storyboarding I’d start with a list of goals, a list of problems. I’d run user tests on starting with WP and starting with features they’ve never seen and see where they trip up.

    We agreed as a group that we need to not think about solutions at this stage but rather, to figure out what the problem(s) are. It was also mentioned that a singular solution will not be enough, we need to identify personas and do user testing as well as story boards.  (Not necessarily in that order.)

    @Clorith Mentioned that the idea of guided tour had been mentioned before and @Sams reminded us that @Nacin recommended we look at the user testing again.

    Our previous user tests can be found here:



    @Sams suggested that “it’s better to have user tests of different user types and, if you’d like, build personas off of those” so that will be the initial direction we take along with storyboards.

    We would like to expand on the user testing by identifying any and all tasks with WordPress so that we can identify as many ‘pain points’ as possible.  There have also been some significant changes in the theme screen and the widgets since our last tests so we would like to essentially start fresh with user testing.

    The initial plan is to start a P2 post to gather task ideas for  user testing.  We would like to get input from as many of you as possible so that we generate a thorough list of all of the tasks within WordPress (multisite included!)

    As always, we welcome more input and participation.  The meeting is on Mondays — 18:30 UTC

  • Janneke Van Dorpe 8:08 pm on March 10, 2014 Permalink

    Front-end Editor Meeting 4 March 

    With @avryl (me), @azaozz, @hugobaeta, @kraftbj, @melchoyce, @mrroundhill, @rhurling, @samuelsidler, @ubernaut. Log.

    Links: Front-end Editor plugin, GitHub.

    • You probably noticed, but @designsimply did two usability tests with the front-end editor. One. Two. Main problems:
      • The “save” button seems to be hard to find.
      • The featured image area needs to be more descriptive.
    • Gallery previews have recently been added to trunk by @gcorne. I’ve been trying to implement the same plugin with the front-end editor, but since templates are used instead of the actual shortcode output, it will need to be adjusted. After all, we’re trying to make an accurate WYSIWYG editor. #52
    • Currently edit links on the front-end link to the front-end editor, and edit links on the back-end to the back-end editor. It’d be better if there was a drop down in the admin bar to choose which editor you’d like to use (?), but how should both editors be described? ‘Edit in admin’ and ‘Edit not on the front-end’ might make sense to us, but probably not to the average user. #53
    • The ‘meta modal‘ needs to improve. It’s a bit too clunky. It might be better to have a (collapsable) side bar with collapsed meta boxes (a bit like the customiser). Needs mock ups.
    • We should experiment with an inline toolbar (one that pops up after selecting text). I think this would only be useful in addition to the main toolbar, since it cannot have all the tools the main toolbar has. Needs mock ups.
    • Mobile: the editor works on small screens, but doesn’t have a TinyMCE toolbar. It should have one, or at least one with a few tools. Needs mock ups. #14

    The next meeting is tomorrow, 11 March 2014, 17:00 UTC in #wordpress-ui.

    • Janneke Van Dorpe 10:46 pm on March 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Thinking about it, giving the user the option to choose the editor for edit links would require the same for new post links… While drop downs could be added for those admin bar items as well, doing so would add a lot. Too much in my opinion. There must be a better way.

  • Mel Choyce 9:13 pm on March 7, 2014 Permalink  

    Super quick media survey 

    Hello! If you have a minute, please take this super quick media survey for us.

  • Sheri Bigelow (designsimply) 11:09 pm on March 5, 2014 Permalink
    Tags: ,   

    WordPress Front-end Editor — Usability Test 2 

    I did a usability test on the WordPress Front-end Editor 0.8.5 plugin with the Twenty Thirteen theme on WordPress r27243.


    • No trouble finding the Edit link inline, editing a title, or adding a paragraph
    • Lots of difficulty saving
    • Difficulty adding a new post
    • Featured image area is not clear
    • Back button results in lost edits
    • Difficulty adding a link (back-end editor)
    • Difficulty adding an image (back-end editor)

    You can download the full video here: deaea9a3.mp4.

    Points of Confusion

    Difficulty saving (Length: 1:56)

    Difficulty adding a new post on the front end (Length: 0:42)

    Featured image area looks like a place you can “write something” (Length: 0:07)

    Back button exits the editor without saving and without a prompt (Length: 0:06)

    See more highlight reels after the jump.

    • Janneke Van Dorpe 10:12 am on March 6, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’ll leave several comments on the different topics today, don’t have time to post them all at once. :)

      The onbeforeunload alert (when navigating away from the page) can only be done with a browser alert, it’s not possible to style it or have a save button there. What could be done is intercept when a user clicks on a link that will trigger this event and show a custom modal with a save button, but not when navigating away with the browser (close, previous, next, refresh etc.). But then in half of the cases you’ll still have the browser alert.

