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The Proposed New Guidelines Must Be Revised

Following WCEU and in reviewing the number of changes people have brought up regarding the proposed new guidelines, I have determined that they will need some more work and a re-proposal in the coming months.

The main issues people have raised are:

  1. Limiting what kind of notices are permitted unbalances the state in a manner that would give an unfair advantage to larger plugins, or developer that have multiple plugins.
  2. Permanent dismissibility is really easy to work around by using content spinners or just changing the language slightly. That would be impossible to monitor and wouldn’t help users at all.

In addition there were a LOT of small language fixes involved in the process, which I feel should be re-reviewed from the top down.

In the coming months, I’ll be making a new pull request with a new attempt at this, taking all that advice into account.

Thank you everyone for your help on this! It’s not an easy process to craft guidelines that are equitable and understandable, and I hope we’ll have a better version soon.

Do You Make Widgets?

Please take some time to read and comment on the proposal to move Widgets to the Blocks UX!

Widgets to Blocks UX Flow Proposal

Proposal to Modify Plugin Guidelines

This post is a proposal of changes to be made to the Plugin Guidelines.

The majority of changes are intended to address significant issues faced by ESL (English as a Second Language) developers. This proposal also contains a significant rewrite to the lamented 11th Guideline (hijacking the admin dashboard).

This proposal will remain open until after WordCamp EU 2019, at which point it will be closed and either re-proposed (if there are significant changes), implemented, or scrapped.

The rest of this post will go over an overview of intent, the proposed changes (with summary), and information as to how to contribute. All community members are welcome to participate.

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X-post: 5.0 Release Retrospective Wrap Up

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WordPress To Move to PHP 5.6+

WordPress 5.2 is due out at the end of April, and wit that release the minimum recommended version of PHP will be PHP 5.6.

Minimum PHP Version update

For most plugins this is a non-issue. While we recommend you update your “Requires PHP:” version in your readme.txt, this won’t change the functionality of your code. That field is a minimum version, so if your code works with 7.0 and up, you can set it to `Requires PHP: 7.0` and that will cover 7.1 and 7.2

Also keep in mind, this doesn’t change our policy on PHP versioning, which is to say we still do not have an official version requirement for PHP in your plugins. If you want to support 5.6 forever, feel free. If you want to require 7.1 and up, again, go for it.

You can use a compare to do the basic check:

version_compare( PHP_VERSION, '5.6', '<' )

And remember the goal for your plugin is “Don’t break things for users.” Stop them from getting fatal errors, and don’t run your plugin if you know it can’t work.


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