      • Janneke Van Dorpe 10:14 am on March 6, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        So “Prompt the user to save or cancel if the back button is clicked.” is technically not possible (as fas as I know). @azaozz?

        • Andrew Ozz 7:37 pm on March 6, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Right. There is a “special” event that is used in these cases, however it always displays a browser provided dialog. In WebKit and IE it is possible to add some text (but not html) to that dialog. FIrefox doesn’t show the added text.

          So, the only thing possible is to trigger the dialog that asks the user to confirm leaving the page. We can add some text to it that will be shown in some browsers, but cannot add html, buttons, etc.

          It is possible to open a modal “under” that dialog so in case the user clicks “Stay on this page”, they will see our modal with Save and Cancel. Not sure if that’s the best UX though.

          • Janneke Van Dorpe 5:17 pm on March 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Having two dialogs overlapping is not ideal… It looks like it’s going to stay like this, we should just find a way to highlight the save button.

    • Janneke Van Dorpe 10:50 pm on March 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I still really think “Save” makes more sense for users than “Update” in the front end editor context. I think it would make it easier for them to find.

      Not sure if being in a front-end editor makes a difference. @melchoyce, chat do you think about this?

    • Janneke Van Dorpe 10:52 pm on March 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Changing the colour of the update button would mean diverging from the main styles. I wouldn’t do that. Adding a pointer should do the job. Once the user knows where the button is, they won’t forget.

    • Janneke Van Dorpe 10:59 pm on March 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Once the inline Edit link is clicked, replace it with links for Cancel and Save

      Do you mean the inline links in the theme? Unfortunately they need to stay about the same size to prevent breaking the theme.

  • Chris Reynolds 8:48 pm on March 3, 2014 Permalink

    AH-O₂ Update — 3 March, 2014 

    Help Overview refactoring
    @brainfork has been ill and was unable to work on this this week. @jazzs3quence created tickets for some of the issues that were reported in https://github.com/jazzsequence/WordPress-Admin-Help/issues/50 many of which were things that @brainfork was planning to work on. See:





    @clorith is going to work on refactoring the tooltip structure a bit to make it more flexible for devs and give us more options for tooltip styles.
    @trishasalas will be working on some new styles for the tooltips
    Between the two of them, we’re hoping to nail:




    Admin Help Inventory spreadsheet
    @ubernaut has added tooltip locations to the Pages admin pages in the spreadsheet we’re using to keep track of such things. He will work on adding the actual TinyMCE formatting buttons this week.

    Target Date
    We’ve set a tentative target date for April 1. This will give us time to test the plugin and fix any issues before the discussion begins about WordPress 4.0 feature plugins.

    Help wanted!
    To meet this target, we need help:

    • adding tooltips — though this process may be changing, the changes should make things easier and we can help with the transition — mostly we need new tooltips to be added (or at least written) for all the elements (that have not been added already) in the spreadsheet (or for anything else that’s missing that isn’t included)
    • testers — we’d love to have more testers look at this and let us know if/when they find any issues

    If either of these things sound like ways in which you could contribute, you can let us know in the Google Group, in the comments of this post, or in our Monday meeting.

    Our next meeting is next Monday 18:30UTC.

    • Sjoerd Boerrigter 9:13 pm on March 3, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi Chris,

      I see you guys can use some help to test the new help section of WordPress.

      What can I do to help out? Can I just download the plugin from Github and test away? Where would you like me to leave my testing feedback? Should I create separate issues for everything I find in Github or is there another way to report bugs and suggestions?

      • Chris Reynolds 9:56 pm on March 3, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        For the latest, bleeding edge version, you can just download from GitHub. We update the WordPress.org version once a week, so it’s a little bit behind the GitHub version (but would be easier to update if you don’t use Git — if you do, you can clone it and then you’ll see when there have been updates made).

        Should I create separate issues for everything I find in Github or is there another way to report bugs and suggestions?

        Yes, we’re using GitHub’s issue tracker for everything. Try to be as specific as possible if you’re reporting an issue and screenshots help. :)

        If it’s just general feedback/comments/suggestions either posting it here or in our Google Group is probably the best way to communicate that (trying to keep the issues/tickets for actionable items that can be closed when they are resolved in the code).

        I will say that if you are testing and have WP_DEBUG set to true and you notice a bunch of errors, to refer to these tickets for info on that:

        There’s a reason and hopefully if/when we get merged into core it will get taken care of.

        All that said, THANKS! :)

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